Constructed reality through the eyes Pawel Nolbert


Constructed reality through the eyes Pawel Nolbert.
All images courtesy of Pawel Nolbert.


Thinking about the reality distortion which actively occurs through the filters of social media, a new York-based designer Pawel Nolbert has created its own “perfect world” and showed it through the project Constructed. Nolbert mixes photos taken during travel, with simple computer graphics, which is a colorfully painted geometry. Pink skies, surreal shapes in the landscape, blur the line between what was real and what was added on the computer. These bright forms strong memories of the artist, and their presence in his memory. Pawel for the creation of such a project raises the question: where does “photography” and begins with “graphics”? These unusual pictures are available on the website of the designer in Instagram.

Also a large number of unusual projects and illustrations of the designer can be found on his official website.

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