Q: How to decorate boy’s 7-12 years


Published a check list for making a child’s student designer Genis zhdanovoj. As well as recommendations that will help not to forget important in the development of the design project.

Eugene Zhdanov

Room three sons became the “testing ground” for mom and for a designer Genis zhdanovoj. Changed apartments and the footage of the children’s, sons were growing up, “growing up” room. Repair experience own childhood many times helped the designer in projects for customers: among them was meeting couples, not only with two or three, but even with four or five children.

Recently, Jack has compiled their knowledge to a wide range of parents published the book “Child of your dreams”. Specially for the readers of Houzz Jack gives some tips on the interior of the room of the student.

Eugene Zhdanov

1. Load transformation. Immediately
If the apartment is a constant overhaul in the nursery we usually do on the eve of the birth of the child. And in that moment lay the expected transformation of the interior: they usually happen before school (6-8 years) and in 13-14 years.

Eugene Zhdanov: “When the first child is born, parents imagine the further development of events. And it is the responsibility of the designer to tell how it will change the interests and needs of the child.” There is an obvious and expected transformation of the interior:

  • in the room for the student will have to reorganize sleeper;
  • you need to increase the number of storage locations (the child grows, the clothing gets bulkier);
  • along with games there will be a working area.

Eugene Zhdanov

“Bed, close to where we were photographed for the cover of the book, it’s my little 12-year-old son. It’s time, and he asked me to give him the console to play from the comfort of the room, on the big screen. But the fact that there is only one optimal place for the TV, I knew already during the first repair — that is, eight years ago. And then we hid all the insights electricians in the Central section of the wardrobe.

Eugene Zhdanov

Earlier in the closet hung a conventional rod and son’s things. When needed the TV, we just rented a rod and hung the mount for the screen. All outlets for TV and cable Internet were announced in advance.”

Eugene Zhdanov

2. School is not the only thing in life
The boys a little later a taste of “school life”. First class — stress. It’s important not to overdo it, stressing that “you are now an adult”. Shouldn’t the Association between the school and leaving the life of toys.

Odnoszace | Odnushechka

The period of abandonment of the toys is very individual, it is important to listen to the needs of the child. Some boys can take toys with them to school. Some, on the contrary, leave them — don’t want to share with classmates. But the home run switch: play, collect constructors, drive cars or railway. Play area in the nursery still needs at least for a boy to 12-13 years.

Odnoszace | Odnushechka

Hobbies each boy his parents know better, what areas are in need of organizing in the nursery. Someone needs more shelves for storage collected designer. Someone- a huge field for Railways (in the example in the photo above extends from the bottom of the bed).

Nina Frolova

Checklist Genis zhdanovoj
These issues designer issues to the customers as “homework”. The answers help to consider a hobby in the design of the room of the student.

1. Is there now a space for creative activities of the child? How is it organized?
2. Does your child have any certificates, medals and cups?
3. Is the sports equipment in the storage system of the child?

dots&points | Irina Kireeva

4. Where the musical instrument, sheet music, covers from tools?
5. If a child draws, if he uses the easel? Where you store paints and brushes?
6. If a child’s creativity is due to the need to use special costumes and clothing, where the storage of special clothing?
7. Whether in the child’s room television?
8. Whether built-in or separate speaker system?
9. If he plays in game consoles, kommunitsirovaniya with the TV or the computer? What additional devices are needed for the game?
10. Does the child have toys? What? How are they stored? All they really needed for a child or part of them, you can say goodbye?
11. Does the child play a Board game, what?

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Eugene Zhdanov

3. The child is an adult to choose the design of the room
Most parents while we take the decisions themselves. A little and often impose their views on the children. It is important to find a middle ground: to give the feel that the child has space for personal expression. But at the right moment to make your point.

Eugene Zhdanov: “sons I asked literally everything, and it played a bad service. My children became my the most harmful clients and were a bit overzealous. But how else to sew “costume-made”?”

Colordrunk Designs

4. Children see colors differently than adults
Adults choose the color consciously, based on their own perceptions, stereotypes and fashion. Child — emotionally. For example, the rich red of the adult is likely to be irritating, and the child — to delight.

Eugene Zhdanov: “Often it is not a specific color, and intensity. Rich bright shades can have a stimulating effect. It is important to focus on the child. One children it will not hurt, the other can push. If we talk about specific colors, the soft blue or green tones favorable for excitable boys, and warm for being tired.

Oliver Burns

I usually do this: make a large part of the surface, 80 percent, in neutral tones, and add about 20 percent in color. So, the Pareto rule: 20 percent of the colors create 80 percent experience! This same technique makes it easy and low cost to transform a room, as they grow older”.

Eugene Zhdanov

Tip: If you are afraid to use bright colors “open” — hide inside the wardrobe. With closed wings palette will appear neutral. In the interior for a boy-student Eugene Zhdanov added a “visible” accents with textiles.

Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors

5. Wall decor will fit any. But better without spider-men on all four walls
Preschool age is a period of “wall art” when it is better to use wall paint that is easy to update. To the school this period usually ends: you can select “adult” materials, like panels or Wallpaper. But it all depends on the temperament of the boy, if the wall regularly fly balls and chairs, panel with wall paper can not resist. Accent it is better to do just one wall: if in a few years tastes will change, the interior will be easier to update. For example, to remove the “cartoon” plot and stick to something more age-appropriate.

Eugene Zhdanov: “I am radically opposed to Wallpaper all four walls “by spaidermeni”. But we have to respect and accept all preferences of children. It is possible to meet the expense of subjects that are easy to make and make from the interior: bed linen, posters and pillows. It turns out that we are playing to the child’s interest but do not get attached to this decor for years to come”.

Eugene Zhdanov

6. For the floor — natural materials
Put parquet or cork once and you can forget about repairs for many years.

Eugene Zhdanov: “I’m for that floors in the living room was made in the same style and material. Warm, beautiful, environmentally friendly wood floor fits in this case perfectly. To keep it in good condition as long as possible, you can cover the parquet oil-wax. The material does not create the wood surface film that retains its natural texture and warmth. If there is scratch, oil-wax will only require local restoration.”

D&T architects I Dianova Olga Temirbulatova Lily

7. Desk: looking for the right place
This is one of the major changes in children: to replace a small table for art classes comes a full table to study.

Eugene Zhdanov: “desktop is not preferably to do with gaming area — it will detract from school. Perfectly — set table in front of the window, because any artificial lighting is an additional strain on the eyes. If the height of the Windows (from the floor 75-78 cm), you can “build” the window sill, turning it into a full table. Table surface ideally should be wood: it is the most tactilely pleasing material for a child. High quality wood with a moisture content of 15-20%, professional installation and proper treatment, and the surface is not threatened. Oak and ash are the best option. You might think about acrylic composite: it is not as cold as a stone, easy to clean, assembled without seams.”

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Eugene Zhdanov

Checklist for the organization of a workplace of the schoolboy
1. How to store textbooks, notebooks, books, albums, folders?
2. Systematized is possession? Are there separate shelves or sections for storing books on that subject?
3. How is the office? What child uses on a daily basis and from time to time?
4. Does the student use any PC, tablet, printer? If you use the tablet, where does he do it?

Sarah Finney Interiors

8. Need neatness serve a positive example
How to do so in the children’s room was in order? This question is largely a habit or can be a wonderful way to arrange storage so that the boy began to clean himself? In fact, you need to act in three directions at once. The first step is to create a comfortable system that provides storage only. The second step is to teach the child to use this system in a specified format. The third step is to lead by example.

Eugene Zhdanov: “the Motivation for cleaning should be formed from within. Children copy behavior of parents. Usually, if you have the room is always tidied up everything, the child doesn’t encounter problems with cleaning your room.”

The Studio Of Tatyana Arkhipova

A check-list in the features storage:
1. What are the things in the wardrobe of the child?
2. How to store things now? What current solutions conveniently, no? Do not wrinkled or bent clothes? What would you like to change?
3. How you store school uniforms?
4. How to store pants, jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets, sweatshirts, underwear, socks, belts, ties (boys), jewelry and hair accessories (girls), sportswear?
5. Does it store seasonal items in the closet of a child or there is an external storage system?
6. Where the bedding of the child? In a shared storage system or in the baby’s room?
7. How to store schoolbag, backpacks and bags for sports?
8. Is the shoes in the closet system of the child, or there is a specific place?

Anna Pavlovskaya Interiors

9. Sleeping place: it is important to consider
Age, we’re talking about an intermediate stage when adult bed earlier. But temporary option is a sofa or couch — also can be planned at the stage of nursery for the baby.

Eugene Zhdanov: “Just imagine that the place a child’s crib which you put along the wall, then take the head of the sofa or bed where you will sleep your child when you’re older. With this in mind, turn 90 degrees and planned a place to sleep”.

Furnished by Anna

Check-list for the dream organization
1. Falls asleep the child alone or with mom?
2. Does mom next to him, sitting on the bed or nearby?
3. Reads whether the child is in bed?
4. Do his parents?
5. Is it comfortable to sleep baby, when the room light?
6. If the baby falls asleep with the light or without it?
7. Does the child have a mobile phone and if he uses the charger?
8. Veiled does the child have a bed? The bedspread? Decorative pillows? Is it blankets?
9. Where are stored the blanket and the decorative pillow when the baby sleeps?
10. Does the blanket have a baby on the winter / summer, where is it stored?
11. Does sleep with your child favorite toys?
12. Sleeping child in pyjamas, and where is it stored?
13. Whether baby Bathrobe in the morning or home clothes?
14. The degree of tactile child?

Eugene Zhdanov

10. The decor of the room can be practical
Favorite characters and cartoon scenes practical only enter through the decor: textiles on the Windows, bedspreads, bed linen. A couple of years of my childhood idols will be forgotten, and the repair will remain, but without the children’s stories that irritate teenagers.

The decor may be useful, for example, the chalkboard above the Desk (by the way, this can be done by hand using chalk paint). Useful to record lessons and extra classes.

Soccer moms and designers who have to work such projects — share what you think is most important when building a room boy 712 years


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