How [and what] to clean the house to protect from viruses


The virus can live on surfaces for hours or days. Coming back from the street to the house, don’t forget to follow the simple rules.

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Just put your stuff in a box control
So you came back from the street and entered the apartment. Fold things that you have in your hands in one place. Perfectly prepared for this box or an empty drawer of the dresser in the hallway. It is now about the purse, phone, key, glasses, bottle of sanitizer, and more. In the same box / drawer should be a pack of antibacterial wet wipes.

Packing — remove shoes and clothing: for 20-30 seconds wash your hands thoroughly.


The idea with the photo: kitchen towel that goes in the wash every day. Put things on it

Immediately wipe everything you just touched

  • The bottom of the bag and handle at the same time the hook on which it hangs, or place.
  • Treat wipes things out of the box: phone, glasses, a bottle of sanitizer, housekeeper, law or travel. Wipe and allow to dry surfaces. In any case, do not spray antiseptic and do not pour it directly on the mobile device; do not immerse the device in water, and be careful with touch screens.
  • Antibacterial cloth, wipe the keys (even if they are still sticking in the door well).
  • Wipe the switch at the front door. Each time take a new cloth out of the pack.
  • Wipe door handle’s inside and outside, another napkin — the door handle to the bathroom inside and outside.
  • The last bar wipe lever mixer, if not rinsed it after washing hands.
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    Wash the shoes and the floor in the hallway
    If possible, put street shoes on the Mat or washable tray. And, do not delay until the evening, wash the shoes of everyone who came back from the street. Use rubber gloves.

    After washing the shoes don’t forget to wipe with detergent floor directly in front of the door so as not to blow the socks or Slippers street dirt.

    Wash your hands thoroughly after poured water from the bucket, rinsed out the cloth and removed his gloves.

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    Organize a place to wash at every sink
    It is recommended to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Especially if you blew his nose, coughed or sneezed. Wash your hands after returning from the street, before eating or preparing food, after using the bathroom. Put near every sink in the house needed, simplifying hygiene:

    • a bottle of liquid hand soap (antibacterial soap is not required and even harm);
    • stack of fresh hand towels and a basket for dirty towels. Or a roll of paper towels and the trash for them.
    • container of disinfectant wipes for daily cleaning of mixers. Again: the stack of napkins a must-have for every sink in the house, including the kitchen.
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    What about sanitizers?
    If you are in the house, where the available water and ordinary soap — it is better to use them. Disinfectants alcohol-based, containing at least 60% alcohol, excessively dry skin, and at the same time destroy harmful and beneficial biota from the surface of our skin. Don’t overuse antiseptics at least where it is not absolutely necessary.

    The apartment is fully better to wash your hands with soap and water. Take the opportunity and spread a moisturizing hand cream.

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    The difference between cleaning and disinfection
    It is important to remember that cleaning is much more important than disinfection. If the surface is dirty, the germs can hide under dirt, making disinfection less effective.

    • Cleaning helps remove dirt and germs, reducing their number.
    • Disinfecting actually kills germs on surfaces using chemicals. And helps to reduce the risk of infection.

    Use the correct tools and follow the instructions on cleaning
    When it comes to cleaning, just normal soap and water. But for the second phase of disinfection is important to make sure that you use the right tools. In your household cabinets is the chloro – and alcohol-containing products for cleaning? Any one of them helps fight the virus COVID-19. But remember that bleach should not be used for cleaning surfaces: they can discolor the laminate and lacerated in places, the colors of stone countertops.

    • Hold wet cleaning as often as possible. Ideally — every day. Constantly change the water to a bucket, even if the water appears clean.
    • If the surface is dirty, first wipe them with soapy water and then clean.
    • Using alcohol funds, choose the solutions containing at least 70% alcohol.
    • Check the expiration dates. Do not use expired products as they can be ineffective against viruses.
    • Follow the instructions on the label. Some manufacturers have released specific recommendations to prevent the spread of viruses.
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    Every evening the attention on the contact point
    In contrast, daily cleaning, daily disinfecting of the whole house — a completely excessive measure. Enough to pay attention to the surfaces you touch most often during the day.

    It’s door handles, light switches, tables, remote controls, toilet and sink. And if the house playing video games, turn to this list of surface controllers and game consoles. Along with the usual cleaning, clean these items with antibacterial wipes every night.

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    Help the children to follow the rules
    Make the process of washing your hands more exciting.

    • Let the child himself will choose a fragrant soap or put soap in soap dish.
    • Attach poems with a funny song to the mirror, so that the child could sing for the recommended 20 seconds. But with young children you can sing a song that was written on the phone.
    • Make sure that at every sink in the house is a reliable step that soap and water are available to the child.

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    Do not shake linen
    If you have the covers for washing clothes, do not forget to use them. Wash linen in higher temperatures than usual (but such that things are not damaged). Avoid shaking soiled linen and after I loaded the Laundry in the machine, — be sure to wash your hands.

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    Remember to keep the air clean
    The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, so pay attention to the air around.

    • Ensure access of fresh air into the room. Ventilate the room 4-5 times a day for 15 minutes.
    • If you have the opportunity right now take care to replace the air filters in ventilation systems, air conditioners. Several times a day, drain, wash the device and completely change the water in the cleaners and washes the air.
    • If you are in the quarantine, use the opportunity to get some fresh air. In parks and woods keep a distance with other people, at least a meter.


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