Exhibition: Cersaie 2019 — sanitary ware, tiles and not only


International exhibition of Cersaie, held in the Italian Bologna 23-27 September, this year showed clear trends in bathroom design, as well as the expansion of the tiles in the other parts of the house. Let’s see what trends will be important in the near future.

Photo architect Anupama Kundu (Anupama Kundoo)

1. Sustainable development
Our tagline this year — “Let’s open a new era!”

Designers increasingly attract the attention of society to the ideas of sustainable development. This was the subject of conferences and seminars during the exhibition. Architects don’t just promote the idea of “careful use of resources” — both raw materials and energy for their production, but also care about the environment. For example, an architect Anupama Kundu (pictured) pays great attention to research and experimentation with materials that have minimal environmental impact and relevant socio-economic context in which they are used.

Casalgrande Padana Spa

On the walls of granite from the call. Limpha, Casalgrande Padana

The theme of sustainability has significantly emerged on the stands of the companies-manufacturers. They devise all sorts of methods to combat pollution indoors, using recycled and recyclable materials. Almost every shows of series, created from by-products of production (to minimise energy consumption and waste).

This applies, for example, to a collection of porcelain tiles from Casalgrande Padana Limpha (pictured) with technology self-cleaning Bio: for the destruction of pollutants in the air and decomposition of dirt deposited on the surface of the tiles use photocatalysis (the acceleration of chemical reactions caused by sunlight). According to the company, approximately 1,000 sq. meters of this granite clean the air as well as the groves the size of a football field. One thousand meters of veneer completely eliminates nitrogen oxide emitted approximately 70 cars per day.

Shower pan Reef, Agha

Agha is an Italian company that produces shower cabins, pallets, sanitary ware and shower columns, presented acollection Reef: vanity and the shower tray is made from industrial waste, recyclable, do not contain formaldehyde and is resistant to moist and acidic environment.

The exhibition showed and faucets that minimize water consumption. Their finishing is made of resistant materials which increases the service life of the mixer and thus makes their life cycle more sustainable.

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On the wall tiles of the call. Nola, Target

2. Not only for the bathroom

One of the important trends — such as tiles went outside the bathroom to play a major role in other spaces of the house. Thanks to the almost infinite variety of shapes, colors, and pattern, tile can be used as design elements throughout the house. For example, as a creative headboard in the bedroom or wall panels made of thin porcelain tiles in the hallway.

Tile from the call. Soul, Ceramiche Piemme

Look in Houzz of a specialist in laying tiles or salon that sells a suitable tile, for the region

Panels of call. Brac from Mutina, diz. Natalie du Pasquier (Nathalie Du Pasquier), photo German Squillaci

Tile or granite can be used as color accents, creating with their help of the wall panels or partitions for functional zoning of the space (an example of dividing the living room this wall — see photo).

Lapitec S. p.A.

Series Lux Bianco Vittoria, Lapitec

3. Large format
Slabs of large format porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly popular. And all the more accessible. They are used not only in the bathroom — decorate the different parts of the house. The most common areas: exterior cladding, an alternative to the conventional kitchen worktops.

Call. Mistral, Mutina

4. 3D-tile
Collections of tiles and porcelain tiles with 3D effect on display was not just a lot, embarrassingly a lot. And not only in flat version with optical ornaments, but with a pronounced and complex terrain.

Call. Spring, Ceramica Sant’agostino

The Seven Mixer, Nobili Rubinetterie

Shower Blackberry, Blu bleu

5. Again black
For some time it was replaced by brass, but the exhibition again blackened fittings. Not only mixers, but also plumbing, shower walls and trays.


Plumbing NoLita, Kerasan

This trend can be seen in the example photos with matte black fixtures in color.


Sink Acquarella, Colavene

6. Pastel
On the other hand, in place of the monochrome bathrooms come in more colorful items in pastel shades of: sinks, toilets, basins, tiles, and even decorative coating mixers available in pink, blue, yellow and soft green colors.

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Wall tiles Pink Velvet from the call. Materia Prima from Cir

Check out the bathroom even within the same color: a variety of forms (from fish scales to hexagons) and size, light differences in shades, glossy or matte finish tiles to create a variety of finishes.

Lea Ceramiche

Call. Delight Slimtech, Lea Ceramiche

ABK Emozioni in Superficie

Elements from the Sensi Gems, ABK

7. Imitation stone and wood
Technological innovations have led to remarkable progress in the surface texture, shape and thickness of the tile, so ceramic is more and more similar to natural stone or wood.

For example, in the collections repeat the most precious and rare types of marble (their deposits are not infinite), and other minerals — lapis lazuli, smoky opal, amazonite, etc.

On the floor panels of the call. Intarsi, Ceramica Sant’agostino

A quantum leap in technology print helps you create beautiful floors tiles and porcelain tiles that mimic the inlays of rare expensive derwa.

Atlas Concorde

The floors are made from the call. Heartwood, Atlas Concorde

Ceramic parquet with inlays and herringbone layout replaces the direct dies under a tree.

Tip Toe Wallpaper, Wall & Deco

8. Not ceramic for bathroom
The exhibition showed the wall covering for bathrooms… not ceramic. Among them moisture proof Wallpapers which are suitable even for showers and wet areas of sinks and baths.

PIXIE progetti & prodotti

Wallpapers Waltz of the Flowers from the call. The Way of The Senses, Pixie

There were even flavored Wallpaper for bathrooms. Collection The Way of The Senses from Pixie retains the intensity of flavor for 5-6 months after installation. After this the aroma can be restored with wax, which also cleans and protects the surface.

Inkiostro Bianco

Selva Wallpaper from the series Inediti, Inkiostro Bianco

If you were at Cersaie this year, please share your observations in the comments section under the article. What you thought important? What trends for bathrooms are in Vogue, and what comes out of it? What, in your opinion, will take root in Russian conditions, and will appeal to Patriotic customers?


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