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    According to analysts, the market of elite country real estate 2017 was much better than the previous few. However the problem is still there: in recent years on premium and luxury market left to individual projects. What is the reason and which cottages are most in demand?

    Overall 2017 for luxury town segment was more favorable than the previous few. The achieved stability of the economy in General and of the ruble against the dollar has largely determined the recovery in buying activity, although pre-crisis levels, the market has not yet reached.

    In addition, the lack of huge discounts and stagnant prices also contributed to normalizing the situation. According to the Director of Department of elite real estate “Metrium Groups” and member of the affiliate network of CBRE Ilya Manzurova, for the year the average budget of the proposals on the elite country market declined by 3.98% from 201 million roubles to 193 million rubles, which can be considered a minor change. And this despite the fact that the main activity was concentrated on the objects of the order of 75-80 million rubles, which is two times lower than the average price tag of items in the sale.

    The greatest demand in the market of elite country houses still use cottages. They account for about 49% of all transactions. However, over the past three years, the demand for homeownership has decreased. So in 2014, the format accounted for about 59% of transactions. But increased interest in more affordable options to townhouses and plots without a contract (FSM). Now they account for about 17% and 34% of transactions, respectively. Until 2014 townhouses accounted for 8% of acquisitions, and UBP — 13%. The growth of demand for plots without a contract is that it is the most affordable type of property. Developers, watching this trend, reduce construction activity and offer for sale more land.

    In the primary market of elite country real estate de luxe the greatest demand is for plots without a contract, both due to lower price of entrance to the elite settlement, and the absence of liquid offers cottages on the market — in solidarity with his colleague, senior Manager at XL Partners, and group head of real estate valuation of the company Alexey Lopatin. — Premium customer demand shifted in favor of duplexes and townhouses as the most balanced offer in terms of price/quality.

    One of the main systemic problems of the elite country market is that it almost appears new settlements that leads to the overflow of demand in the secondary market segment due to supply shortage in the “primary”.

    According to commercial Director of Villagio Estate Alex Short, the primary market sales are just a couple of dozen projects. “The last big cottages came out in 2014 (this “Renaissance Park” on Novorizhskoye highway). Other projects that appeared for 3 years in the segment, or too intimate, to have a significant impact on market conditions or represent low-rise buildings. As a result, old towns are “illiquid”, the new doproducts. In the “primary” now more than ever is the question of the shortage of quality supply,” — says the expert.

    In recent years on premium and luxury market was no more than three projects — the Director of the residential real estate Department at Penny Lane Realty Sergey Kolosnitsyn. — Demand for new and finished home, and under the key. However, this proposal is extremely small.

    As described in the “Metrium Groups”, the decline in development activity was a result of the fall of the ruble in 2014, which led to a sharp increase in the cost of new facilities, the construction of which a priori involves the purchase of imported building materials and engineering. In this situation, the developers of elite country real estate simply decided to take a break “until better times”, which the market has developed a liquidity crisis. Whoever decided to develop the grounds, went for a partial reduction in the cost of the project or even the lower class for greater coverage of the potential audience.

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    However, Villagio Estate argued that the company’s projects sell well. In the same “Renaissance” monthly rose at an average of 12-15 transactions. And in October there was a recovery, and sales increased by 50%. The main popular modern projects, — assure of the company.

    Without exception, all experts agree that the trend of the last two years is a more practical approach to the selection of luxury homes. Although experts are still split. In particular, they are somewhat different assessments of the most sought-after footage of the house.

    When in 1995, the company HONKA has entered the Russian market, the buyers chose the standard cabins are huge, by the standards of the Finnish builders, square. Those were real palaces with pillars at 1000-1200 sq. meters, — says marketing Director of the Moscow office of the company “ROSS RAKENNE SPb” (HONKA) Anastasia Fetisova. To satisfy such needs, the company has developed a completely new technology. So, technology was used roundup, and was also used glued laminated timber, for which there are no restrictions on the size of the object. However, over the last 5-7 years the market situation has changed. Customers are increasingly refuse from the huge sizes that are hard to serve, in favor of more rational decisions. The modern client has a new requirement for construction companies. To the fore the functionality and reasonableness of the residential complex, as well as level of comfort.

