The premium real estate in the Ramenki: a promising area as an alternative to the centre of Moscow, – says the portal


    Why is housing in the area of Michurinsky Avenue at a cost comparable with CAO and who has made this area an alternative to the center of Moscow

    About fifteen years ago in Moscow, was a popular joke about the nine “Chinese clans”, which is divided between the city. Already then it was clear that the older family – CAO – its influence is catching, ZAO: in the West of the capital, in the Ramenki district, then appeared the first of the luxury buildings.

    Since Ramenki why did you leave the top ranks of various ratings of the prestige of the Metropolitan areas. In 2019, for example, the area along with the Weavers came in the TOP 3 of premium Metropolitan locations on the version of the Est-a-Tet and the three most popular locations of the capital for the purchase of high-budget real estate according to statistics from Knight Frank. The reason for this popularity of the location, the players in the market, combining the advantages of the sleeping area (well-developed infrastructure, an abundance of green spaces) and easy access to the benefits of the heart of the city.

    According to the statistics of “Metrium Premium” for the 1st quarter of 2020 in Ramenki built 15 residential complexes, and only one of them (the LCD “Lights”) refers to democratic comfort class. Seven new buildings of a premium class, the seven – business-class, including single – LCD “Sky” (pictured above) is formally positioned as a “business”, but a number of characteristics can be attributed to the premium segment.

    Really qualitative and conceptual residential architecture only came here in 2010-ies

    “Ramenki is located on prestigious area and is well connected to the center of several major highways and convenient (Vernadsky Avenue, Michurinsky, Leninsky and Kutuzovsky avenues). That is, local residents have a choice of several routes to the centre and for a trip to the region,” explains the Director of the office of real estate “Metrium Premium” member of the affiliate network of CBRE Anna Radzhabova, adding that with the opening of Solntsevskaya metro line Ramenki become well secured and high-speed transport.

    “In Ramenki is a large number of high quality schools, universities, colleges, high schools, not to mention MSU. This makes the area a magnet for students and their wealthy parents”, – stressed the head of the office of the “Frunzenskaya” “MIEL-offices of real estate” Olga Tikhonova.

    The area with good heredity

    The pros of the area relative to other Metropolitan locations celebrated not only the real estate market, but also by professional psychologists. “The problem in some areas, including Central,– the difference in cultural patterns of the inhabitants. If it critically differs, the higher the likelihood of conflict, says family psychologist, psychotherapist Anton Fateev. It is possible, paradoxically, to recall as a positive example of the principles of settlement in new houses used in the USSR in varying locations was the community of people of approximately the same material and mental level of workers of a particular industry”.

    In this sense the Ramenki strong historical basis: here for many years lived the General secretaries Khrushchev and Gorbachev, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Kosygin, representatives of the scientific and military elite (the “General’s” houses on Mosfilmovskaya), diplomats (in the “Embassy town” on Olof Palme). The district is located in the main building and the entire core infrastructure of Moscow state University, Mosfilm, was opened here the first Russian Golf club. The abundance of “departmental” houses and protected facilities provided the district with a high level of security that is held so far: Ramenki fall steadily in the rankings Tops the non-criminal Metropolitan locations.

    Developers of expensive housing have long tasted from this area. “Golden keys”, “Deputy house”, “House on Mosfilmovskaya” – elite residential complex were built here in the first years after the emergence of the free market and the remoteness of the location from the centre was not disturbed by developers. In fact, Ramenki – in parallel with the Ruble before SKOLKOVO became one of the first areas of a prestigious building outside the center.

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    Active development of Ramenki it as a prestige location added some eclecticism to their shape: in different years there were built the best, what gave rise to the architectural thought of the era. “Here, you can see examples of modernism (the Palace of pioneers, a new circus), Stalin’s Empire (MSU). In the 80-ies of the Michurinsky Prospekt began to be built of objects to a series of cope, and on the street koshtoyantsa experimental “house crosses”,” – says the head of the architectural Bureau Mad Architects Maria Nikolaeva. Early two thousandth, according to the architect, was marked in the area some stylistic failure: first Moscow elite projects is different from the naive appearance.

    “Really qualitative and conceptual residential architecture only came here in 2010-ies. Among the most interesting projects of recent years can be called “the House on Mosfilmovskaya” (2011) and currently under construction residential “Sky” (pictured above)” – summarizes the expert.

    Drivers of demand. I would be in “Heaven”

    The status of the area is evidenced by housing prices. The average cost of square meter in the location, according to “Metrium Premium” is 428,7 thousand rubles. The price list corresponds more to the Central areas: these budgets it is possible to see, say, Donskoy, Danilovsky areas or in Zamoskvorechye. In this case, every tenth transaction in the primary market of the Moscow business class, statistics “Metrium”, lies in the Ramenki.

