How isolation influenced the market of new buildings of Moscow: deals and buying online in terms of COVID-19 – says


    The activity of buyers supported the transition to online sales and the launch of the state-subsidized mortgages

    Since the end of March in Moscow there is the self-isolation of coronavirus. Mode will last at least until the end of may. Quarantine significantly complicated the purchase of real estate in the secondary market while the primary market quickly adapted to the new reality and moved to the remote transaction. On the “secondary market” this scheme is not worked out, and hardly anyone would agree to purchase a house without viewing. And in the segment of new buildings deleted contracts concluded and before the quarantine, now they are just widespread. Today 90% of transactions in the capital projects, according to the “best-Novostroy”, registered electronically, and the share of remote reservation reaches 100%. Additionally, developers supported the launch of the mortgage program with a rate subsidized by the state.

    The pioneers of online real estate

    If some developers only beginning to reconfigure basic business processes to take account of remote work, others already had well-established schemes. In October 2018, “Glavstroy” has opened the first Russian Internet-shop of real estate in the LCD Balance. The service allows you to buy an apartment without a visit to the sales office.

    More than a year ago, a group of companies “Ingrad” has launched a service remote of deals for regional clients. Today, it became urgent for Muscovites. In March 2020, the proportion of sales in the company grew four times – from 2-3% per month to 12% of the total. In April had forecast growth of up to 30-40%, but the exact data yet. For the transaction need to contact the contact center of the “Ingrad”. Next, the client is transferred to the Manager to discuss details of a possible video review of the residential complex or online video sharing. Then make a booking and sending the required forms. At the end of the interaction is via courier service and online banking service.

    One can buy any apartment from the “don-Stroy” company is the first developer partner ecosystem of real estate “square Meter”

    At the end of November last year, the online service of real estate transactions appeared in the “pioneer”. To buy enough to register in the personal Cabinet directly on the project website. Here buyer can choose and book housing, specify the size of payment – 100%, in installments or with the assistance of mortgage funds, and your data. Payment is made via Internet acquiring. Further, the developer is preparing the equity contract and other materials, while the buyer sends through the personal account your documents. Then sign a contract online by using digital signature. The final step is the electronic registration of POS. The whole process takes no more than seven days, and the status of registration can be tracked through your personal account. Since April, pioneer also began to conduct transactions with the service from Sberbank, allowing to conduct calculations with the use of credit.

    Ikon Development several months before the quarantine was testing remote transactions, and from approximately mid-March has completely passed to remoting clients. For online purchases the apartment needed basic documents, including passport, SNILS and INN. The procedure of registration is simple. The customer signs the papers and sends them back by e-mail of the developer. For the contract applies a digital signature, which also provide remotely. Registration in Rosreestra takes a few days. When the contract is ready, was a package of documents supplied to the buyer by email.

    In GC, FGC also began testing an online service before the period of self-isolation, and today it is completely ready. Managers advise by phone or video conference, you can book on the website. You need to fill out the online form and pay for your booking. Documents on the acquisition of make out online using electronic signature. Additionally, when a contactless purchase apartments offer discounts from 50 to 150 thousand rubles.

    “Inteko” has been offering remote services in Moscow and regions. It is clear that the most popular option is purchased right now. For example, in mid-April, a customer from Krasnodar territory remotely bought an apartment in LCD “Westerdam”. All interactions were held in online mode: the future owner sent the electronic presentation of the complex, a video of the quadcopter and photos of the current stage of construction readiness. In addition to telephony, communication was carried out via messenger and email, and the debate on the Treaty was held in conference format at the Zoom. Then released an electronic digital signature and made a deal. Then the contract is sent to the electronic registration.

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    Buying immersive

    At the end of March group of companies “Basis” has started the sale of apartments and making transactions online. You can choose an apartment on the site of each project company. To obtain additional information on the complex order online presentation of the house and housing and video consultations by phone. A purchase agreement is signed by electronic signature or is delivered by courier service to home buyer and then sent for registration in Rosreestr.

    In early April, “Koldi” he designed the first remote transaction: sold lofts in Loft FM. Investors booked an apartment with a total area of 70 square meters and cost over 15 million rubles, and then signed an agreement to acquire lots. “We had a deal without any contact with the client after the request, before signing the contract, and it was performed using a 3D-tour,” explained commercial Director of the company Maxim Covariants. According to him, this could be the beginning of a new era in the Moscow primary real estate market, until recently, never, ever, been carried out with the physical restriction of the movement of buyers.

    Then Sminex has launched an online sales presence. The developer conducts remote consultations. Basis of presentation acts as an online tour of the project and the object. After the customer has chosen, the transaction is made through services of electronic registration. Previously, the demand for remote shopping in the premium segment, according to the Director of sales at Ivan Obukhov, was low. However, in the current situation the service is gaining popularity.

    6 APR Optima Development announced the organization of a virtual office sales LCD “Park Prime”. Managers online conduct a presentation of the quarter, help in planning and finishing, answer questions, and select a customized solution. Perhaps the conclusion of the transaction remotely.

