Premium housing in the area of “Alexis” in Moscow – review of the market of real estate portal


    This area is for architecture and distance from the center comparable to Kutuzovsky and Leninsky avenues, but the prices are still considerably lower

    Market experts believe that the areas located outside the center and even the TTC, starting to raise their status. The reason is simple: limited land resource, gouging premium projects outside the Central administrative DISTRICT. “I think in 10-15 years it will not be elite buildings in the center of Moscow. By that time, most likely, will finish what I start in CAD and the habitat of the premium residential complexes will be off the TTC,” predicts Irina Mogilatova, General Director of Tweed.

    Indeed, now for the “three” formed a zone with the high-status buildings. And it is easy to see that the belt that is in full accordance with the ideas about the prestige of the counties that formed in the 20th century: the North-West, North, a little South-West. The areas favored by the Soviet elite, again are among the top locations is, in particular, the vicinity of stations “Dinamo” and “Airport”, “Polezhaevskaya” and “Begovaya” and of course “Riga” and “Alekseevskaya”.

    The new aristocracy

    I must say that the neighborhood is “Alexis” is quite a long time remained undervalued despite the front facades of the Avenue of the World, the proximity to downtown and an abundance of green spaces. Perhaps, there has been the neighborhood with the railroad, long repair Krestovsky bridge and chaotic development in the courts, where “Stalinka” mixed with the “Khrushchev” and a nine-block. But the main reason, of course, lies in the fact that ten or fifteen years ago, the site for premium projects could still be found in the centre.

    Accordingly, dwelling on the “Alexis” for a long time remained as affordable housing, located in the center and near the metro station “Dynamo” or “Airport”. And now the prices for new buildings in the district is lower than in neighboring Sokolniki and middle-class district, says Irina Dobrokhotova, Chairman of the Board of Directors “best new Building”. “The main advantages of the district include its proximity to the center of Moscow – the district shares borders with CAO, good transport accessibility, developed infrastructure,” – stressed Mrs. Dobrokhotova.

    I agree with this assessment and Alexander Moscato, managing Director of brokerage Department of “MIEL-real estate office Network”. “From “Alekseevskaya” the road to CAO takes about ten minutes, drive to China-the city for 10-12 minutes, – said the expert. Is, of course, a strong plus location: in conjunction with infrastructure such proximity to the center is very valuable. It is also near the wonderful Park of Sokolniki (see photo above). Specific characteristics of the area is very pleasant. Many of the houses are arranged so that one side of the views of the city, other woodland”. Irina Dobrokhotova also noted as advantages of the area the presence of green spaces and proximity to the Sokolniki: traditionally, values a healthy lifestyle peculiar to the target audience and LCD classes from the “business” and above.

    “A feature of the area – the neighbourhood of the classical Stalinist buildings and new buildings, and the density of development in the location is low, it has a lot of air, freedom, – adds Alexander Moscato. – Architecture of the district can be mapped to the façade or building Kutuzovsky Leninsky prospect. However, it is worth noting that in this area the prices are better for consumers than as a whole on important avenues of the city.”

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    Actually premium new building in the location at the moment, one is the apartment complex Hill8

    All this inevitably led to the fact that the area began to receive the status new. To replace striking projects of the late “zero”, such as LCD ALEKSEEVSKIJJ (formally considered the business class, but typical facades resembling, rather, the quarter building mass segment), came the more vivid “characters”.

    First, your club house “peace” built “Krost”, then started Egodom, well, closer to the end of the decade, the volume of high-profile projects (primarily the segment of “business”) has already been substantial enough to note the emergence of a new prestigious location on the map of the capital.

    By the beginning of 2019 within walking distance from the metro station “Alekseevskaya” in the sale was presented to 105,8 thousand square meters of primary housing business and premium class, said Olga Shirokova, Director of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank.

    Strictly speaking, the actual premium apartments in locations at the moment, one is the apartment complex Hill8 (pictured above) from “city-XXI century”. Previously derived Egodom has already been commissioned, and housing it is implemented under the contracts of sale, underlines Irina Dobrokhotova. Minimum budget purchase in this project, according to Ms. the Dobrokhotova, starts from 23.3 million rubles (as is the spacious “odnushka”).

