The apartment complex “the Theatrical house” in Moscow – video interview designer Catherine Semikhatova –


    What do you think the designers. In the interior display the facades of the house, and why it is located on Cook street are best suited the modern style

    Arbat is one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow. However, the development sites are virtually absent. Therefore, to count all the buildings, which appeared on the Arbat in recent years, have enough fingers of one hand. One of the most interesting projects in the area – the apartment complex “the Theatrical house” the company “gals-development” was erected only one kilometre from the Kremlin, on Cook street.

    The house is newly commissioned. Now, choosing a house, buyers can log in any apartment, to assess the quality of construction. However, the layman is difficult to understand how apartments “in concrete”, will look after repair. We asked the founder of the Studio People2People Catherine Semikhatova to share some thoughts on the complex to tell who will fit the project, and also to draw a sketch of the future design in a style that, in the opinion of the designer, is perfect for apartments “home Theater”.

    “Theatre house” – photo gallery

    Sketches of the property

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