    By the end of the month the group “Etalon” has launched an online shop of real estate in the Moscow region. The algorithm of the remote transaction includes several steps. Selecting an apartment, the buyer on the phone to communicate with the sales Department. Or you can request a call back on the website. After verifying all the details with the Manager the customer should register in the personal Cabinet, upload scans or photos of documents required. It is a passport, SNILS, INN and consent to the processing of personal data. The Manager inputs data that gives you access to the equity contract/sale. Followed by the opening of a letter of credit in the Bank: open personal account or through a Bank application. After confirming the procedure, assign the remote signing of the equity contract and the registration documents within the building. For remote signing and registration of the PO, the buyer should be reinforced qualified electronic signature. If not, then there is a free service by courier for release of UCAP.

    Mortgage transaction to carry out more complicated. They have started to develop only about a month ago

    Also from the end of April you can buy any apartment from the “don-Stroy” company is the first developer partner ecosystem property, “square Meter”. Within a few days of work through the service six remote transactions. The algorithm is the following: the client chooses an apartment on the developer’s website and reserve it. If required, the Manager conducts an online presentation and helps to determine the choice. Transactions involving the mortgage, the loan agreement and the loan agreement are in online mode, the documents are signed in the “square Meter”. Then the courier brings to the client the digital signature. Mobile application sign the PO. Using the service secure payments will be sent a contract offer under which the money for the apartment list in the RBU, where the funds are blocked until the end of the registration agreement. The developer signed the PO and sends the packet to the electronic check that takes about 5 days.

    Mortgages on the course

    Mortgage transaction to carry out more complicated. They have started to develop only about a month ago. In mid-April GK “Grenelle” with “Sberbank” issued the first away the mortgage transaction with home delivery. Previously, the company has already introduced services to acquire apartments through digital services. Booking is online, electronic registration and secure payments. But for the signing of documents for loans require personal presence of the borrower. Therefore, Sberbank has organized the staff to the buyer for the release of the enhanced digital signature. In addition, signed the documentation for the loan, sent the documents for registration of the transaction in electronic form and conducted non-cash payment for the property. After signing the documents, the Bank transferred credit. Their block and after registration of the contract of participation in share construction is transferred to the developer.

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    The next day – April 15, VTB and PIK group held the first in Russia mortgage completely online. The pilot deal was in Moscow: a buyer-remotely from home bought a house in the complex “Sheremetyevo”. The new process is entirely digital – it does not require a visit to the Bank. The application for credit is made on the website of the developer. After approval by the Bank, the client prepares documents remotely – the application for account opening, loan documentation, contract POS. It uses enhanced qualified electronic signature issued by the certification authority. The calculations are conducted online through the service “square Meter”, which is part of VTB group.

    Escrow account: the banker with the home delivery

    With regard to escrow accounts, the earlier mechanism for remote execution was not. For developers working in the project Finance, the issue remained in limbo. But now you can open them from the comfort of home. At the end of April GK “MITS” and “Sberbank” held the first online purchase of housing with the opening of the escrow account. The transaction took place in the residential complex “Maple Alley”. The process of registration is completely remote. The signing of the documents takes place at clients home –they come to the Bank employees.

    In addition to active implementation of the digitalization of the “primary” supported the emergence of affordable mortgages

    A little later, “Ingrad” and VTB, and also designed a remote transaction escrow scheme in remote mode through the service of electronic registration: without the presence of the buyer in the sales office of the company or Bank branch. Client bought a two-bedroom apartment “New Medvedkovo”. Previously, such purchases were not able to conclude from the order of identification of the client.

    Preferential mortgage at 6%

    In addition to active implementation of the digitalization of the “primary” supported the emergence of affordable mortgages. Due to the volatility of the ruble, some banks have raised rates on home loans by 0.5-1.5%, although on 20 March, the Central Bank kept its key rate unchanged (as of 24 April decreased by 0.5% to 5.5% per annum). But on 16 April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin suggested to launch a preferential mortgage with a rate of 6.5% to support the construction industry. The maximum loan amount to 8 million rubles for Moscow and Leningrad regions and 3 million rubles for the rest. The initial payment is 20%, the mortgage term up to 20 years.

    In some banks the rate is even lower – 6% in “PSB” and from 6.4 per cent in “savings”. The banks have started consultations, reception of applications and issuance of the mortgage even before the official approval, which occurred on April 23. More April 20 VTB is the first Bank granted housing loan under gesubsidieerde. The transaction took place in Barnaul, the buyer purchased an apartment worth 1.5 million rubles.

    Some developers decided to go further and further subsidize the rate. The company “don-Stroy” announced the start of the program in partnership with VTB Bank. If the buyer decides to use “Mortgage with state support 2020”, in the first year from the date of purchase flat rate of only 0.5%. Similar conditions suggested that the developer of the project “the World Mitino” – UK “Development” – and also in partnership with VTB. But the developer further subsidize the interest rates to 0.5% just before the end of 2020.


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