Five tallest new buildings in Moscow


The rating includes Capital Towers, Level Yuzhnoportovaya, Will Towers and Fili City, as well as City Bay and Mod, who shared fifth place

Moscow is growing up more and more actively. At the beginning of autumn 2022, 18.7 million square meters are being built in the city. meters of housing, of which more than half falls on houses with a height of 25 floors. In just one year, the share increased from 49.1% to 53.5%. At the same time, in Russia as a whole, the share of high-rise construction does not exceed 26.2%. The portal compiled a rating of the five highest residential complexes that are being built in the capital, and also spoke about their features and prices. The article uses data from the Unified Register of Developers, the Nash.dom.rf website and the Metrium company.

Capital Towers is a 76-storey thin complex near Moscow City

The tallest residential complex under construction in Moscow is adjacent to the tallest buildings in the city. This is the premium Capital Towers, which the Capital Group company is building near Moscow City. The height of the City tower in the project reaches 70 floors, plus six more levels go underground. Capital Towers also includes the 66- and 67-story River and Park towers. All three skyscrapers are thin, only 21 meters wide, and are located on a common stylobate. Facades are decorated with platinum glass and white steel. The team of architect Sergei Skuratov worked on the architecture.

32.8 thousand square meters are allocated for offices, a fitness club, shops and cafes. There will also be a kindergarten. In the underground part there is a parking lot for 1315 cars with a charging station for electric vehicles. A park will be laid out on the territory, and through the gallery it will be possible to get to the Krasnaya Presnya park.

Capital Towers includes 837 apartments and penthouses ranging from 28-694 sq. meters. All are sold with finishes by designer Antonio Citterio and a kitchen. Sales started in 2017, and housing in the towers is already sold out by 94-96%. In the third quarter of 2022 alone, 1.8 thousand square meters were purchased here. meters of housing, which made it possible to get into the top 10 best-selling premium projects in Moscow. In the remaining apartments, the average price per sq. meters is 1.2 million rubles. The residential complex is almost ready, it will be completed in January-March next year.

“Level Yuzhnoportovaya” – a 69-storey “wavy” quarter in the new “City”

Then comes the comfort-class project “Level Yuzhnoportovaya” in the industrial zone “South Port”. Here, according to the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, they are going to create another “Moscow City”, also on the river, but in the southeastern part of the city. Level Yuzhnoportovaya, unlike Capital Towers, is a new project. The Level Group started building it in 2022. This residential complex is not only larger, but also the largest of those included in the rating. Here are 14 houses, the height of which starts from 12 and reaches 69 floors. According to the Level Group project and the Speech bureau, the city's first skyscrapers with “wavy” architecture will appear here, the creation of which was inspired by the coastline in the area, the longest in the entire city. Lower houses will be lined with bricks, high-rise ones with metal.

A shopping center, a medical center, a kindergarten and a school will be built on the territory. The first floors of residential buildings are reserved for fitness, coworking, a supermarket, shops and cafes. A multi-level courtyard will appear on the stylobate. In its landscape, the architects of the Gafa bureau will additionally reflect the theme of the wave.

More than 6,000 apartments have been planned in the residential complex. The first stage includes five houses and a parking lot for 408 cars. The buildings are designed for 1748 apartments ranging from 17 to 115 square meters. meters. On the 68th and 69th floors there will be two-level apartments with a second light and high ceilings in the living room. The developer offers three types of finishes: rough, white box and fine in two styles. The first stage is sold out by 47-52%. The project took second place among the most popular mass new buildings in Moscow in July-September. In three months, 535 apartments were sold here. On average sq. meter costs 323.1 thousand rubles. The cost of apartments starts from 6.9 million rubles for a studio of 17.8 sq. meters. This is at least in the top 5. However, the keys will have to wait a long time. The first stage will be handed over only at the end of 2025.

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Will Towers – a 62-storey complex with pylons in Ramenki

The third place was taken by the Will Towers business-class quarter, which is being implemented by the developer Minsk Hills, an alliance of Inteko and the Department of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods. A residential complex is being built in Ramenki on the first line of General Dorokhov Avenue. Two quarters will appear here, each of which consists of three skyscrapers. Their minimum height is 38 floors, the maximum is 56 floors plus a technical floor and five underground levels. As in the previous project, the Speech bureau is responsible for the architectural solution. The skyscrapers are divided into three rectangular blocks with different cladding colors. There are also protruding pylons. The facades are lined with stone and metal panels.

The residential complex will have two kindergartens for 250 children and a school for 550 students, and restaurants, cafes and fitness centers will open on the first floors of the houses. The underground part will house parking for 1644 places with charging stations for electric vehicles. A space with ten leisure zones will be created on the territory. They will equip workout zones, a basketball court and climbing walls, playgrounds, a greenhouse and a barbecue area. In the part overlooking the Ramenka River, there are promenade and recreation areas.

