There is a problem: the apartment has a few Windows or light enough


Almost every article on this subject suggest: the number and location of Windows is important to pay attention at the time of purchase of the apartment. Perhaps you drew. But 10 years ago in the yard has not built a skyscraper, which is always a shadow. Or you need to have this — well located apartment with EuropeanaLocal. And now you have a long kitchen-living room has only one window “at the end of the tunnel.”

Tell. as I help my clients in similar situations.

RAUM Siberia

Why light a little?
► Windows oriented to North — sun light gets them a little bit.
► Low floor: in summer the window is shielded by trees, and in winter on the street and so gloomy.
► Close-standing buildings.
► Room with glazed loggia (any obstacles in the path of light to reduce the lighting).
► Very deep window opening — due to the thickness of the walls or around the perimeter of the built-in furniture.
► Windows initially little — miss little light.
► The building is located in the apartment, away from natural light.

Julia Galaska

Depending on the situation, I identified two problems.

  • The first is when the whole apartment is dark, including the room with Windows. To fix this task force design is almost impossible. It can only be slightly adjusted.
  • Second — when it is dark only in a particular room or portion thereof, is extremely remote from the Windows. Such zones are often found in large and/or continuous areas (like corridors, hallways). Fortunately, this option is amenable to improvement.

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Tracy A. Stone Architect

Fact: the Lack of natural light in a private house occurs often. But there’s a set of your decisions (like the use of light wells or doors with glazing). Such techniques do not suit flats in blocks of flats that we said in the article.

Light wells: How to let the sunlight in a room without Windows

Bureau Megabudka

Why not just include the bulb is more powerful?
Can. But the play of natural light, his halftones and transitions make the space consumers, richer. But in artificial light it is more of a flat, any invoice simplified. If the interior little patterns and textures, the walls smooth paint space look like a “bunker”. We need at least a glimmer of natural light!

Compare the two pictures below with and without (in the basement)

Busy Bees ApS

Francos Corner AB

To solve the problem of lack of sunlight in several ways different “severity”. The choice of the method depends on your ability and willingness to make radical changes.

Icon Interiors

Suitable for: dark hallways, corridors, dark rooms with balcony.

► Widen the doorway.
Expandable openings, completely or partially dismantle the partitions (this is a redesign! I agree and in any case do not touch the load-bearing walls).

Safonova Julia

Fact: For small apartments, the dismantling of the partition can generate another problem: nowhere to put the cabinets. In the example in the photos of her apartment by designer Yulia Safonovoy in a typical home. On place the corner of the sofa before there was a partition in the corridor. If you have a standalone room in this apartment, in 90% of cases along the walls build a closet — so bulky object is not evident, it is not visible from the entrance.

Agence Glenn Medioni

Fact: If it is about the new so-called open — plan- do not put some of the partitions. At the same time will save on the doors and construction. But to agree to the uninstallation. the planned walls will still have is considered to be redevelopment.

Good question: open space — “I can do what I want”?

Filipp Kitsenko

To increase the gap in height
Fashionable now high aperture will also increase the influx of light into a dark area, and very significantly. This is also a redevelopment, it is necessary to coordinate the dismantling of the lintel above the door.

Doorways: to Move or not


To remove the door from its hinges
Between the living room and hallway, remove the hinges of the doors, especially the deaf. It is especially important to leave the portal open for long corridor.

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Design Studio Kvadro

To remove a window on loggia to do door in the floor
Agree visual the accession of loggias and balconies to the room through French doors. Just to get a window to leave the opening as is, banned in Moscow.

The lawyer explains: Why you can’t attach to the loggia, as before




Suitable for: apartments-clothes, with one room facing North is dark. And the other well lit. For room without window, which was organized by the office or bedroom.

TWO SIDES | Architectural Studio

What we do: remember, in the Soviet bathrooms had a window above, leading into the kitchen. It helped not only to save on electricity in the daytime, but removed the feeling of a stone bag.

Maria Bezrukova

You can leave the bottom of the wall and to dismantle only the top. So it will perform its function, closing the visibility at eye level, but it will transmit light. You can glaze the top part of the wall. This technique can be applied everywhere: in bathrooms, in bedrooms, and living rooms.

Question: what is the window between the bathroom and the kitchen
The apartment consists of: Room without a window — how to make it “mine”

Architectural Studio Ruetemple

On the photo: Alexander Kudimova and Daria Buchenau of the architectural Studio Ruetemple. There’s a window open from the bathroom… in the living room. By day it brings natural light to the bathroom, and the bathroom itself serves as a “lamp” for lighting the living room.

