Business-light projects: why compromises are needed when planning new buildings


The class standards were created by the developer Plus Development, which is building the “Details” residential complex of this format in New Moscow

At the end of March, the RIA Novosti agency held a press conference dedicated to the arrival of a new class of housing on the housing market – “business light ” Projects with a similar positioning began to appear several years ago, but until now there have been no clear criteria for this class. Recently, the “business light” standards were formed by the development company Plus Development, which is building the “Details” residential complex in New Moscow in exactly this format.

A new class of housing in “Details”

The project belongs to the “business-light” class, so the presentation was carried out using its example. The main distinctive features of the new class: apartments of the “comfort” level and public spaces of the “business” class. Thus, in the “Details” complex, a fenced protected area has been designed, where they will create a courtyard garden with landscape design, walking alleys with art objects, playgrounds divided into different age groups, as well as sports areas (workout machines, a playground for playing streetball, etc.). In the central part of the courtyard there will be an amphitheater where residents will be able to hold various events.

The architectural concept of “Details” was developed by specialists from the famous Ostozhenka bureau, which, as the name implies, specializes in projects in the luxury real estate segment. The complex will consist of just one large house, divided into 27 sections. The sections are planned to be multi-storey, with a height of 6 to 23 floors. To enter the 27 sections, 16 foyer-type entrance groups were designed.

The foyer in the complex will replicate the lobbies of expensive hotels: high ceilings, a reception desk, comfortable waiting areas. Rooms are planned for storing bicycles and strollers, as well as rooms for washing dogs' paws and wheels after a walk. The first floors will be non-residential and will house service and commercial infrastructure: shops, cafes, pharmacies, beauty salons and more. In the underground part of the building there will be parking for 642 spaces and storage rooms. Another surface parking lot for 419 cars is also planned.

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In addition, “Details” has allocated premises for a fitness club, a children's center and a leisure room, which residents of the house and their guests can use free of charge. “Residents will only need to pay for utilities in these premises and cleaning,” comments Elena Tarasova, commercial director of Plus Development.

A project born of a compromise

Now let’s talk about apartments that, according to the developer’s concept, fall within the comfort standards -class. In total, the complex includes about 3 thousand lots ranging from 21 to 97 square meters. meters. It is important that all apartments in the Details residential complex have floor-to-ceiling windows, ceiling heights vary between 2.7-3.4 meters, and the range of layouts is very diverse. There will be lots with corner glazing, a window above the countertop in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

“When planning business-light class objects, it is important to maintain a compromise in combining the characteristics of public spaces and comfortable apartments,” emphasized Elena Tarasova. “And a competent mix of these parameters leads to the demand for the project among consumers: both “comfort” and “business” buyers are interested in it.” The developer’s words are confirmed by buyers, who actively vote for the “Details” residential complex with rubles. Three hundred apartments of the first stage (lots without finishing) went on sale in the fall of 2023, and in just four months 30% of this volume was sold.

Many lots, according to the developer, were purchased by private investors for future resale. In recent years, this type of investment has not been very popular in the new construction market, and the fact that people decided to invest their money is a good indicator of the quality of the project and an attractive price. Today, lots in the Details residential complex are sold at prices starting from 5.6 million rubles, which is inexpensive for a complex of this level. A batch of furnished apartments should go on sale in April 2024. Such lots, as a rule, are purchased by end buyers.

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At the same time, the developer is clearly being modest: the project can easily qualify for a full-fledged business class. According to Elena Tarasova, this is hampered by parameters such as location and the presence of compact apartment formats in the apartments, including those with ceiling heights of less than 3 meters. “In business class, the ceiling height should start from three meters and the area of ​​the smallest apartment from 40 square meters. meters,” she is sure.

However, most developers do not so scrupulous. In New Moscow, residential complexes have long been built that position themselves as business class. As for ceilings, according to analysts from the Sinitsa housing sales service, in 4% of Moscow business-class new buildings their height varies between 2.7-2.75 meters, and in half of the projects it does not exceed three. And the presence of studios is already becoming the norm in business class projects. However, it is better to understand at the site itself that the developer has been modest than to come and be disappointed.

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