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    Developer “Lider-invest” builds on the Peninsula “Nagatino i-Land” residential island on the concept of English Bureau of AHR Architects

    Park under the Windows, a green roof, the sunset reflecting in the Moskva river and ponds, children playing in the yard… No, this is not a story about the new country project, all of the area business class to Central Park, which the developer company “the Leader-invest” builds on the Peninsula “Nagatino i-Land” on the concept of English Bureau of AHR Architects.

    Incidentally, the description of the area you can start with another: drive of the big city, the office and the subway is near the house, 10 minutes to Central by car shopping centers and boutiques, … stunning views of Moscow opening from the upper floors of the towers. Isn’t that similar to the description of business cluster? Moreover, cluster business class, which guarantees a homogeneous social environment.

    According to the plans of the team implementing this ambitious project, the capital’s Central Park should be a “Metropolis in miniature”, a city where for every person and business has its place. The combination of different functions – residential buildings with cozy courtyards, sheltered from prying eyes, where children can walk unattended (and Yes, to walk to school!), modern business centers and a Park on the embankment of the Moscow river- is very well located on a residential island.

    Architecture and concept

    The architects did not attempt to “squeeze” out of phase with the maximum number of square meters, on the contrary, the developer tried to restrict architects in their desire to create urban space of the new format, and it has paid off. By the way, in order to choose the architectural office, “Leader-invest” conducted the international competition, and it resulted in the team Central Park (the project pictured below) included professionals AHR Architects. It proposed the development concept of the 14.7 acres on the Peninsula of Nagatino i-Land was the closest to seeing the project developer.

    For “Leader-invest” has been an important planning and layout, as well as the safety of the yard, that is, the absence of cars and presence of greenery. “We deliberately left the architects a lot of room for creativity, so they have incorporated our key wishes into a finished product,” – says the Director of integrated development of the territory of the company “Lider-invest” Ilya Vinokur.

    So in Central Park appeared closed from prying eyes residential quarters with a total area of 270 thousand square meters, where low houses of 5 storeys coexist with houses above, and next to the metro is a high-rise tower in the style of “city” to 34 storeys (120 metres). For this complex will be characterized by unusual solutions, both architectural and conceptual. For example, one of the “chips” project – facades: inside they will be more relaxed, and outside – bright and vibrant. Another feature walk – through entrances without stairs and ramps to the premises for the Concierge Desk and spacious lobby.

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    Balanced area – new city center, which, like Moscow in General will combine different formats

    “Near metro station, in the Northern part of the territory located higher buildings for those who like active and dynamic life, for whom the proximity of the subway, helping the speed and the highest level of accessibility. But closer to the embankments built chamber blocks of low-rise buildings for those who want privacy and silence”, – says the chief architect AHR Architects of Boricha Čorović.

    In addition to homes in Central Park will appear office buildings and a rich infrastructure, where you will be able to enjoy as residents of this large complex (school on 825 places and four kindergartens) and Muscovites from other districts (medical and shopping centers, small shops, cafes and bakeries, banks, service, etc.). Completion is scheduled for 2024.

    As a result, a residential island appears a peculiar “mix”: a comfortable area with multi-storied buildings, commercial areas, parks and a rich infrastructure for urban leisure and recreation. “The architects had correctly evaluated the potential of the area and saw an opportunity to use its advantages: the location, the beauty of nature all around, suggesting the creation of a balanced area – new city center, which, like Moscow in General, will integrate various formats of housing, office and retail real estate, objects of social infrastructure”, – said Ilya Vinokur.

    The magic of the place and space

    “Green” infrastructure project, perhaps, deserves a separate description. In Moscow there are so many complexes, which not only has a private landscaped Park and its waterfront promenade. In Central Park were allocated to 2.6 hectares, but not only.

    The entire residential island will surround the Boulevard ring, that is a network of boulevards (speaking of the concept “Metropolis in miniature”), and the green is wide and its length will be 600 meters is just located along the Moscow river. In the center of this Boulevard designed a semicircular square, which will open cafes and restaurants where you can relax, dine or conduct negotiations in a relaxed atmosphere. By the way, the total area of landscaping will be more than 4 hectares.

    Within each quarter will be areas for relaxation, children’s games and sports rather unusual design. For example, courtyards are created artificial ponds, which will also be one of the “chips” Central Park. Dip them in will not work at all desire their depth is only 2-3 cm, but they will make the whole landscape a freshness and create a reflection effect, which you can admire during the warmer time of the year.

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    Places to stay will appear not only in yards and on the waterfront. Perhaps the most interesting and at the same time private zones for communication and relaxation planned for the roofs of the low buildings. British architects who have long been designing households without cars (for car owners it provides a large underground Parking and guest Parking for car-share and taxi) in Central Park decided to do … even without fences.

    From the point of view of planning decisions and usability square meters, Central Park provides customers with a large selection

    This is a difficult task because on the one hand, you need to create for the residents safe, that is closed to outsiders, the space on the other – to make it more environmentally friendly. “We will try all the necessary fencing to maximally bind to the natural terrain to build embankments, retaining walls, shrubs, trees – to find a more natural solution than a wire fence,” explained Berisha Čorović.

    Now a little about the environment, because it also has its own magic. The proximity of the metro station “Technopark” station CIP “ZIL” will allow residents of Central Park and those who will work there, to be in the range of 30-40 minutes at any point of the city and for motorists provides convenient access to Prospekt Andropova and the TTC. By the way, soon enough, a small residential island with the city center will connect the new highway: new bridge to be built overlooking the reconstructed Simonovskaya embankment. A direct path to the Kremlin it takes only a few minutes.

    Another plus for residents will become a neighborhood favorite places of recreation for Muscovites: Kolomna, Typelevel grove and Nagatinskaya floodplain, and with the largest and most modern entertainment complex, the analogue of Disneyland Park “Island of Dreams”, scheduled to open this year. Now near the residential island surrounded by major shopping centers: “Metropolis” and “Riviera”.

    – Plan, timing and price

    As beautiful as any home on the outside, life is still going inside. But from the point of view of planning decisions and usability square meters, Central Park provides customers with wide choice. Customers will be able to purchase any residential format, from the traditional “odnushek”/”dvushek”/”treshek” and 4-room flats classic layouts to the studios and lots of Euro-format (with large living rooms, combined with space kitchens), ranging from 26 to 120 square meters.

    In high-rise towers would be possible to find options with great views of the city and the Moscow river, high ceilings (3,1-3,5 m). Construction project starts in the first quarter. In the first stage, “Leader-invest” will construct four buildings of variable height with total area of 40 thousand square meters Price per square meter starts from 160 thousand rubles.


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