The ranking of the most successful builders of Moscow: some companies have managed to implement housing at the beginning of the year 2020


The capital has 135 developers, but more than half of the housing, implemented in early 2020, we have only ten companies

After the reform of share building its position as the largest builders continued to strengthen, and competition in the primary market reduced. Today in the “old” borders of Moscow developers working 135, but more than half of sales and earnings is concentrated in just ten companies. In the first three months 2020 implemented 716 thousand “squares” of housing (12.5 thousand contracts equity) at 160 billion rubles. Of these, the top 10 companies accounted for 421 thousand square meters (7.5 thousand DDU) and 90.5 billion. And among the leaders there are those who specializiruetsya on the construction of expensive housing. The article prepared on the basis of the data of the company “Metrium”.

1 – the PEAK (144 sq meters)

In the first place is firmly established PIK group of companies, for a long time holding their position. It is the largest developer in Moscow (all Russia), and one of the oldest: it was created in 1994. In the whole country portfolio includes 25 million “squares” of real estate. In January-March this year, the developer sold the “old” borders of the capital of 144 thousand square meters (2.8 thousand DDU) or 20% of the total. The revenue of the developer amounted to 26 billion rubles.

Specializiruetsya PEAK in the construction of housing comfort class. The most popular complex group of companies and the capital market mass segment, was the “Lublin Park” (pictured). On average in the first three months of the year are bought for 136 apartments in a month. They cost an average of 155 thousand rubles per square meter, or 8.1 million rubles for the object. Among other popular projects comfort class – “Sheremetyevo”, “Myakinino Park”, “Dmitrovsky Park”, “Arctic 25” and “Michael Park”. They were acquired from 59 to 69 units per month. Average prices range from 144 to 205 thousand rubles per square meter and from 7.6 to 12.2 million rubles for the lot. Among leaders of sales was one new business-class “Western port” with the pace of implementation of the 46 lots in a month. Housing costs an average of 263 thousand rubles per square meter and 17.4 million rubles per square meter.

2 – “donstroy” (69 sq meters)

Second place was taken by “donstroy”. This is another pioneer of the real estate market, working since 1994. But “donstroy” building only in Moscow. In addition, specializiruetsya company in the luxury segment: it accounts for a large part of the portfolio of 8.4 million square meters. In the first quarter of 2020 in new developer bought 69 thousand square meters of residential space. Real estate investors made slightly over a thousand treaties. The share of sales of “Donstroy” is two times lower than in the PIK is 10%. But due to the implementation of more expensive housing revenue was only less than a third and amounted to 16.5 billion rubles.

Until 2018, the company worked solely in the business class and above, and then began to master a new mass market. The most popular complex of “don-Stroy”, and the Moscow market of new buildings business class was the project “Heart of the Capital” (see photo). On average each month it sold for 134 apartments and suites, standing about 259 thousand for a “square” and 19.1 million rubles for the lot. The demand in the “Heart of the Capital” “warmed up” the start of sales in the new building and commissioning of two buildings of the second line. Second sales draft refers to comfort class. It’s Fresh, where in January-March 2020 sold 64 apartments in a month. They cost average of 215 thousand rubles per square meter and 11.3 million rubles for the lot. Also 40 apartments in a month bought two more new buildings of class “business”: “Symbol” and Freedom. Average prices in them are 227 and 282 thousand rubles for “square” and 17.4 and 19.2 million rubles for the apartment.

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3 – “Ingrad” (53 thousand square meters)

On the third line of a rating there is a group of companies “Ingrad”. It was founded relatively recently (in 2012), and her portfolio is not so big – more than 2.5 million sq m of segments: “comfort” and “business”. The company operates not only in Moscow but also in the suburbs. In the “old” borders in the first three months 2020, the company sold housing with an area of 53 thousand square meters, concluding 881 contract equity participation. The share reached 7% and income was 12 billion rubles.

The number of transactions is leading the project comfort class “Transformation”, the blocks of business-class “КутузовGrad II” (pictured) and RiverSky. The first of these sales in the mass segment lost only “at Lublin Park” PIK. The average rate of realization in “Transformation” at the end of the first quarter amounted to 116 units per month. KV. the meter costs about 215,5 thousand rubles, housing – 12.4 million rubles. “КутузовGrad II” sales class “business” also lost only one set – “the Heart of the Capital” of “Donstroy”. In an average month in “КутузовGrad II” bought for 73 apartments, the average price of a square meter -209 thousand rubles, and housing – 16.2 million rubles. In RiverSky sold in the month a total of 47 apartments. And this is the most expensive project among the sought after in this segment: an average of 311 thousand per square meter, and for the lot – 24,4 million rubles.

4 – MR Group (29.6 per thousand square meters)

Next comes the MR Group, which started almost 10 years earlier than the previous one in 2003. This company, like “Ingrad”, is building in the Moscow region, but also engaged in construction of real estate in Sochi. The portfolio consists of 6 million square metres of space. Since the beginning of this year the developer sold the “old” Moscow of 29.6 thousand square meters of housing (market share of 4%) and scored 553 POS, earning 6.6 billion.