    Competition in business class where tougher: the location implemented seven such LCD, emphasizes Olga Shirokova. “It’s 1.6 million lots, about 60% of them in apartments, – says the expert. Over the last three years the volume of supply in new buildings business-a class in this location has increased more than two times”.

    Noble restraint

    The active interest of developers to development in the district projects a business class, by the way, was one of the reasons why we have a “city-XXI century” adopted a decision to build is a premium. Playground on prospect Mira, 95 owned for about ten years, and initially the station had planned to master within the standards of a business class, says Director of product “city-XXI century” Maria Mogilevtseva-Golovin.

    Thus, from the start the company took the time to focus on other projects – mainly in the mass segment. And when, after long discussions, decided on the concept and chose a team of architects who will work over the apartment complex (it’s ABD Architects Boris Levant), it became clear: a project like this belongs in the premium class. And not only grown in status area – the majority of the approved parameters of the complex corresponds to premium standards.

    In the first place the idea about the premium status impose strict facades (pictured above), finished with Jurassic stone. Amid widespread flirtation with the “big Stalinist style”, which sin many modern projects, Hill8 looks real aristocrat – ABD Architects in the style of the house is described as “clean, functional, almost perfect minimalism”.

    The premium can be traced in the choice of engineering: Hill8 received Breeam certification, energy efficiency of the complex corresponds to class A+, the project implemented a system of cleaning and humidifying air, Central air-conditioning and eco-friendly water treatment.

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    The project has invited a star of world level, the famous “sensual minimalist” by Karim Rashid

    And the parameters of the apartment itself, approved the project in 2016, also consistent with the rather premium segment: ceilings of three meters, a spacious layout, including apartments with private terraces, kitchens, living rooms, etc.

    In short, in search of the perfect project of the future complex has seriously outgrown the business class on most characteristics. Like Maria said After-Golovin, the company faced a choice: either to reduce the ceiling height, increase height, simultaneously reducing cost and façade engineering (then it would be possible to stay within the business class), or to accept the fact that the project was a class above, than expected and to bring the remaining options to reward performance. It was decided to go the second way: in a changing environment was more interesting to compete with high-end projects than to get lost in the “crowd” business class.

    After this decision was made, the project invited the world stars, famous for “sensual minimalist” by Karim Rashid. He is the author of warm designer lobby (pictured above), the conceptual ravnovesnogo austere facade of the complex. The next logical step was the correction of layouts: the company “city-XXI century” have reduced the proportion of compact lots, simultaneously increasing the Parking space (now a two-level underground Parking for 203 Parking spaces).

    In the end, the market Hill8 was released as a full premium complex with the exception that the price at the start of sales can be called rather appropriate top level business class (apartment pictured below). In any case, it can be argued in relation to the minimum budget purchases: from 7.6 million rubles for the lot area of 36 square meters. For comparison, according to Irina Dobrokhotova, a price low for the new business-class locations – of 6.74 million for “odnushku” on 34 “square” LCD “Silver fountain”.

    The average cost of a square meter in the complex at the start of sales – 230 thousand rubles, and the most expensive lot – duplex 380 sqm – on sale for 43.6 million At the time of publication the project sold about 9% of the area, and that’s funny, the most actively bought up lots from the upper price range: the average price sold sq. meter, according to Maria Mogilevcev-Golovina, 15-20% above the average price of a square meter in the price list. Apparently, the choice of segment to of not lost, as with the selection of the district.

    As for the future prospects of the location, as I’m sure Olga Shirokova, about new projects, especially in business class, the market will hear. At the same time, emphasizes Irina Dobrokhotova, the “core area”, the most attractive to the discerning target audience of high-budget segment, has been disbursed. “This area is pretty compact, so any prospects from the point of view of the new construction I do not see, – the expert concludes. – This means that the projects here are implemented, there is potential to increase prices, and liquidity problems, they will not suffer”.


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