Last minute: Christmas decor from the grocery store…


Do not spend time and effort on the final sprint through the crowded shops. Let’s use a couple of simple decor ideas of products that you can buy in the supermarket at home.

Manuela Fucà

1. Christmas decor from citrus
Sliced and dried in the oven, they are perfect for the Christmas songs and decorations table, fireplace or dresser.

If there are extra slices, you can make them a makeshift garland. Strung with a needle a dozen circles on a string, and it turns out… fragrant Christmas decoration!

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If there is no time to cut and dry in the oven, just plug sticks aromatic cloves in unpeeled lemons or oranges.

Good question: What is the smell of New year in different countries?

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2. Rosemary for the table
Perhaps you bought it for roasting meat. Fragrant twigs put together with a napkin on a plate with Cutlery as part of new year’s serving. Alternatively, you can put a bunch of rosemary in a glass of water in the manner of a bouquet.


3. Artichokes for decoration
If next to the house there is a shop with a good vegetable Department for decorating the Christmas table you can buy artichokes. They come in different shapes and colors — from green to purple. It is possible to construct different varieties of artichokes in a bowl (as pictured) or supplemented with composition cones. The feast will be held in the new year I’ll cook them for dinner!

Rikki Snyder

4. Grenades instead of Christmas balls
This is the option for table decor. A Christmas tree heavy pomegranates to hang does not work, but on the table or the dresser bright, the fruits will be a perfect decoration — the original replacement for the usual Christmas bulbs.

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Kate Hansen Photography

Kate Hansen Photography

5. The decor of pears
The New year in shops there are always several varieties of pears, they can also be used for interior decoration and festive table. Due to its sculptural shape and matte surface of the pears look great next to the pine wreaths and traditional pine cones and candles.

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6. The decor of cabbage
Kale (Kale or grunkohl) perfect not only as snacks. Green leaves to complement the red berries or pomegranates.

Kootut murut

7. Candy canes instead of ornaments
Actually, this is a traditional Christmas decoration. After all, before the Christmas tree and the tables were decorated with sweets and nuts. Kids love this decoration, and adults to easily locate the different-colored candies in the candy Department. You can decorate a table or small tree, to place in small clear cups or jars around the house.

Corynne Pless

8. Decoration from cinnamon sticks
In the store, look in the spice aisle, there will likely be a couple of bundles of fragrant cinnamon sticks. You can make cute Christmas decorations. And if you do purchases at the last moment, you can make from cinnamon sticks is a festive wreath.

The alternative — the decor of dry pasta sculptural form.

Jours & Nuits

Jours & Nuits

9. The decor of the cookie
Sugar, butter, flour and eggs are always in the supermarket. Therefore, there exists all the elements for a delicious Christmas decorations: cookie dough can be mixed with chocolate chips, decorating icing or sugar toppings. If you want the quick version, buy ready-made cookies and decorate them with a Christmas tree and the house.

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Tip: If the pre-baking of biscuits to make every small hole with a toothpick, then you can hang them on the Christmas tree instead of toys.

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10. Christmas star in the pot
Before the New year even budget stores at the box office exhibited pots with poinsettia. Its red flowers resemble a Christmas star, so in Europe it is considered one of the symbols of the holiday.

But be careful: the poinsettia is poisonous, so no need to leave the plant near young children or Pets.

And you decorrelate house at the last minute? Use for this products and flowers from the nearest supermarket? Tell us about your experience and show pictures of Christmas decorations


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