    According to Ilya Melgunova, the greatest demand is for houses with an area of about 400 sq. m with a plot of 10-20 acres and two Parking spaces. For comparison: in the pre-crisis period was more demand for houses from 600 sq m to 25-30 acres.

    According to Alexei Lopatin, a high proportion of demand is about 20-40% of deals accounted for cottages “gold standard”. This is the house “turnkey” with area of 400-700 square meters on the area of 15-30 hectare. Obligatory garage and staff rooms. The most popular facilities in the villages with a “twist”. First of all, the towns on the banks of the reservoirs, most on the Dmitrov direction, as well as forest villages.

    But the Short Alex believes that the most popular purchase is the house of 350-400 sq. m with a plot of 18-20 acres. “The era palaces finally gone: everyone understands that the house must contain and maintain. Buyers have become more practical” — sums up the expert.

    More likely, underestimates the size Anastasia Fetisov. According to her, have become increasingly popular at home in 250-300 sq. m. Such a square can comfortably accommodate a spacious living room, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and several utility rooms. In General, this project from the company HONKA costs 250-400 thousand euros.

    In addition, one of the illustrations of the trend to rationalization can serve ever growing popularity of Riga as a New space for the construction of real estate. This is due to good bandwidth and a variety of trails to offer, including from developers. Though for anybody not a secret that the greatest demand has traditionally used the house on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway.

    According to Sergey Kolosnitsyna, best cottage you can call the building, the construction of which was used in modern engineering systems as well as new technologies in design and construction. For example, in some villages they use special technology allotment from the roof of melt water, or lighting system, which allows you to avoid having to turn on the light on the way from the lobby to the second floor.

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    The “gold” standard should be considered as the cottages are made of ceramic bricks with a monolithic frame, built on individual projects, taking into account the peculiarities of the surrounding landscape, — said Alexei Lopatin. — The house needs to be additional offline communications. The obligatory presence of loggias, balconies, winter gardens, as well as saunas, swimming pools, landscape design land. Also the cottage should be equipped with an intellectual control system “Smart house”. This special security system, which can be used to control the climate, lighting, irrigation, fire suppression and so on.

    However, in the “Metrium Groups” think a little differently. Advanced cottage does not necessarily have to have any unique technical solutions — says Ilya Mogunov. Liquid are considered to be households with good organization of space, as a rule, spacious living room, four bedrooms, with EN Suite bathrooms and walk-in closets. In addition, high demand at home fully finished from the Builder and furnished.

    The expert from Villagio Estate believes that advanced the cottage today can be considered, first of all, building optimal area. Most buyers still prefer Neoclassicism and art Deco, each chooses a third modern architecture with simple geometry. As a rule, a prerequisite is the presence of Windows to the floor that allow you to fill the house with light and air. Outdoor decor became much more moderate. While expensive, high-quality materials of the appropriate level are in great demand. The plan should be as functional as possible. The organization of business premises has been given as much attention as the living rooms. Each bedroom needs to be a dressing room and bathroom, the house needs to be room for the helpers, storerooms, Laundry, Ironing. In addition, do not forget about the village itself, which should be wide roads, vast recreational areas, the availability of own infrastructure and other.

    However, not less important parameter, than the area, becomes the architecture of the project, — said Anastasia Fetisov. — Moreover, it is not only about building but also about the land, the infrastructure of the village. Customers also pay attention to geographical location and transport accessibility, ease of construction and operation of the home warranty and the expertise of the developers, a mix of cost and quality. Today, as never before, for people important to have a comfortable environment for the children, the opportunity to play sports. The house becomes a reflection of their values, interests and lifestyle.

    “Unfortunately, under the category of “the best” cottages gets no more than 15-20% of today’s households on the market — talk to the “Metrium Groups”. — Lack of quality supply, in turn, piques the interest of buyers and reduced the time of decision about the deal. This summer we’ve noticed a trend — the share of transactions with an advance amounted to 94%, whereas in the summer of 2016, only 58% of contracts implied in advance. Thus, the buyers have confirmed their intentions, fearing that the liquidity option will be sold to another”.

    It is obvious that the crisis has taught to count the money even the most affluent segments of society, so that a new trend has become the most functional housing in a smaller area. Developers not only have to adapt the changing conditions.


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