Property for collection. What does the record-breaking expensive complex under construction in Sochi look like?


As part of the resort project, almost 100 thousand “squares” will be built according to the “city within a city” concept, as well as 11 swimming pools

The idea to build a very expensive deluxe complex in Sochi at the first stage met with a lot of skepticism, recalls Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of the multifunctional complex Mantera Seaview Residence. Opponents believed that there would be a lot of contempt for the Russian resort on the part of wealthy buyers. “We assured that if a truly high-quality product is made, the project will become successful,” the expert continues.

Faith in the success of a luxury project was based not only on the emotions of the management. According to analysts at Mantera Seaview Residence, the shortage of resort real estate is 2 million square meters. meters, of which 300 thousand are in the elite segment.

Construction of the complex began in 2020. Mantera Seaview Residence is being built on a 10-hectare plot next to Bogatyr Beach on the Sirius federal territory. Also in the neighborhood are the Olympic Park, the Fisht stadium, Sochi Park, the Sirius innovation center, the Krasnaya Polyana mountain entertainment resort. At the same time, you can get to the airport in half an hour.

The project will build 95.4 thousand square meters. meters of real estate according to the concept of “city within a city”. Residents will be able to receive all the necessary services and goods without leaving the complex. The residential part of Mantera Seaview Residence includes apartments with an area of ​​38-327 sq. meters, penthouses and villas. Internal infrastructure – medical and SPA centers, a fitness club, recreation and relaxation areas, as well as shops and restaurants.

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Particular attention should be paid to pools and park areas. In total, the complex will have 11 pools, eight of which are with sea water. And the concept of the park is based on a maze of bamboo, the passages of which will lead to secret gardens and alleys with tropical plants. The main point on the map of the park will be the orange garden. In total, more than a thousand exotic plants will be planted in the park.

The Megabudka bureau worked on the landscape design and architecture of the project. The architects had a difficult task to organically fit the complex into the territory located between the sea, the Bogatyr Hotel, the Sirius educational center and the Fisht stadium. As a result, the complex of elite residences, due to the plasticity of the facades and high arched openings, got its own unique look.

At the start of sales, the average prices in Mantera Seaview Residence were about 2-2.5 million rubles per sq. m. meter. However, the political situation, closed borders and sanctions have become an additional trigger for the development of the project. Demand for luxury apartments has grown rapidly. By June 2022, according to the plan, the development company was going to sell 34% of the total volume of apartments, says Elena Kabesheva, but they sold significantly more – 51%. And we decided to raise prices.

Today the average price per sq. meters in Mantera Seaview Residence is 3.4 million rubles. This is one of the most expensive resort real estate projects in the world. And the price per sq. meters in the penthouse of the complex – 6.5 million rubles – set a new record. These are the most expensive sq. meters on the elite real estate market in Russia. There is no more expensive even within walking distance from the Kremlin.

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However, the penthouse is not very large – 228.7 sq. meters. As a result, the total cost of the lot only slightly exceeds 1 billion rubles. Prices for the most expensive penthouses in Moscow are higher, but due to the large area, and not the price per square meter. meters. So, according to the Est-a-Tet agency, a three-level penthouse in the Federation Tower (MIBC Moscow-City) costs 2.6 billion rubles, but its area is about 2.2 thousand square meters. meters. It turns out that the price of “square” is only 1.2 million.

True, in the near future the penthouse in Sochi may be sold. According to Elena Kabesheva, there are already buyers for it, but the deal has not yet been closed. It can be assumed that the record high price seems excessive even for ultra-millionaires, and potential buyers offer their own.

Moreover, today the main transactions for the acquisition of residences in the Sochi project (65%) are carried out in order to preserve capital. A third of the lots are bought for regular residence. Interestingly, 5-6% of the residences are purchased by buyers named by Ms. Kabesheva as collectors. “These are people who already have luxury real estate, for example, in Dubai and on the Cote d'Azur,” she explains. – Well, let it be in Sochi too, for the collection.”


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