Time: How much is a package for those who know how to do it


Everyone understands that repair eats a lot of time. But how much is a lot? At our request, the designers give exact figures how to quickly manage themselves with the equipment. What exactly they do and why so long?

Svetlana Langusova

Situation: design-project with visualization and drawings ready. Imagine even the ideal scenario: the project has a complete list of titles and articles (the so-called selection). Only have to buy things on the list.

25 minutes — product, 50+ hours in average
Where it goes this time?

Explains the designer Marina Chepurnykh: “searching each item of the statement will take at least ten minutes to compare prices, to understand how multiple volumes released article, calculate how much you need to order. Then another ten minutes to check availability and to place your order. Total — at least 20 minutes in one position. And it’s a perfect coincidence.

In practice, usually not that easy, since the lack of some positions in the warehouse to different shipments in a box of the same tile of the same manufacturer. By the way, the variety of choice in Internet-hypermarkets — illusion. Most of them works with the same primary warehouse vendor. Sometimes you can spend an hour, reaching the fifth search page and calling about 20 stores, but the result is sad: the item is out of stock. Selector saves time due to the fact that compares offers from different major vendors.

Beccy Smart Photography

“Total, adjusted for contingencies, the average time it will have to spend on ordering one item — about 25-30 minutes. The average statement is plus or minus 100 positions. Thus, the equipment will take about 50 hours. That is a week without weekends and lunch breaks, if you divide it into the eight-hour day. What if your main work takes you most of the time, like 90% of the customers? To provide for the package then get no more than two hours a day — a total ordering of products will take a month”, concludes Marina Chepurnykh.

Fact: When calculating financial estimates for the repair usually recommend to lay on top of another approximately 30% for contingencies. Over time, I think we should do the same.

Natalia Vershinina | Photography

Example photo: the owners of this house were in search of furniture for yourself. I wanted to save, and therefore was looking for a young production via instagram and negotiated discounts. It took a lot of time and effort, and the hostess, Victoria honestly said in an interview with Houzz. For example, she wrote about 500 letters to different companies, but only 15 agreed to give a discount.

How long will it take to write 500, and let the template letters? And to answer clarifying questions?

Happy Designer

Multiply by two if the list of goods not
Recall, we considered a situation when the client already has a list of articles. And it is only necessary to order the goods. It is slightly more expensive than a conventional project. But the price difference is usually small. In this case, along with visualizations and drawings the customer receives the list table, which shows the specifications of the materials or objects, the right amount to specific stores and websites that are recommended by the designer and price, if known. An example of the list — the photo on the left. Reduces the risk of running into unscrupulous suppliers with a deceptively attractive prices.

Anastasia Kulakova

But not always the service “matching” included in the basic price of the design project. Someone offers it as an additional option — the client has the right to refuse. Or he can choose the more economical option, when the list shows only the type of goods or material, without part numbers and references to specific stores. Some offices have the option to use this option.

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Explains the designer Artem Popov: “We divide material selection into two types, depending on the client’s goals and chosen level of detail of the design project: principle selection and detailed selection. Principle selection — when we describe the type of material which it has the color, structure. For example: floor — laminate, color — oak with textured pattern. In this selection we do not specify a particular manufacturer, vendor, but give all the features that you can choose from hundreds of suppliers the option that will suit the project.”


Multiply by two if you don’t believe the expert
Some customers perceive the recommendation of the store in the list NOT as a good advice from the designer, but as “a desire in me to earn.” He says, he advises to go to a certain shop not because there is condition profitable. But because the designer will pay a percentage of the transaction (and in another place, where, maybe even cheaper — no pay).

Such doubts for people who are not familiar closely with the work of interior market, is understandable. But in a normal situation, not at home. But the time to search for alternatives, just have to spend.

Interest for the purchase: what stores will share the money with the designer

Multiply by two if the product is discontinued
Certainly you come across in social media publishing friends who “these designers have drawn something, then in the stores yet.” The situation is common. But NOT always the problem was the low qualification of the designer. Often such situations occur, if the repairs did not begin immediately upon completion of the design. Accumulated money, financial prepared. But while thought — products could be removed from production.

