Accent wall interior 45 ideas



  • As a rule, the accent is the wall that we see first when entering the room;
  • Never made accent on three walls, and especially all at once;
  • Is the entire wall as a whole, and only some ledges, piers, fragments (for example, the area around the fireplace or space for niches)
  • Accent wall can be decorated with paint, Wallpaper, decorative plaster, wood paneling, Wallpaper, brick, ceramic tiles.
  • Warm colors (red, orange, yellow and their shades) to visually bring the wall. You can paint in a “hot” color is one of the short walls of the rectangular room and it will seem a little more square. But if you do it with the long side, the room is further narrowed;
  • Cool colors (blue, green, purple and their shades), on the contrary, is able to remove the wall from us. Thus, for the long wall in an oblong room, it is better to choose cold colors, which will slightly expand the space;
  • If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere in the room for accent, you need to choose a colour close to the main color of the walls;
  • To create a bright and dynamic design, it is better to choose the opposite color, in this case, by contrast, the result will be really spectacular;
  • If the room is decorated in neutral tones to accent walls, you can choose any color;

Accent wall can be done perfectly in any room and so many ways but today we will discuss the most common options – living room and bedroom accent wall is dedicated Wallpaper.

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Accent wall in living room

In the living room you can highlight an area of TV viewing, where the accent wall, you can position a plasma or a wall panel. You can attract attention to the area behind the sofa (this may be a wall or a wide strip in the center). If the area is large, for example, is a Studio, it is possible to allocate some small space, like a reading area, workstation or bookcase. Beautiful accent to the fireplace.

Accent wall in the bedroom

The bedroom is often the accent wall behind the headboard (or part of it). I love it when wood panels, today we are talking about the Wallpaper, but I still can’t show you the beauty:

Well, a few examples of accent walls: children’s, hallways, zoning in spacious rooms. Very impressive, when the accent wall echoes in color/pattern from other elements of the room or, for example textiles.


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