Houzz tour: cozy Apartment bedroom with black and clear bathroom

Architectural Studio MOPS

Photo: in this Moscow apartment architects Studio MOPS cut through a narrow light window from the corridor into the children’s bathroom. When the light openings turned into the lamps and repeat the dynamics of the wall

Architectural Studio MOPS

And so it looks from the outside of the bathroom

Houzz tour: a Gray interior with glossy marble and rails



Suitable for:
situations when you need to allocate the bedroom, but do not want to leave her without a window. Recommended for partition between the living room and long hallway, hallway, kitchen and living room when europedirect.

Olga Shangina | Photography

What we do: the usual solid wall or part thereof is replaceable at any glass design: frosted, corrugated, reinforced or even polycarbonate (see photo} — the main thing is to let in light. It’s a pretty expensive method, besides on the fan (not everyone likes glass in large quantities), but it is very popular.

Catherine Salat

Add privacy glass bedroom will help curtain or tulle, mounted on the inner side. In the office for the same purpose you can use the blinds.

There is a solution: Bedroom without window
Why you: sharing in the kitchen-living room
There is a task: Kitchen with gas and wall (living room)

Oksana Oleynik


Suitable for: especially true for small vestibules and hallways.

What we do: even a small glass will give the effect, and the more all-glass door. Now you can pick up these doors for any style of interior.

Anna Kolpakova-Sanasaryan

On the photo: example of fully glazed door from the kitchen to the hallway

Pavel Zheleznov

Photo: the way to double-operates with a wide, double-leaf doors and partitions

dots&points | Irina Kireeva


Suitable for: situations when you need to zone a large narrow room with one window (and not to block access of light to the far side).

Décodage Création

What we do: an easy and “leaky” barrier. It can even be rack-partition: you have to give them credit — they almost freely pass light shielding in space. In addition, such partitions are determining vertical rhythm and structure the space, making it visually uporyadochenie.

Modern laser cutting allows you to make partitions with through drawing any shape. If you wish to the rails you can add shelves or to combine vertical fragments partition with glass.

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Natalia Bay

On the photo: shelves with open sections will help visually divide the large open space. For example, to separate the entrance area from the day. Several sections of the rack can be done closed

TS Design | Taras Bezrukov and Stas of Samkovich


Suitable for: overall grey spaces.

What we are doing: looking to see which part of the room most of the day the light falls. And reflect it where very dark, with a mirror.

Popov Pavel /ART-Project/

Graham Atkins-Hughes Photography

Of course, you have to try to find a place, and even to justify the presence of the mirror. But if you can reflect the window light, we discover credible imitation of the second.

Tip: If you don’t want to constantly see his reflection in the mirror, hang it above your growth.

Mikhail Kalinin


Suitable for:
overall grey spaces.

What we do: a very light interior and glossy surfaces — a proven tool for “clarification” of space. Don’t have to do such walls, and floors can (but would rather Marco), and the furniture — the main thing that the surface area was large. The more the plane of the mirror, the more light will be reflected. Will just have to make it so that natural light reaches this zone at least through doorways.

Anna Muravina

Important: When the walls and floors of the “white” need to “ground” the space. Fit expressive texture the piece of furniture is better than wooden and natural and something colourful and bright, but small. Mat or a piece of colored tiles on the floor are preferably of a poster on the wall: they form a more familiar picture of the world, where the more dense the color is on the bottom. Not “in the clouds” we are psychologically comfortable.

Not “dissolve” in white will help contrast details. Good dark accents — frames, edging or all together.

The interior design Studio “Arch.The subject”


Suitable for:
overall grey spaces.

What we do: one chandelier under the ceiling is definitely not enough! Required several layers of illumination at different levels and different intensities.

Architectural Studio AUTHOR

Architectural Studio AUTHOR

Top light — soft and diffuse, covering the entire area. He needed to guaranteed to cover all angles of the problem area. This will help us lamps — built-in or surface-mounted. Modest and unobtrusive, they should not draw attention to themselves and let the best not merge with the ceiling. Be sure to choose bulbs with warm light. But if a lot of lamps (room large), divide them into groups of inclusion.


Emergency lighting — this may be a separate lamp with energy saving lamp or one group of lamps described above. This light you need, if you walked into the room at night — he will not cut the eye and blind you when you turn.

Directional lighting for a specific place — be it the island in the kitchen or table for Hobbies in the basement. Necessary in a place where we do something or read.

AB Architects

Atmospheric (architectural) light is more decorative than functional role: creates a mood, highlights and illuminates the objects that we want to attract attention. Variants of creation of such light is very, very much. All depends on the style and the overall interior concept. Fit combination of chandeliers and pendants, wall sconces and recessed luminaires and also various led backlight to tire lamps.

How to Use in interior architectural lighting



There is a fear that now expect these fixtures, then you can use still only one chandelier. But considering the backlight once, you will always be able to choose the suitable scenario for every moment and create the right mood. And considered it as an opportunity to try different quality of life does not even appear.


If neither of these solutions fits your situation with the lack of light describe it in the comments. I will try to offer a solution for you!


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