1) the Curtains in the style of “cafe”

This kind of curtains is relatively young, their name was due to the place where they most often used the bistro or cafe. And used them to make the school a home atmosphere. Most often, these short curtains hung on a ledge in the middle of the window so its upper part remained open. Their manufacture requires very little fabric, by the way, it should not be heavy. Floral/plant patterns, animal patterns, cell – most common for curtains in the style of “cafe”, though a solid pure white or pastels also look great. The most appropriate room for these curtains – kitchen, dining and bathroom, however it can be any place with limited space. If your interior is decorated in the Provence style or country curtains “cafe” is its complement.

2) French curtains

This type of curtains is made up of several separate sections, each of which has a falling down lush folds of the fabric throughout its length. It looks luxurious and elegant. Curtains for French is mainly used light and translucent fabric: satin, silk, tulle, muslin, moire. They will fit perfectly in a classic interior, especially will look harmoniously in spacious rooms.

3) Roman blinds

They are very nice to me! I once did a detailed article about Roman blinds, not going to happen again, so if You are interested in the following pictures follow the link.

4) Austrian blinds

They combine lush French curtains folds and concise mechanism Roman. Unlike French curtains, these folds occur only when they pull together. Fabric can be used for almost any, but most often the preference is given to a gauzy texture. As a rule, Austrian blinds are very harmonious look in the living room, bedroom and dining room. If You want to blind shut all Windows, and bottom remained lush festoon, you should choose the length below the sill. About style – most pertinently they would look in a traditional interior.

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5) Drapes

For the manufacture of curtains traditionally used thick fabric that is able to show the richness of the Windows and protect from light. Particularly relevant, they will look for larger premises. They are best to choose for bedroom decoration(it can be something calm and solid) or living room(here you can give preference to large figures).

6) Color block Curtains

Honestly, I never learned how to properly dignify us, so I decided to write an English version, but I think after You see them – this will recede into the background. These curtains consist of a fabric of multiple colors, these horizontal blocks and stitched into one amazing canvas. Sure, if You’re handy with a sewing machine, do this beauty will not be easy. I’m crazy about them, look very impressive and add the original brightness to the interior.

7) Japanese curtains

Names they have a few Japanese curtains, panel curtains, Japanese panel. Anyway, these curtains are concise and in the East an elegant version of the window decoration, reminiscent of the screen. Japanese curtains are one smooth canvases, which are attached to a layered cornice. Typically, panels are made of natural materials (cotton, linen), sometimes they can even be from a combination of different textures. Japanese curtains will look great in a minimalist interior for big wide Windows.

8) Bamboo curtains (blinds)

Bamboo blinds are suitable for small children and Allergy sufferers, as in contrast to the tissue, they will not collect dust due to its antistatic effect. Them simply wipe with a damp cloth. My grandmother once a long time ago hung in the apartment with bamboo blinds, a special admiration and interest they did not cause, so I have since formed the opinion that this option only disfigures the window, and the room in General. But now, after seeing beautiful interiors with the use of bamboo curtain, I look at them completely different!

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9) pleated Blinds

Resemble shutters, but here on top of the horizontal rails of the stretched fabric. Conventional braces usually look like something in office, but the pleated more at home.

10) Curtains with floral print

Floral print is one of the trends this year, many fabric manufacturers have released collection with colorful natural patterns. The main thing – do not overdo it, so that floral patterns were not too many and that they are not annoyed by their presence. To do this, select one or more of the small details (we now focus on the curtains) and make their stress.

Oh and a little bit of ideas for inspiration…


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