Cleaning decades: the Principle of “100 things” and other techniques


To in and life it’s something new, you must first release this new place. Not only metaphorically, but literally clearing the space. Here are some ways how to do it unusual.


The principle bag

Who advises Danish stylist Camilla Sommer

“In the process of cleaning hard-to-wipe-fold and simultaneously to decide the fate of things. Who among us has not stood in front of the wardrobe with an old sweater in his hands — like almost not worn, he’s still too good, dear, but don’t like me (what to do)”.


For these purposes, the stylist advises zvesti “bag of thoughts”. “It could be a box, a bag, anything — put things in it, which I doubt (without detracting from the cleaning).

Be sure to go back and disassemble things. But not today or tomorrow or next week. The key is to establish a deadline when you have to take a decision: to leave or to get rid of things,” advises Camille.


The principle of 100 things

Who advises interior designer Anita Vodstrup Madsen

“In my own family every year in January, traditionally held cleaning game: each family member must find 100 things we no longer use. “Oh, no, 100 things is impossible,” is a typical reaction when I talk about this idea familiar. But everything counts from stray socks and hair elastics to packets from the supermarket. We live five of us — me, husband and three teenage children. In this simple way, just a couple of hours we get rid of 500 of unnecessary things”.

Variation: divide the cleaning for 10 days: 10 things every day to find and put in the package. The house is noticeably cleared by the end of the Christmas holidays.

Dysign AB

One thing a day for a year

Who advises: Anna Black, blogger

Anna has publicly 2854 rid of things to gain for them more than 78 000 rubles in prices of 2015. About how it all happens each week she reported in the blog. Unlike Marie Kondo, who taught, “to say goodbye and to let go of” things, this is a real experience of the Russians. Moms with a small child. Be sure to visit Anne on the page, look at the things that were thrown out.

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Variations: 100 days to… (spring, summer, 2021, moving) — choose any round date and start the countdown. Throw away one item a day before the scheduled event.

Castigatory: cleaning as a competition

Who advises Natasha Babayeva, a former development Director of the publishing house “MYTH”, the founder of the school of chingarov, the author of the channel “Babayev to the Board”

The best thing about the method of castigatorul can be read at the Natalia the article on Medium. The rules are simple: figure out what reward compete — each player is their own. Decide what will be considered a reason to paint one division on a special map and start. The winner is awarded their prize. Link — castigator for printing.

Variations: you can replace long-term competition between parents and teenagers (who are asking for expensive thing but don’t want to help with chores around the house).

Dresden Junk-Shun

The Swedish maid: “before death”

Who advises: Margareta Magnusson, author of “Swedish maid” (pictured below)

According to Margareta, she, as a person between the ages of 80-100 years, generally not afraid to talk on such topics. This is a book-support. Addressed to those who belongings of a recently departed family and those who are aware of the inevitable approach of his own end.

Photo: Scribe Publications

But the author especially emphasizes that such cleaning is prescribed to anyone who wants to leave behind only pleasant memories (and not the mountain of junk and “Granny’s stuff”) — people of any age. “I don’t want to wish someone to disassemble after my death the things I never got around or I was too lazy to clean up / throw away”. As they say, Momento mori — remember death.

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Variations: the Japanese method Marie Kondo and her idea of “gratitude and farewell to things”.

Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

According to the method of cleaning maids

Who advises Anna Demchekov, travel-journalist, author “Secrets of hotel maids: How to restore perfect order in half an hour”.

From the familiar, such cleaning is different order to move around the room — start from the far corner and clean clockwise. The sequence of operations is also quite unusual. Be sure to read the article if you haven’t met inside a lot of useful life hacks for saving time cleaning.

Tasha Protopopov

Cleaning after the holidays

Who advises the editor of Houzz Elena Abrosimova

“After a vacation longer than 10 days, I have time to wean from the house. And as soon as crossed the threshold, his eyes starts to tear out the details of the “out of place”. Before, I simply did not notice. The effect a fresh look remains for about a day. Because of the holidays, I try to go back to the beginning of the weekend — to leave a day or two for throwing and restoring order in the house. And the contents of the suitcase, you can wash and during the working week.”

Variation: cleaning with a smartphone. Take pictures of the room — look at the picture. Clean up the mess that catches the eye on the frame.

Cormar Carpets

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