How to make small kitchen more spacious: 12 tips


If you got a small kitchen, start her “stretch” at the stage of planning. What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of more kitchen space? Wall? A full table? A pair of plates or sill for growing geraniums?

Before you dozen working techniques, which if added to the kitchen square meters, at least will help to find a place for extra plates. And at the same time transformerait your attitude to the cramped space.

Sergeeva Elena

1. If possible, use an open floor plan
Wisdom is obvious, but not afraid to be banal: the same furniture arranged in different volume spaces, it will look completely different. Fashion layout of the open space is good especially in small apartments, where every inch of space can be loaded with multiple features. No walls between the kitchen and the bathroom allows you to have more furniture in the same volume and find a place for additional zones, e.g. the canteen.

Blokhina Ksenia

2. Fight for a place under the window
To ignore the place by the window sill in a small kitchen — a luxury. Under the window perfectly accommodate a Breakfast bar or even a part of the kitchen line (we recall that the sink with views of the city or the courtyard — is not only a way to save electricity, using fluorescent light, but also a gorgeous tool for meditation). At worst, do here is just open shelves.


An example of a photo: G-shaped kitchen layout with sink at the window allowed us to comfortably accommodate on the tiny kitchen


Maria Cherkasova

The idea of photos of some of the homes of old buildings under the window instead of the radiator cold box for storage of vegetables. It is just sensible to use for organizing storage system with hinged doors (here) or drawers (picture above)

Lagom architectes

3. Replace the table on the bar
If kitchen space is not enough, refrain from the dining area, replacing it with a light bar. This design can be a separate element of the situation and can continue the work area or to be independent (as in this project).

Lagom architectes

Tip: For a compact kitchen it is best to choose the bar a light, airy design that will not visually load space. If you need storage space inside — use the half depth racks for placing boxes (example in photo), otherwise the bar will seem cumbersome.


Photo: evaluate the benefit of a visually light support bar


The idea of a photo: if you make the bar top the mobile, you will be able to freely dispose the working surface kitchen countertops

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Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

4. Cabinets not much happens
Since we decided every inch of space use wisely, do not neglect the opportunity to place an extra Cabinet or shelf. Built-in shelving under the bar or the Cabinet height to the ceiling will help hide a lot of things. There are even special ground boxes, allowing you to use the space under the kitchen cabinets, at the floor.


On the photo: note the drawer under the oven — it can be done in the whole height from the floor, utilizing valuable space

Official showroom Nolte Moscow

Ground box: Why you need it


5. Hide your equipment
Embedded technology significantly optimizes kitchen space — for example, to post at more convenient places hob and oven, use a two-burner stove, hide oven, dishwasher and refrigerator in the high side Cabinet. Built-in appliances takes somewhat less space, but most importantly, behaves quite modest: does not violate the external integrity of the headset, hiding under the sink and behind the Cabinet doors, without interfering with the design.

Factory umbrella (UMBRELLA)

6. Design narrow cabinets
Not always a small kitchen suitable headset model step sections. In this case, it is possible to act outside the box: designing narrow cabinets.

Between narrow and narrow equipment cabinets wiser to choose a full-sized instrument. The fact that the choice of equipment is much less than the standard. And the price is even higher than that of conventional devices. So if you decided to save some space due to the width of the cabinets, pick the first suitable “filling” for the kitchen. The narrow width of typical household appliances — 45 cm, but they are almost never embeddable.

Yorktowne Cabinetry

7. Use of non-standard doors
To save space in a small kitchen helps and unusual door: slide up, sideways (in the style of the wardrobe), or folding like an accordion. Their cost is usually higher than the wing, but they allow more efficient use of space and give more freedom in planning.

8. Use blind spots
The most economical (in terms of the venue) layout — corner kitchen, but only if you wisely use the space in the corner. We recommend you take a closer look at the pictures in the catalog any cooking program. In modern kitchens it offers a large variety of technological solutions that are easy to extract from bulk a corner of the box any item. Swivel-retractable shelf you can roll out yourself when you open the doors, shelves, carousel doesn’t have a “far corners”. And such drawers, as in the photo, generally use every inch of allotted space.

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Mazzie Design

9. Air shelves
Open shelves have many advantages: they take up little space, can have any configuration. They are easy to fill in non-standard doorway or empty corner. In addition, the open shelf look lighter than the wall cabinets and make the kitchen visually more spacious. The advantages of ergonomics is also obvious: it is enough to lend a hand, to take the necessary.

Lauren Rubin Architecture

On the shelves conveniently store items that are constantly in need of spices, dishes, Cutlery. The lack of open shelves only one, but it’s pretty important to wash them often have ordinary cabinets. Items that have a long standing on open shelves, salted inevitably, therefore, rarely used items is better still to store in the cabinets.

Vicky Hellmann Interiors

10. Do not forget about the roof rails
Reisling — another controversial element of kitchen improvement. When we finally used to use the hooks as intended, the designers have completely fallen out of love with to hang kitchen utensils on the wall. While aesthetics is struggling with expediency, it is recommended to consider this option. In a small kitchen where space for cabinets and cupboards a little, hang a piece of equipment on the apron is a very tempting move. To remove the hook from the ladle or unstick from the magnet knife is much more convenient than to go into the boxes. It is important not to overdo it. Alas, overly bedecked with decorations in the kitchen will seem to be visually overloaded.

olga busorgina

11. Add visual volume
The kitchen space can be “stretch” not only physically, but also visually, making it easier, lighter and bigger. The preferred light color of walls and furniture, glossy and reflective surface, a minimum of decorative detail.

Highly recommended highlighting the most remote corners of any openings and niches — all this makes the kitchen more spacious in the eyes of visitors and gives it a modern, fashionable and beautiful appearance.

Question: a good color for kitchen — what is it

Irina Krasheninnikova

12. Light — defender small
In a small kitchen, lighting is important as air: a small individual fixtures mounted in the elements of kitchen designs will make the room bigger and more comfortable, and work in the kitchen more comfortable and safer. It can be spot lights, large chandeliers, led lighting and even rope.

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This archival material. First published in 2015 updated in 2019.


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