Will Towers is designed for 3375 apartments, including those with terraces. Housing has an area from 24 to 149 square meters. meters. Sales opened in 2021. The first quarter is sold out by a quarter, in the second the implementation has not yet begun. Apartments cost from 12.7 million rubles for a studio of 25.5 sq. meters. The first stage will be completed in April-June 2024, the second one a year later.

“Fili City” (Famous) – a 60-storey skyscraper with “scales” near Kutuzovsky Prospekt

The fourth place went to the residential complex “Fili City” of the developer MR Group, or rather, the second-ranked premium project Famous (it also includes the Noble club house). It, like Will Towers, is being built in the west of Moscow, but in a different area – Filevsky Park, not far from Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Famous is 58 floors plus two underground levels. The ADM bureau has created a skyscraper whose silhouette has a “waist” and the facade resembles the “scales” of a fantastic animal or a crystal.

A kindergarten for 180 children and street retail will be provided on the first floor of the houses of the second stage. They will make a coffee bar in the Grand Lobby area, equip a Private dining room with a chef's kitchen and a business area with work places and a meeting room. Household services and a wellness center with a gym, yoga rooms, thermal baths and a massage room will open. In the underground part there will be parking for 275 cars. A landscape park with recreation areas, children's and sports grounds will appear in the courtyard. Fili City infrastructure is available outside the inner territory.

Famous includes 500 apartments ranging from 34 to 119 square meters. meters. Housing is rented out with MR Base or MR Ready finishes designed by Oleg Klodt's bureau. Sales of the second stage started in 2021, now it is sold out by 27%. The purchase budget starts from 20.1 million rubles. For such a price, you can buy a one-room apartment of 37.3 square meters. meters. The commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2023.

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City Bay and Mod – a 57-storey complex with “oceans” near the Volokolamsk highway and a modern one near the Rizhsky railway station

Fifth place was shared by two more projects of the MR Group company – the City Bay business class complex and the premium Mod. The first of them is being built in the former industrial area near the Volokolamsk highway on the banks of the Moscow River (SZAO). City Bay consists of four quarters named after the world's oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, North. The height of the houses is from 19 to 54 floors plus three underground levels. The author of the architectural project was the bureau Kamen. Clinker tiles are used for finishing mid-rise buildings, a combination of aluminum sheet with an anodized color coating and glass is used for high-rise buildings.

City Bay will open three kindergartens and a school for 1,000 children, a fitness center, a supermarket, shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, bank branches, a beauty salon and customer service. The landscaping project was developed by the Arteza bureau. The houses form four courtyards, which will be connected by the boulevard and the embankment. 40% of the project area is allocated for green areas, including coniferous and mixed forests. The underground part will be occupied by a parking lot for 971 cars.

The project provides for 2659 apartments, their area varies from 27 to 117 square meters. meters. There are penthouses and options with terraces. Apartments are sold with MR Base finishing. Sales started in 2020. Houses for rent this year and next are 64-70% sold, and 40% sold in 2025. In the third quarter of this year, 76 apartments were bought here. Average price per sq. meters is 333.8 thousand rubles. The cost of apartments is from 9 million rubles for a studio with an area of ​​21.7 square meters. meter.

Mod is located near the Riga railway station in the north-east of the capital. This is a project of redevelopment of the territory, which was previously occupied by a cosmetic market and warehouses. As part of Mod, two nine-story club houses and three skyscrapers with a height of 44 to 55 floors, plus two underground levels, will be built. The project of the Kleinewelt Architekte bureau is based on the principles of modernism, they are encrypted in the name of the residential complex. The houses were named after modernist writers, and the architectural appearance of the buildings was inspired by their work. The facades of the towers will be decorated with stone and brushed anodized aluminum. Bronze, aluminum and stone will be used in the creation of the facade of one club house, and another – complex solutions using a golden hue.

The stylobate and its roof will house a sports center, a SPA zone and a club zone. An educational center with a kindergarten, a supermarket, shops, a restaurant, bakeries, beauty salons and service points will open on the ground floors of the skyscrapers. The underground parking will have 739 parking spaces. Gardens will be laid out on the territory, landscape design, a promenade, playgrounds and viewing platforms will be made. A city square with fountains will be created for all residents of the district.

The residential complex will include 2104 apartments and 44 apartments for 28-112 sq. meters. The top six floors of the towers are reserved for penthouses. Apartments are sold with MR base or MR ready finishing. Sales started last year. The project is sold out by 32%. In the third quarter of 2022, Mod topped the ranking of the best-selling premium class new buildings in Moscow. From July to September bought 6.4 thousand square meters. meters of housing. Average cost per sq. meters is 406.2 thousand rubles. To buy an apartment, you will need at least 14.1 million rubles. This is a studio with an area of ​​28.9 sq. meters. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2024.


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