    The main feature that home buyers in skyscrapers can be in a single group, is an active life position

    Most often, the interest in prestigious locations outside the centre are buyers having a certain limit on the budget, but the paradox of Ramenki is that this principle fails: the main driver of demand are not the cheapest buildings. “One of the most popular projects in the area – the residential complex “Sky” from the developer, Capital Group” – the Chairman of the Board of Directors “best new Building” Irina Dobrokhotova. The demand for complex data say, and other market participants. According to Anna Radjabova, in 2019 LCD “Sky” in the number of registered POS was consistently one of the top 3 buildings in Moscow (including all areas and all segments of the market), and December survey by Urbanus suggests that the LCD “Sky” (pictured below) leads in the number of Internet requests among all of the residential complexes in Moscow. While the project is not a “serial” of investors who buy a property by floors or large discount. As explained in the Capital Group, both of which excluded the chosen strategy of sales.

    Sales statistics in complex denies another stable view – the skyscrapers (and the maximum height of the complex is 52 floors) are housing for a young audience. Among the buyers of “Heaven” are almost equally represented and summery, and boomers. The sales results confirm the company formulated the concept of skyminded people, according to which life at the height of interested in a special category of buyers: people who are charged and inspired, looking at the city from a height. The concept of a large – scale study of the psychology of home buyers in skyscrapers, held at the main “high-rise” of markets in Europe, Asia and the USA.

    “This world view is not dependent on either age, gender or even socio-cultural framework. The study showed, among young people there are buyers who will never choose a high-rise project, says sales Director Capital Group Oksana Diveevo. – The main feature that home buyers in skyscrapers can be in a single group, active position in life. As a rule, people with a global view of the world that are literally looking up and full of energy. Such quality indeed often is associated with youth, but we can see that housing at the height of interest in people of different generations.”

    Sparrow hills and rivers under the feet

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    This demand skyscrapers of the Capital Group in the Ramenki market participants explain, on the one hand, the popularization of the “celestial” lifestyle as a whole: over the past few years, the number of residential high-rises in the capital have grown about ten times, and such projects are being implemented in different price segments.

    The second advantage is the sustainability of locations: almost a third of the Ramenki district is occupied by parks. Is the Botanical garden of Moscow state University, depictions of parkland hills, the Park 50th anniversary of October Victory Park, Matveevsky wood reserve “Valley Setun”. This structure of land use has a positive effect on housing density, environmental conditions and species characteristics of the dwelling.

    Specific characteristics of the residential complex should be viewed not only as a nice bonus, but as an anti-stress factor, stress psychologists. “Large Windows and proximity to forest parks — parameters, most notably minimizes the stress for the inhabitants of large cities,” notes psychologist Dana Markov.

    A separate “chip” penthouses “Heaven” – a private terrace where you can savor inherited by right of the unique view

    “Nice view from the window with lots of greenery and sunlight are also important for high quality life like, and the number of square meters – agrees with his colleague, child and family psychologist, Gestalt therapist Olga Alpeyeva. – Having housing with these characteristics ensures a high quality of life and is a tacit sign of high social status for the residents of the metropolis.” From this point of view, two-level penthouses in the residential complex “Sky” look not simply unique to the area, but also the result of competent work of the project team with the subconscious of potential buyers.

    A separate “chip” penthouses “Sky” – a private terrace where you can savor inherited by right a unique look. Variants of the species, and they are all due to the peculiarities of the area building nicely dizzying, with plenty of greenery and picturesque visual dominants: from MIBC “Moscow city” to the Stalinist skyscraper of the Main building of Moscow state University. Under the feet of the inhabitants of “Heaven” – and the river Setun, and “rivers” Michurinskiy and Kutuzovsky prospectuses.

    Sales of penthouses in the residential complex “Sky” already opened, including online: Capital Group transferred to remote mode, all stages of real estate transactions, including transactions involving mortgage. In order to become the owner of the penthouse or apartment complex, you don’t even have to leave the house.

    The third point that explains the high demand for the project, oddly enough, has to do with the fact that the LCD on its product characteristics and price level forms the upper limit of the business class in the area. The Ramenki has its own stable audience of buyers, which can be divided into two categories, says Olga Tikhonova. First – those who the area is attracting as an alternative to the center, and who choose in a similar budget product with higher consumer properties.

    A lot of the demand and “convinced of Rumancev”: these people fundamentally do not want to change district of residence but are interested in more modern projects, hoping to improve the quality of life. “We have come all the inhabitants without exception of local residential with an outdated concept, – says Oksana Diveevo. – The share of domestic demand in the project reaches 30%”. It is important that both categories of buyers are aimed not at saving and improving the quality of life — as a result, they are more likely to opt for buildings with higher quality characteristics.

    The result of this situation, apparently, could be to further increase the status of the district. Stable funnel of demand from wealthy buyers in Ramenki, the social structure of the population gradually increases, so that it is possible that by the mid-2020s in the proposal area will already dominate the new premium.


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