Why today only elite club houses are built in the classical style


It is very difficult to make a large complex a classic. This is justified only in the construction of the most expensive and prestigious real estate ” />

Architecture trends are constantly changing. Of course, not as fast as in the fashion world, but over a period of 10-15 years, a change in trends can be seen quite clearly.

New buildings of recent years are a mix of high-tech styles, constructivism and minimalism. Minimalism prevails in some projects, constructivism prevails in others, and neither architectural critics nor architects themselves can single out a specific direction that currently dominates the capital's housing construction market. As a result, the style of most Moscow new buildings is simply called “modern”.

Concrete structures wrapped in metal and glass, which appeared thanks to the development of technology, allow buildings to be built taller and stronger than in the 20th century, and besides, quickly and accurately design facades of complex asymmetric shapes.

In the classical style, which dominated architecture for more than 500 years, from the Renaissance to the end of the 20th century, almost no one builds today. It is extremely difficult to make a residential complex with several hundred or even a thousand apartments a classic in modern realities.

< p>First of all, because classical architecture is subject to the rule of the golden section, according to which the height of the building should be less than its width. And there is not much building land in Moscow, it is expensive, so it is rational for capital developers of business and premium class projects to rely on high-rise buildings in a modern style.

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In addition, in the classics, regularity of architectural elements is necessary, which are repeated with a certain step and their regularity. And this is too long and painstaking work, which is justified only in the construction of the most expensive and prestigious real estate.

Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality expensive housing, you should pay attention to the classics. First of all, small club houses are built in the classical style. As a rule, they are located in the very center of Moscow. One of the most interesting such projects is currently being built by Hals-Development in Zamoskvorechye, practically opposite the Kremlin: on Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, from which the club house inherited its name – Kosmo 4/22.

Class complex deluxe consists of two buildings with a height of 6 floors. The architectural concept was created by specialists from the English bureau Dyer and the Russian team “Marks”. The starting point of the architectural project was the historical facade of Polina Chepysheva's apartment building, built in 1901 according to the design of Nikolai Blagoveshchensky (the most famous project of this architect is the Khudozhestvenny cinema on the Arbat).

The facade of the historic mansion will be restored, and it will become part of the Reka building, located on the first line of the Moskva River embankment. A harmonious pair will be the second building of the Cosmo 4/22 complex – the Garden, the facades of which will retain the neoclassical style, but will be visually lightened. All facades are made of clinker bricks, decorative plaster and light stone with carved ornaments. Panoramic windows of both buildings will be framed with openwork forged elements.

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The second building owes its name to the “secret square” with columns and art objects, hidden at the level of the first floor. There, residents will be able to comfortably enjoy the privacy of the outdoors. By the way, according to the rules of life of old mansions, the main entrance of the club house is arranged from the yard, as well as the entrance to the two-level underground parking. Cosmo 4/22 will include a total of 81 apartments, including 11 penthouses with 7.6 m ceilings and outdoor terraces. In the rest of the apartments, the ceiling height is also impressive: from 3.2 m.

Purchasing an elite apartment, people hope that it will become a family nest for many generations of heirs. And the classics have the most chances to remain in demand for a long time, as far as architecture is concerned, because both in clothes and in music, the classical style is eternal. From time to time, of course, he hides in the shadow of trends, but then they pass, but the classic remains. And if a dress of an outdated style can simply be put away in the closet, then this will not work with housing.


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