Elite new buildings of Moscow: rating of real estate capital premium says Elitnoe.ru


    The leader in sales project in the North of Moscow, and the rest are in a traditional class locations: in the center and West of the city

    The premium segment appeared on the primary market recently, and most of our development has been in the last ten years. Intermediate class between “business” and “elitki” has developed because of the improvement of the characteristics of the first and the consolidation and exiting of the historical center of the second. That is, for most of the parameters of the new premium houses are similar to the Deluxe but larger and located in more remote locations.

    The Portal “Elite.ru” on the basis of the company Est-a-Tet has made a rating of ten to the capital buildings of a premium class, leading to sales of flats and apartments on the po in January-February 2020. Two months in these projects sold from 4.6 to 0.8 million square meters of housing. First place went to a large complex in the North of Moscow, the rest are located in the traditional expensive segment center and the second on the prestige of the West of the city. In the first case, they are all located in the Presnensky district and the second in Dorogomilovo, Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye district and Ramenki. As for the average price of a square meter in these projects, it ranged from 348 to 585 thousand rubles.

    Prime Park is 4.8 thousand square meters

    Topped the rating of Prime Park, where January and February have implemented housing a total area of 4.6 thousand square meters. It is also one of the most affordable projects included in the compilation. The average square meter costs 391 thousand rubles. Apartments can be purchased or in White Box, or repair turnkey. There are several style decisions in picking Prime/Prime Plus. Design projects of interiors designed by the Bureau and by the Studio Dyer Raboni Architetti.

    Prime Park is a large complex with a total area of 377 thousand square meters, which sells Optima Development on more than 11 acres of the former airport. The site is located on the Leningrad Avenue in the North district of the city. The project consists of ten residential towers ranging in height from 4 to 42 floors, infrastructure and Park space. Three high-rise buildings of the first stage will pass in the second half of this year, and fully Prime Park will complete in the second half of 2023-th.

    Capital Towers – 3,5 thousand square meters

    Second place is left for Capital Towers. The complex has purchased 3.5 thousand square meters of housing. Average price “square” is located at 553 thousand rubles. The apartment is implemented with the trim and kitchen. The interior designer was the designer Antonio Citterio.

    Capital Towers developer Capital Group is building on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, near MIBC “Moscow-city”. The project consists of three skyscraper at 233 thousand square meters, height of towers – 61 and 65 floors. Provided by the offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, children’s center, fitness club and Parking. Private area has an exit to the Park “Krasnaya Presnya”. The complex will pass the end of 2020, 2021-m will issue the keys.

    Neva Towers – 2,6 thousand square meters

    The third most popular project was Neva Towers, the volume of sales which is 2.6 thousand square meters, at a cost of 510 thousand rubles for “square”. In addition to apartments and penthouses in the complex also sell the townhouses. The property has format White Box or turnkey. It is lots designed by Darling Associates, as well as model apartments from the HBA.

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    Project Neva Towers, which implements Renaissance Development, area comparable with a Prime Park – 357 thousand square meters, but as Capital Towers, comprises skyscrapers, only they are located in the business center. This 68 – 79-storey tower on a 4-level podium. On the roof will make the lawn and equipped with panoramic swimming pool, in the stylobate will house a shopping arcade and underground levels – Parking. On site skyscrapers will break Park. One tower passed last year, the second will be put into operation in this.

    Lucky – 2,1 thousand square meters

    Fourth place went to Lucky. In the project for two months, bought 2.6 thousand square meters of apartments. Average price “square” – 516 thousand rubles. All of the housing rent with finished projects that are created with the company Molteni Group.

    This project, like the previous two, implement in the Presnensky district, but in the other part closer to the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda”. The company Vesper regenerates the quarter, which occupies 4.5 hectares of the territory of the former paint factory. The total area of 180 thousand square meters. Eight new residential buildings and seven restored buildings from the early 20th century. Historic buildings are reserved for socio-cultural cluster, also scheduled 1.5 hectares of green spaces. The complex will finish in 2022 – in the first half of the year.

    City Park – 1.8 thousand square meters

    Slightly smaller amount of housing – 1.8 thousand square metres – sold at the City Park, where the price is the lowest. KV. meter costs an average of 348 thousand rubles.

