Unusual scented candles: the 4 most unexpected odor


    Scented candles is a great way to fill Your house with pleasant smells to create a special atmosphere, mood, and sense of balance and harmony. Beneficial effects of scented candles on the human body obviously, they are used even in medicine! We wrote about this in one of our previous articles: Aromatherapy for the home: 6 modern ways.

    The modern market offers a limitless selection of unique flavors for every taste. However, we have tried to find among all the most unusual scented candles…

    4 unexpected flavor

    The choice of scented candles is incredibly high. It is mint, peach, Basil, lavender, Mandarin, sage… But those candles, which managed to find us where You are unlikely.

    #1 Scented candle with the smell of space

    If You do not plan to in the near future to visit outer space or, in principle, believe that it will remain unexplored by You, then a scented candle with the smell of space is something that will interest You for sure.

    “We studied books, watched many documentaries and among a large number of things were discussed, I noticed a General smell. Yes, space has a smell! And it was mentioned by many astronauts. After studying additional material regarding this issue, we decided that since it is unlikely we can all go into space, why not bring a little of that same atmosphere in our space on Earth” — and so was born the idea of creating candles with the scent of space.

    Buy fancy scented candle, and you can also find out more on the website Cool Material.

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    #2 Scented candle new, just unwrapped, Mac

    If You ever unpacked an Apple, it is likely that he felt a unique, unique smell.

    Company TwelveSouth has decided to give people the opportunity to enjoy good aroma for longer with unique candles New Mac. Yes, it’s a scented candle that smells just unwrapped an Apple.

    Read more at TwelveSouth.


    #3 Scented candle with the smell of new ideas

    You know the smell of a new idea, an inspiration? But the company TwelveSouth, developed previously scented candle with the smell of a new Mac, you know!

    Their new project Inspire is a minimalistic candle, the aroma of which You will experience notes of bergamot, lemon and tarragon — smell, purify your brain of clutter and stimulate creativity.

    Buy fancy scented candle, and you can also find out more on the TwelveSouth website.


    #4 Scented candle with the smell of a protective sun lotion

    Candle protective sun lotion is a unique project of fashion designer Anya Hindmarch.

    The brand now has its own line of scented candles, which in addition this also includes candles with the scent of baby powder and coffee. The novelty has already available in the boutiques of Anya Hindmarch.

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