The best yacht clubs in Moscow and premium new buildings next to them


The moorings within the Moscow Ring Road allow regular sailing even for those who, due to high employment, cannot often travel out of town

Passenger river transportation is being actively revived in Moscow. Already in June, for the first time in 17 years, the authorities promise to launch river buses. Maybe that's why the idea of ​​owning a yacht is increasingly coming up among wealthy Muscovites, and there are more and more yachtsmen who would like to live close to the place of attraction of like-minded people. Next to the yacht clubs there are 21 projects in the primary market of Moscow. More than half of these projects are premium. The experts of the portal, using the data of the Metrium company, decided to talk about the leading metropolitan centers of yachting and tourism, as well as about the premium-class complexes adjacent to them.

Dream Island Marina on the Nagatinsky Peninsula

Dream Island Marina is located on the Nagatinsky Peninsula, in the harbor of the Northern Landscape Park of the Dream Island entertainment center. This is the only modern yacht club (opened in 2021) in the central part of the capital's water area. Moreover, its port stands at the source of a large-scale deep-sea system of the European part of Russia, which unites the whole country. The club has two berths with a capacity of up to 40 seats. The water area is designed for boats and yachts of any size. There is a school of navigators, which teaches how to operate a small vessel. You can rent catamarans, boats and yachts. A restaurant with a grill area is open. Nearby is Dream Island Wake Park, where you can go water skiing and wake surfing.

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The closest new building to Dream Island Marina is the Dream Towers residential complex (pictured). Apartments in the project cost 484.2 thousand rubles on average per sq. m. meter. The houses are planned to be put into operation in the next month.

Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club on Balchug Island

The Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club is located in the center, next to the monument to Peter the Great on Balchug Island. The founders of the yacht club restored an old building on the banks of the Moscow River. Today it hosts social events. The development of the club mainly depends on the implementation of the new quarter “Red October”, adjacent to the water. The developer of the project – Guta Development – is going to restore the berths for ships and river taxis.

Not far from the yacht club, sales are carried out in four projects: Residences Zamoskvorechye, Sky House, Golutvinsky, 10 and Vernissage. In “Residences Zamoskvorechye” “square” will cost an average of 517.1 thousand rubles, in Sky House – 401.5 thousand rubles. Both complexes have already been put into operation. In “Golutvinsky, 10” the average price per square meter. meters is 1.3 million rubles. Keys have to wait until the end of the year. In Vernissage, a “square” costs 634.2 thousand rubles. The house will be completed in the second quarter of 2024.

Berth of the Moscow City business center

The pier is located on the territory of the Moscow City business center, which and gave it a name. Charter and pleasure flights depart from the Moscow-City pier. Here you can rent cruise and pleasure yachts even for a few days.

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The Oko and Neva Towers skyscrapers are being built in the business center itself. Both are ready. In the first quarter a meter will cost an average of 679.3 thousand rubles, in the second – 660.3 thousand. Also, the Onest quarter is being built nearby, where prices are higher: an average of 724.9 rubles. However, delivery is scheduled only for the second quarter of 2025.

Estate Park on Serebryany Bor Island

Manor Park is the largest yacht club on Serebryany Bor Island. The yacht port has a berth designed for 36 vessels up to 15 meters long. Rowing boat rental, boating and jet skiing, on the “banana” are available. The pier is combined with the Manor restaurant.

The nearest complexes are Capital Coast and Wellton Spa Residence. In the already finished project “Coast of the Capital” sq. meter is estimated by the developer at an average of 767.6 thousand rubles. In Wellton Spa Residence, the average “square” costs 481 thousand rubles. The project is going to go live in about a month.

Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla near Ukraine Hotel

The Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla is a transport company, and its largest berth is located on the embankment near the Ukraine Hotel. River trams, yachts and motor ships constantly start from here. You can rent the ships of the flotilla, but you won’t be able to rent a place for your own yacht on this pier.

Less than a kilometer from the base of the Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla, the Badaevsky complex is being built. You can buy an apartment here for an average of 1 million rubles per sq. meter. The project will be commissioned at the end of 2025.


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