    City Park – another project for fresh and neighbor Capital Towers, differing from it by the format. It is a city Park with a terraced building used roofs and vertical greening. The project at 215 thousand square meters are being constructed as part of the renovation of the territory, which was previously held by the refinery. City Park includes six buildings with a height up to 20 storeys. There is a fitness center and a children’s garden, and in the territory of the Central alley, public space, private courtyards and playgrounds. The first two buildings of the company “Monarch” was completed last year, and the rest will pass this summer.

    “Bow, 9” – 1.3 thousand square meters

    This is the last among the most popular projects, sold square footage which exceeded a thousand “squares”. In January-February in the complex “Poklonnaya, 9” realized 1.3 million “squares” of the property. Price of a square meter in an average of 434 thousand rubles. Apartments, penthouses and villas are sold with trim in three styles, including “out of time”, modern and industrial. The author of the design-projects of interiors – Bureau of Metex Design Group. The owners provided the services and infrastructure.

    “Bow, 9” as the next three buildings, located on the West of the city. The complex, total area of which reaches 115 thousand square meters, will be erected on Poklonnaya hill, on the place where the unfinished business center “1812”. It will be a 32-storey apartment block, 5 star hotel, infrastructure and underground Parking. Will complete the construction at the end of 2022. “Bow, 9” will be one of the two first Russian company Ant Development (part of the holding Ant Yapı).

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    Spires – 0,9 thousand square meters

    In Spires, the volume of sales was 0.9 thousand square meters. “Square” housing costs an average of 427 thousand rubles. In addition to standard apartments in the complex has apartments with fireplaces and terraces, apartments with terraces or patio, 2 levels, lots of options with French balconies and urban villas. Trim is offered optionally: in modern style, modern classic style and Parisian-style apartments. Also developed a solution for urban-Ville.

    The company Tekta Group to build Spires in front of the nature reserve “Valley Setun”. The project includes a total area of 80 thousand square meters will be erected three apartment buildings up to a height of 26 floors and one building with five townhouses – urban-villas. On the underground levels will make Parking on-site will be “the yard without cars”. Commissioning in the third quarter of 2021-th.

    “The river” – 0,86 thousand square meters

    Home “River” company “donstroy” two months sold of 0.86 sq. meters of space. Is housing an average of 491 thousand rubles per square meter. All apartments have panoramic Windows (angled and standard), balconies, loggias or terraces.

    The name of the project is due to its location – “the River” is located directly on the river Ramenki. It’s building up to a height of 11 floors. The building includes two wings, United by a lobby, and underground Parking. The building will open a cafe-restaurant on site and creates a private courtyard oasis. Will complete the construction of the “River” at the end of next year. The project is implemented in the framework of development land with an area of 55 hectares, where there will be a “city within a city”. This area of the General development concept of the entire space and three sets of different segments.

    “The house on Tishinka” – 0,8 thousand square meters

    In the top 10 included another project developer “donstroy”, which showed almost the same result – the “House on Tishinka” implemented 0,8 thousand square meters of housing. This is the most expensive project of the rating. Housing here will cost an average of 585 thousand rubles per square meter. In addition to apartments there are penthouses with patios, fireplaces, walk-in closets and bathrooms that have a window.

    “The house on Tishinka”, Tishinskaya located in the middle lane, gets a rating in the Presnensky district of Moscow. Is two 18-storey buildings with underground Parking. The lobby lounge, a library and a children’s play. Opens a fitness club, a kindergarten and a café-restaurant. In the courtyard provides a space for walking and recreation. “The house on Tishinka” will be put into operation in the second quarter of 2022.

    “Happiness at the Lomonosov” – 0,795 thousand square meters

    Closes the top ten successful award of new project “Happiness on the Lomonosov”, implemented by group of companies “Etalon”. This house sold 0,795 thousand square metres of space. The price of square metre it is 454 thousand rubles.

    “Happiness at the Lomonosov” building on the same Avenue. This is the Ramenki district in the West of the city. The project will build a 13-storey building with an area of 9 thousand square meters with Parking place in the underground part. The first floors are reserved for commercial premises. On-site equipped with recreational areas, children’s playgrounds. The house is complete early next year.


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