Among the projects MR Group in the construction stage can be called the new buildings comfort class “Seliger city” and Discovery Park, as well as projects business-class “Paveletskaya city” (pictured), “Savelovsky city”, Filicity, “Metropolis” Discovery, Mitte, D1. Also is the realization of the Bulgari Hotel & Residences Moscow segment Deluxe.

5 – “standard” (26 thousand sq. meters)

Fifth place went to the group “Etalon”, created in 1987, and passed into operation approximately 7 million square metres of real estate. The company operates not only in Moscow region and in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, the capital position was strengthened last year when the group acquired all shares of “Leader-invest”, one of the leaders of the Moscow market of housing on the land Bank size and number of projects. From January to March 2020 in the “old” borders “Etalon” has sold 26 thousand square meters of housing (4% of the total number) for 414 POS and received 6 billion rubles.

The most popular objects the “Standard” were two project business class just from the portfolio, “Leader-invest”. It’s “Wings” (pictured) and Nagatino i-Land. In the first residential complex in a month bought for 47 apartments, they are on average 256 thousand per square meter and 17.6 million rubles for the object. In Nagatino i-Land on the market last year, demand was down by 41 per month deal, although the price is also below. “Square” will cost an average of 235 thousand rubles, and housing 15.2 million.

6 – “pioneer” (22.9 thousand square meters)

Sixth place is left for the group of companies “pioneer”, another representative of the developers of the 2000-ies. Works developer since 2001, building real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The area of the projects in these cities is 2.3 million and 0.7 million sqm respectively. For the three months 2020 developer implemented in “old” Moscow 22,9 thousand place (3% of the market) for 353 POS, revenue reached 5 billion rubles.

“Pioneer” involved with the development of the concept of a comfortable residential property under the brand of “Residential quarters Life”. The leader of sales of this developer’s new comfort class “Life of Warsaw” (pictured), where in January-March 2020 in a month to buy an average of 67 apartments. Prices – an average of 195, 5 thousand rubles for “square” and 13.8 million rubles for the lot.

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7 – “Inteko” (22 thousand sq. meters)

Seventh place went to the company “Inteko” which was created much earlier – in 1989. But it was originally made plastic products, and work in the real estate market began in 2001. The portfolio of completed projects includes over 5 million square meters of real estate, and in the current portfolio – more than 1.5 million square meters. The complexes are located in Moscow, Leningrad region and Rostov-on-don. For the first quarter of Inteko sold the former borders of the capital 22 thousand square meters of housing (3%). However, she concluded 354 contract equity participation and earned 6 billion.

In 2019, the developer has re-branded and then for the first time in 7 years opened sales for two new projects in Moscow. One of them – “Westerdam” class “comfort” (pictured) entered the top three best-selling systems of mass segment of Moscow (the average rate of sales – 87 apartments per month) and became the most expensive among the popular buildings in this class. Housing is estimated to average 226,1 thousand rubles per square meter, and 12.85 million rubles for the lot. Also among the popular designs you can call the award “Garden quarters”, where the average rate of sales amounted to 0.84 thousand square meters of housing per month. The apartments are an average of 636 thousand rubles per square meter, and 78.4 million rubles for the lot.

8 – “LSR Group” (20.6 thousand square meters)

On the eighth line is “Group LSR”. Founded in 1993, the company ranks among the largest Russian developers. The real estate portfolio has a volume of 10 million square meters. The business is concentrated in Moscow and Moscow region and St.-Petersburg, the Leningrad region, the Ural region and Ekaterinburg. The results of LSR Group in the first three months in the “old” Moscow: 20.6 thousand square meters sold to residential areas (3%), 369 kindergarten and 4.6 billion rubles.

LSR group most of housing is implementing in the projects business-class “Zilart” (pictured) and “Ленинграdка 58”. In January-March 2020 – an average of 51 and 44 units per month. In “Solarte” housing costs an average of 309 thousand rubles per square meter and 21.2 million rubles for the lot, and “Ленинграdке 58” prices are lower – 226 thousand and RUR 14 million.

9 – “RG-development” (18 sq meters)

Following the company “RG-development”, which was created ten years later than the LSR Group in 2013. Portfolio exceeds one million square meters of housing in Moscow. In the first quarter of the volume implemented by the developer of housing in the former borders amounted to 18 thousand sq. meters (3%), the number of the executed contracts – 312, and the proceeds amounted to 3.9 billion rubles.

Most transactions “RG-development” accounted for the complex of business class “the October field” (pictured). For a month here on average, bought for 40 apartments. “Square” is worth about 211 thousand. Housing will cost an average of 16 million rubles.

10 – “Krost” (16,4 thousand square meters)

Closes the top ten successful developers concern “Krost” formed in 1991 and is building real estate in Moscow and Moscow region. On sold areas of “Krost” lost “RG-development” with the rate of 16.4 thousand square meters (2%), but the number of more POS – 325 and income are the same – 3.9 billion rubles.

The leader of sales of the Builder – project business class Wellton Towers (pictured). From January to March 2020 in the residential complex to buy an average of 47 apartments. KV. meter in new building estimated at an average of 259 thousand rubles, and housing costs for 19.9 million rubles.


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