The miraculous transformation of the townhouse from the mid-19th century in Brooklyn


    Designers from Elizabeth Robert Architecture & Design managed to transform this townhouse in new York from 1850 to the house that in space and spirit reminiscent of a country residence. At the entrance you are met by a massive but elegant, a black door and a Grand staircase reminiscent of futurism. Most of the space and “air” in the kitchen-living room, huge Windows overlooking back yard. Here’s a great stove, huge hood, long wooden table, mini-cinema for the whole family and even a ladder that helps you reach things from top shelves. Since the 19th century the house features original fireplaces and stoves, of past centuries also say cute flowered Wallpaper and vintage furniture. The entire townhouse is on 4 floors, each room here deserves a separate story. A very interesting project!

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