Moscow new buildings at the start of sales in December 2022


At the end of the year, four new projects entered the primary market of the capital. Bookings have started in two more apartments

In December 2022, the market for new buildings in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road was replenished with four new projects, calculated the analytical center “Indicators of the real estate market”. Sales have started in the complexes “Queen, 13”, Portland, “Level Akademicheskaya” and The Lake. In addition, the developers announced the start of bookings in two projects: Soul and Storie. Eight more new buildings were brought out within the framework of five projects that were previously presented on the market. These are Dmitrov Sky, Trinity, Bolshaya Ochakovskaya, 2, Rimsky-Korsakov, 11 and Rustaveli, 14.

Most of the new buildings were brought out by the PIK group of companies: six in three existing projects. In addition, Forma, a PIK company, has started sales at the Portland complex and bookings at the Soul project. Two of the six projects in which implementation or booking has begun are located in the SVAO, the rest are in the SEAD, SZAO, SAO and ZAO. Of the already existing complexes, two are being built in the SAO and SVAO, one in ZAO. The cost of apartments in projects and buildings that entered the market in December starts from 7.2 million rubles in the complex “Queen, 13”. The minimum cost of an apartment is 6.2 million rubles. For this amount, you can buy housing in the residential complex “Trinity”. Most of the new projects and buildings are commissioned in 2024-2025.

Projects where sales startedApart-project “Koroleva, 13”

On December 12, the Patek Group opened sales in the complex of business-class apartments “Koroleva, 13”. It is being built near the Ostankino television tower in the north-east of Moscow. This is an eight-storey building, designed for 169 apartments ranging from 23.9 to 180.9 square meters. meters. Price sq. meters varies between 268-404 thousand rubles, the cost of apartments – 7.2-60.3 million rubles. The house will be put into operation in January-March 2024.


A day later, the developer Forma brought the business-class complex Portland to the market. This is the largest of the new projects, the other two, like the first one, include one house each. Moreover, this is the first project of integrated development of the territory, which is being built in the coastal line of the Southern River Port in the South-Eastern District. The complex includes eight houses with a height of 15 to 29 floors. The first stage includes buildings No. 1-4 for 788 apartments with an area of ​​24.6-131 sq. meter. “Square” costs 265.3-447.5 thousand rubles, buying an apartment will cost 9.6-45.2 million rubles. The keys will have to wait longer than in the Queen 13 project. The first phase of Portland will be commissioned at the end of 2025.

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LCD “Level Akademicheskaya”

On December 16, the Level Group company began selling apartments in the business class project “Level Akademicheskaya”. It will appear right at the Akademicheskaya metro station in the South-Western Administrative District. This complex consists of a 19-storey building, designed for 295 apartments with an area of ​​17.9-143 square meters. meters. Price sq. meters is 391.6-667 thousand rubles. Apartments cost 11.9-54.1 million rubles. The Level Akademicheskaya residential complex will be completed a little earlier: in July-September 2025.

The Lake LCD

On December 20, the FGC group of companies announced the start of sales at The Lake business class complex. It, like “Queen, 13”, is being built in the North-Eastern District, but in the neighboring area – in Sviblovo on the banks of the Kapustinsky pond. As part of the complex, a house of variable number of storeys of 2-10-16 floors will be erected. The building is planned 118 apartments ranging from 39.6 to 136.9 square meters. meters. sq. meter costs 412.6-599.7 thousand rubles, apartments – 19.6-56.1 million rubles. This house will be handed over even earlier. It will be completed in April-June 2025.

Complexes where booking was opened LCD Soul

Forma has also begun bookings in the Soul Business Quarter, even larger than Portland. The complex will be built on the territory of a redevelopment site in the Airport area in the north of the city. Soul includes 10 towers with a height of 9-35 floors, houses with a height of 6 to 9 floors and two preschools. In addition, the iso factory of 1933-1934 will be restored as part of the project. 3,793 apartments will be designed in the houses. The first stage – buildings No. 1 and 2 for 427 apartments with a footage of 24-125 “squares”. Housing prices start at 11.7 million rubles. Completion of the construction of the first two houses is expected in July-September 2025.

LCD Stories

Developer October Group has opened a booking in the Stories business class project in Ramenki in western Moscow. The complex will include a 99-meter Stories Tower and an 11-storey Terrace House. In total, there are 428 apartments in them. We offer housing with an area of ​​​​22.8-140 square meters. meters, the cost starts from 9.12 million rubles. Delivery is scheduled for January-March 2026.

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Projects already being implemented with new buildings Dmitrovskoe Nebo residential complex

In early December, LSR Group began sales in the new building of the Dmitrovskoye Nebo business class complex, which is being built in the Western Degunino area in the SAO. This is an 18-section house of variable number of floors, 7-23 floors. The building will have 1,130 apartments with an area of ​​21.6-80.7 sq. meters. sq. meter costs 254-388.2 thousand rubles. The developer sells apartments for 7.4-21.8 million rubles. The corps will be introduced at the end of 2025.

LCD “Bolshaya Ochakovskaya, 2”

On December 21, the PIK group of companies brought to the market building No. 2.1 of the comfort class project Bolshaya Ochakovskaya, 2. It is being implemented near the Stories complex in the Ochakovo-Matveevskoye district in the west of the capital. In the new 33-storey building, 384 apartments with an area of ​​21.7-62.9 sq. meters. “Square” costs 240.8-356.4 thousand rubles. An apartment can be bought for 7-15.8 million rubles. The house will be completed in January-March 2025.

Trinity Residential Complex

The next day, the Granel group of companies opened sales in building No. 3.2 of the Trinity comfort class complex, which, like Dmitrovskoe Nebo, is being built in the Western Degunino area in the Northern District. This is a 26-storey building with 250 apartments. Housing has an area of ​​​​21 to 86.3 square meters. meters. Purchase sq. meters will cost 244.9-333 thousand rubles, apartments – 6.2-24 million rubles. The building will be commissioned in April-June 2025.

11 Rimskogo-Korsakova RC

On December 23, the implementation of the Rimsky-Korsakov 11 comfort-class project, which is being built in the Otradnoye district in the North-East Administrative Okrug, started in building No. 13. This complex, like the next one, is being built by the PIK group of companies. The new 24-storey building has 276 apartments on 21.7-85.4 sq. meters. Housing costs 215.6-310.2 thousand rubles per sq. m. meter and 6.6-19 million rubles for an apartment. The commissioning is also scheduled for April-June 2025.

LCD “Rustaveli, 14”

December 28 opened sales in buildings No. 2.5-2.8 of the comfort quarter class “Rustaveli, 14”. It is also located in the north-east of Moscow, but in a different district – Butyrsky. In four new buildings with a variable number of storeys, 1,331 apartments with an area of ​​20-83.6 sq. m. meters. sq. meter costs 232.6-361.5 thousand rubles. Apartments are sold for 6.9-21.6 million rubles. Construction will also be completed in the second quarter of 2025.


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