Trompe l’oeil interior: Optical illusions in the apartment or the style of trompe l’oeil


From the editor: this is archive material — first published in 2015-m to year, actualized in 2019

Natalia Spivak and Hope Bortsova

#1 trompe l’oeil

to add a new perspective
Usually it is: mural, large painting

Trompe l’oeil (from the French trompe-l’œil, “snag”) — method to add the missing. If something in the house is not enough, why would you want to paint or hang pictures? For example, another window with the landscape, an additional door, a hearth, a dome roof.

Rikki Snyder

Of course, no not for a moment believe that the room in the building you can get into the Palace enfilade, but the opinion is not against a wall, and opening the prospect gives a feeling that the room is bigger and more interesting than it really is.

Vastu Interior Design Ltd

Often trompe l’oeil in interior use, when the gaze rests on the wall (and I want to pass through it). A snag can be wall behind the toilet, as in the example in the photo, or the end wall in the hallway.

A mural in the nursery
A mural in the kitchen
A mural in the bedroom
A mural in the living room

#2 Lightbox window

to add a new perspective
This is usually: light box with large format printing

The decision came from the design of exhibition spaces and in 2019 has become quite widespread. Do not be surprised if soon it will apply to restaurants and public interiors. Some “Windows” look very naturalistic view of the metropolis.

What is important: unlike large paintings or murals, which can occupy the top of the wall, lightboxes, make from corner to corner.

Pictured here and above — Zanotta, project Urban Passion. Stand at Salone del Mobile 2019

Photo: Lago stand in Salone del Mobile 2019

Avid Design Creative Interiors

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#3 Fake bookshelf

to organize a “bookcase” where the place for him
Usually it is: Wallpaper or tile

One of the most replicated in our day fraud in the technique of trompe l’oeil Wallpaper depicting book.

Suzanne Brown and Associates

Print publications are experiencing hard times — everything is in digital form, so designers rely on the decorative potential of books. Luxury library now selling by the roll. And they don’t even necessarily look 100% real.

Lisa Laliberte-Alle

On the photo: panel with books in the bathroom. Plays with the theme of read on the toilet

Design Studio of Anton Sukharev “Sukharevdesign”

In the photo: wall in the office. Panels with books creates a “working” mood

Lela Kavtaradze

#4 Wallpaper — the imitation materials

Why: to make the accent wall material that is not commonly used in this part of the house
This is typically: desktop

Rolls are sold not only book collections, but also fashionable coatings. Among the hits — Wallpaper for old concrete, Wallpaper with the image of vintage boards with peeling paint, Wallpaper under the painted brick, etc.

The popularity of imitation is easily explained, because to stick (and peel) Wallpaper is much easier than, say, finding the artistic old boards and sheathing them an entire wall or, for example, to make a real brick wall in the panel house.

Second argument: to the Wallpaper nicer to touch his hand in a dream, than to the cold tile or concrete. And the wall behind the headboard — the first candidate for this kind of experiments.

Fabienne Spahn

On the photo: Wallpaper, imitation plaster walls, overgrown with ivy

Michelle Chaplin Interiors

On the photo: Wallpapers with simulated surface under the concrete

► Question: the Mural is a modern or “Babushkinsky”

Irina Krasheninnikova

#5 Door flush mount

to hide the door
This is usually: doors in aluminium box (flush mount) door, hidden among the furniture

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This, of course, not an attraction, but a necessary measure. If it is a communicating room and a few doors, usually it is bad on a holistic perception of space.

The rational way out of this situation — to buy a painting with a hidden box (no outside walls and no trim). In the collections of manufacturers, such are designated by the term “under painting”. This means that at the finish of the door leaf will not: assume you will paint it to match the walls or hang Wallpaper.

The interior design Studio of Maria Kartashova

Photo: the door is painted to match the walls, the surface used for hanging pictures

Brett Mickan Interior Design

On the photo: masking doors even pitch pseudostate, doors which do not lead to the shelves, and in the other room

Do new ideas “larger” apartments

Nataly Komova

#6 Mirror wall dual purpose

to double the space (usually the hallway)
This is usually: lined with mirrors, furniture, door flush-mounted or wall from corner to corner

In the photo — hall with an area of only four metres, it are the four doors including the entrance. Passage to utility area and cloakroom did the mirror. Set hidden way in the wall, which also has a mirror. Continuous reflective surface, the increased area of the hallway twice.

The interior design Studio of Alexander Coastal

Photo: a shelf hung over the mirror wall, so it looks as if it is floating in the air

Roman Spiridonov

Photo: minimalist hallway seems twice due to the mirror wall


Have you ever had to use the technique of trompe l’oeil in interior design? What do you think about the visual illusions in design? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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