Five signs of a fake listing for the sale of an apartment


How to understand that the information about the accommodation is not true, and not fall for “free cheese in a mousetrap”

Demand in the Moscow real estate market is actively flowing into the secondary segment. Home sellers are quicker than developers to get their bearings in the current situation. Evaluate apartments at market prices, willingly go to bargain and provide discounts. But, if there are usually no problems with the choice of “primary” – just go to the website of the developers, then with the “secondary” there may be difficulties. Thousands of ads for the sale of apartments in the capital are posted on thematic sites. To find an option that suits all parameters, you have to look through more than one hundred.

In this case, you can often find fake ads. They are designed to attract attention and force to enter into communication. The classic fake is very attractive, and the buyer's hand reaches for the phone itself. However, the information is usually not true, or the ads are created by dishonest realtors who are collecting a client base. They lure you with a good option in order to sell a more expensive, illiquid or problematic apartment later. Based on data from Metrium, the portal tells how to recognize the main signs of fake ads and avoid getting caught by unscrupulous agents.

Too low a price

The most important sign of a fake is the unreasonably low cost of an apartment. It is necessary to study the market in advance and find out how much similar housing costs: in the same area, in houses of the same series and built at the same time, with a comparable floor, approximately the same area, similar renovation, view from the window. It is clear that the state of the apartment itself is far from basic. After all, the new owner will arrange it according to their preferences. However, a “killed” room simply cannot cost as much as an object with a fresh renovation. Usually unscrupulous agents try not to publish completely suspicious ads. The wording “cheaper only for nothing” will scare anyone away. More often, the offer will be at a price below the market price, but not critical, by a maximum of 20%. If it's not a quick sale, it's most likely fake.

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Long sale below market price

The next feature is related to the previous one – a long exposure at a price below the market. The cost on the “secondary” plays a very important role. Apartments that exhibit cheaper, quickly find their buyers. Such an offer will definitely not be on the site for a long time. When an apartment is sold at a price much lower than the market price, then you need to look at the date the ad was posted. If it hangs for more than a month, you should be wary.

Too beautiful photos or not enough

Using an attractive image is the basis of any advertising, and when selling an apartment, this technique is no less effective. But if economy-class housing is offered at a market price, and in the photo it looks like an “elite” with expensive repairs, then it is clearly worth considering. You can do a simple check. Click on the photo in the ad and follow the “search on Google” link. If the pictures were downloaded from the Internet, the search engine will display sites where these interiors are found. In this case, the real state of the apartment is likely to disappoint. Raises questions and the absence or a small number of photographs of the apartment. There may be a lot of photos of the courtyard, the house outside, the entrance groups, the lobby – anything but the housing itself. This means that the apartment, in principle, does not exist. Or it is a “killed” version, which was filmed by a crowd of guest workers for many years.

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Template description

Another sign of a fake: from the description it is impossible to understand what kind of housing in question. The ad consists mainly of enthusiastic epithets “about nothing”, the apartment is presented in the most favorable light, but without exact parameters. The task of the seller, if he sells real estate, is to give as much information as possible. Indicate the owners, the area, the need for repairs, the view from the windows. Therefore, “the most luxurious apartment in the area” and “cheaper you will not find” is an attempt to splurge, and such options are best avoided. Even if the apartment really exists, there may be problems communicating with such a “romantic” owner.


This symptom is the most difficult to identify. Data about the apartment is distorted in order to put it in a more favorable light. If housing is on the 13th floor, indicate the 12th or 14th. If buyers are superstitious, this is critical, but even otherwise, it still affects the price and can be a basis for bargaining. Any parameters can be incorrectly indicated: the number of owners, the number of windows, cardinal points and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe kitchen. Main – encourage you to come see it. If you like the apartment, then the buyer can turn a blind eye to its individual shortcomings.


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