Top 5 most expensive new buildings in Moscow


The cost of housing in such projects is calculated not in millions, but in billions of rubles

In elite new buildings in Moscow, apartments are valued at millions of rubles: per sq. meter, not per object. “Square” will cost an average of 1.8 million rubles. What about the apartment itself? Almost 80% of housing costs more than 100 million rubles, including a quarter – more than three hundred. Experts from the portal, using data from the Metrium company, identified the five most expensive projects in the capital. The maximum cost of housing in the first of them turned out to be more than 3 billion rubles, in two more it is 2 billion, and the rest are several hundred million short of this amount.

1. Carre Blanc – up to 3.2 billion rubles

The most expensive new building in Moscow was the Carre Blanc club house, located on Prechistenskaya Embankment, between the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin. The Shater Development company built the complex in 2021. The building has 46 apartments, including four penthouses. They occupy the top fifth floor of the house, they have panoramic glazing, 3.6-meter high ceilings, fireplaces and terraces. One of the penthouses became the most expensive offer in the project and in the entire market of new buildings in Moscow. Apartment with an area of ​​805 sq. meters are sold for 3.2 billion rubles.

2. “Obydensky No. 1” – up to 2 billion rubles

Next is Obydensky No. 1, another club house located next door, on the other side of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, in 3rd Obydensky Lane. But this project is new. The Sminex-Inteko company began construction in 2023, and plans to complete the work in early 2025. The six-story building has 26 apartments, including ten of an unusual format. These are three villas with fireplaces, a swimming pool, a terrace and a separate entrance; the same number of cityhouses with a swimming pool and patio, as well as four penthouses with fireplaces and terraces. The most expensive thing in the house – 2 billion rubles – is the penthouse with an area almost twice as modest as in Carre Blanc – 428.5 sq. m. meters.

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3. “Lavrushinsky” – up to 2 billion rubles

Third place in the ranking was taken by Lavrushinsky, another project of the developer Sminex-Inteko. But it is being implemented in a different location: near the Tretyakov Gallery. It will be commissioned next year, in April-June. This project is also larger than the previous two. The complex consists of an eight-story building “Central”, 14-story buildings “East” and “West”, six villas. There are a total of 153 apartments in the houses, including penthouses with swimming pools, terraces and fireplaces, as well as villas with swimming pools, patios, and terraces. The maximum cost of penthouses here is the same as in Obydensky No. 1, and amounts to 2 billion rubles. But for this money you get a little more space – 459.4 square meters. meters.

4. “Ilyinka, 3/8” – up to 1.7 billion rubles

The fourth place also remained with the Sminex-Inteko project – Ilyinka, 3/8. The complex will be implemented on the site of the historical buildings of Teplye Trading Rows, next to the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park. Delivery is scheduled for July-September 2024. “Ilyinka, 3/8” has seven club houses: restored three-story historical mansions of the 19th century and new houses with a height of 3-4-5 floors. The complex has 58 apartments. Among them there are options with a patio; penthouses with ceilings up to 6 meters high, fireplaces, terraces; two mansions with a separate entrance, fitness, ceilings up to 6 meters high. The mansions are the most expensive: a house with an area of ​​679.6 square meters. meter is sold for 1.7 billion rubles.

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5. “Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX” – up to 1.6 billion rubles

Rounding out the top five is another project not far from the Kremlin – Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX. The developer, the Ingeocentre company, plans to put the complex into operation by the end of 2023. “Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX” includes three six-story mansions. This is “History”, a restored apartment building from 1903, and new buildings: “Light” and “Breed”. The houses have 94 apartments, including penthouses with terraces and access to the exploitable roof. All apartments are furnished in three styles to choose from: classicism, neoclassicism and minimalism. The cost of the apartments reaches 1.6 billion rubles. A penthouse with an area of ​​475 square meters was valued at this amount. meters.

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