Natalia Cricova | Studio “the space”

Case study
Natalia Cricova, design (the project plan and photo below): “we had recently a project with a total broken space kitchen-dining room-hallway. Proposed concept in which all walls and furniture are bright and the floor is active.

Natalia Cricova | Studio “the space”

Among other options were tile from the catalog, which we have long been remember, we like it, several times offered to customers, but none was laid. And here the mistress of the house that she liked. The agreement was originally about the repair with the supervision, because we are already at the design stage began to find out the current value of the tiles: to understand whether any of the budget. It turned out that the tile is discontinued, the owner was upset.

The story was resolved successfully and called our Manager to office — he asked the factory inventory. The estimated number of tiles, the Manager booked this footage with the stock. And it’s being kept for us at the factory while we were doing a project (two months). Without any payment, just by agreement.

Once the project is finished, they counted the exact number of tiles under the layout with the stock, I ordered and made payment. Just enough (and even the boiler room) tile is, happy owners. As a customer this could be done? Yes way”.

Mises en scènes

How to save time on set?

1. To order the project with the selection — at least not to look for stores
Let you will save time searching for validated addresses to buy retail.

Designer Lydia Chernova: “there is a truth, to acquire the items yourself it is really possible. A matter of time — and this is the most expensive. The client should look for finishing materials and furniture, not knowing the market, spend time on the study of prices, monitor the receipt, not to mention difficult situations and returns”.

Victoria Popova

2. Order consultation designer with a trip to the store
A single consultation regarding a specific problem will save your time in search or a replacement item. If you can’t figure out which of five options for tiles like more (all work) — call designer to the store. An experienced technician looks not only for the visual part, but also compares the technical specifications.

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Designer Polina Sokolova: “it is important to understand that if the trip to the DIY stores and showrooms for customer not a pretty hobby and tedious job that mind the time and effort, it is better to give this work to the designers.”

By the way: a Selection of furniture and other interior items for a specific query are also engaged in special services. Some of them we wrote.


Portrait: a Personal selection of interior items from Hello Divan

Yana Ivanchenko

3. Transfer equipment — if no time to monitor the delivery
You can fully entrust the equipment and the supervision of the designer in addition to searches, it will remove from his shoulders the problem of getting the ordered materials and furniture on-site, checking deliveries and possible refunds. All those will have to be acquisition — often a private specialist, which provides the designer or Bureau. The client will only have to agree on key issues like price, payment method, etc.

Designer Oksana Rodnov: “In making deliveries often mistakes are made that something is not reported, got confused, put the wrong, or it’s sort of necessary, but from different batches because the different shades, and much more. The designer has accumulated experience and reliable suppliers, so the equipment runs as smoothly as possible. And if you happen to unforeseen circumstances, is up to the designer (saving nerves, time and money of the customer)”.

Barbara Brayner

How much is 100 hours of your time?
A simple exercise. Find out how much the project with the selection and service of equipment in the case of your project? Now compare this with the cost of their working time: 50 hours it takes the professional. How much will you spend if you do the picking yourself? It is more honest to multiply this time by two and compare with the price of your one hundred working hours.

Why it is useful to consider the repair time as working and treat it accordingly?

  • Your strength — is the same resource as money, and it is not unlimited. But most people tend to think otherwise.
  • Time costs can cost not only of extra nerves, but also result in tangible material costs. Simple teams because nakuplennyh on time of materials, returns and new purchases, alterations — these are all potential items of expenditure. Experienced designers are used to calculate such things in advance, normal people don’t.

Mike Shilov

  • Searching and filling of the interior takes away time from their main job or business, Hobbies and communication with family. Problems in any of these areas is fraught with loss of money — for example, for an extraordinary gift or mini-vacation tired of the repair themselves or due to involuntary non-profitable project. And in the worst cases, loss of reputation, because is the responsible of the project or work task, the head was busy picking out tiles and flooring.

Designer Artem Popov: “supervision and integration is how to sell the apartment. You can do all the legal nuances and finding buyers, but you can trust the specialist who organizes everything and only report the result.”

Among our readers are many practicing designers and architects — how much time on average is spent on completing one project? What are the stages and operations can unexpectedly lose a lot of time? Share in the comments, all will be useful


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