The apartment complex HILL8 on Alexis through the eyes of a designer magazine


    The Editors Of “The”, invited the architect who worked with Philippe Starck to evaluate the complex lobby from Karim Rashid

    Such irreconcilable opponents in matters of architecture and design in Moscow and St Petersburg? Find out today on the example of the project HILL8 on prospect Mira, one of the brightest apartment complexes in Moscow. And the expert will act as the head of the St. Petersburg Studio (DZ)M Dmitry Madrigalesco. The designer creates exclusive interiors in expensive apartments and country houses for over 15 years. There is a career expert and unique stage – work in conjunction with Philippe Starck in the creation of a luxury residential complex on the Petrograd. In addition, we explain a plus or a minus was the participation in the capital project outrageous world star Karim Rashid.

    Architecture in the European trend

    Dmitry Madrigalesco – a native of St. Petersburg, grew up in the historic center, but he is a fan of modernism and minimalism. The architecture of the Moscow complex Mr. Madrigalesco like. “ABD architects design, following the European trends. HILL8, as well as other projects of this Bureau, reminiscent of the aesthetics and Chipperfield, REM Koolhaas and OMA,” he says.

    The Manifesto of minimalism, Less is More Moscow apartments confirm form and function. The designer draws attention to the fact that instead of the boring band of glazing, the architects found an original and practical solution. In HILL8 balconies-small cell (pictured above), but functional and creates a necessary distance from the busy Avenue. The architecture of the complex, according to experts, is reminiscent of new construction in expensive areas of Munich.

    Strong design from Rashid

    Contemporary Russian architecture, St. Petersburg according to the expert, shows us the world, but secondary trends. Projects of residential property additional value is given to original interior. HILL8 proof. Space of the public areas seem to be our expert more persuasive than the architecture and decoration of the complex.

    “For the developer to implement this lobby is a serious claim and verify their own forces. Rashid is the source. He is the trendsetter of world size” – says the designer.
    Looking at the lobby (pictured above and below), Mr. Madrigalesco recalls his experience with stark: “It was a clash with a strong design school. Strong design. For specified proportions, colors, textures, the world-class designers don’t compromise. They not only know how to shock and accurately understand how to implement their concepts.”

    Dmitry believes that this is precisely the level of risk. The designer has done, you will manage the developer?

    – How accurately you need to follow the author’s design?

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    – It is impossible to leave only the shape or color, it is necessary to go all the way around: from the micro to macroplastique, materials and proposed technologies.

    Rashid uses more restrained than usual range. But this complex only benefit. The rejection of the favorite acid pink and green hues, according to Dmitry, brought to the fore futuristic shapes Rashid. Color does not need them.

    But the ceiling height of 3.75 meters, naturally, adds volume. It would be possible to raise from this situation, Karim comes out elegantly, enters into the project mirrored ceiling.
    For all its fantastic lobby look spacious and comfortable. If they successfully be viewed from the street, the house may become a real attraction for the area, in a good way.

    Machine for living

    Shift the discussion from the lobby to the corridors on the floors (see photo below). The design of the Mops here is more relaxed, but also bourgeois. Looks a little cinematic, and perhaps a dark gamma will seem a little “hotel” in everyday life.

    But the plan HILL8 (pictured below) deserve only compliments. “This is the rare case when the buyer does not have to break your head and the wall. The plans are easy to read, the plan submitted is not overloaded, so it is easy to understand even without the designer, whether it is convenient to live in this house” – said the expert.

    The characteristics of the property, the designer draws attention to a good for premium ceiling height, 3.1 meters, the ratio of glass area to deep space and cutting room for decent yardage 16-20 square meters.

    Very comfortable and modern, with walk-in closets and pantries, these spaces break the stereotype of the property as rental housing format. It is obvious that with such planning, the developer assumed that buying will not change, but for themselves. But if buying for yourself, the finishing of the premises is treated with special attention.

    The devil in the details

    Harder buyers will have a choice of finishes offered by the developer. While such customization of apartments remain optional. The range of the cost of finishing projects in the Moscow premium is significant, you can find listings and about 40, and more than 70 thousand rubles per square meter.

    “If we talk about the adequacy of supply HILL8, only for finishing works premium, Unfurnished, 27 thousand rubles per square meter is more than attractive figure. A reasonable budget for repair design premium, without configuration, it is possible to estimate within 30% of the total project cost,” – said the designer.

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    For the development of two styles, Superior (pictured below) and Select the developer invited the famous architect and designer Boris Uborevich-Borovsky. Renderings of residential interiors high quality, look realistic and convincing. The question of which of two styles to choose, Dmitry advises: “In projects Uborevich-Borovsky me personally closer to minimalist aesthetics. We see it in the concept Select. However, buyers I would recommend to stay in Superior”.

    What is wrong with minimalism? Of course, visually it is very attractive and, at first glance, simple style. And in fact, very demanding. Clean forms and high quality surfaces create a mesmerizing effect, but it is easy to lose the typical solutions. Savings on furniture and decoration will make beautiful pictures boring reality.

    “If you like the style Select apartments (pictured below) for its high-quality execution required more complex and expensive materials than offers developer”, – says the designer. Minimalism is not premium, this is luxury”. In the interior only flooring will cost 12 thousand rubles per square. Add a good polished travertine or granite, plus expensive work on the preparation of the surfaces, the furniture from Minotti or Bulthaup.

    “Renderings Uborevich-Borovsky – the devil is in the details. At first glance, the simple solution Select complex in execution. The concept can be Superior to get as close to the picture drawn by a competent selection of furniture,” continues Mr. Madrigalesco.

    The second interior style HILL8, Superior, head of the Studio (DZ)M finds a more suitable option for premium accommodations. It resembles modern English with elements of decorative lights, a spectacular stone, not necessarily natural, beautiful metal finish.

    Modern layout premium apartments HILL8 we can get the interior that does not lose the decorative appeal and of the bourgeois, even when the stated average budget cost of finishing.

    “The concept of Superior can be implemented with the least difference images between the rendering and reality”, – said Dmitry. It is no coincidence that this style is often chosen for the design of visualizations for public spaces in premium buildings.

    According to the designer, with all the practicality of the solutions HILL8 architecture, lobby and finishes from three different authors can devalue the value of each other. On the question of whether the expert is to present this set in his native St. Petersburg, Dmitry replied: “I Think he could be one of the good examples of modern development on Krestovsky or Petrovsky island, where much of the expensive homes in the modernist aesthetic”.

    Dmitry Madrigalesco in the photo below:


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