So, your style… the North Frisian


    The sand blowing through the hair of the breeze and the cry of gulls — welcome to the North Frisia! Houses with thatched roofs and gardens, traditional tea in a special stove — look at these 12 examples of the Frisian style, and discover how to recreate the house style of the North sea coast.


    1. House with reed roof
    Reed is a typical material for roofs North Frisian buildings. Despite the apparent fragility, these roofs protect the inhabitants of the house from the strong sea wind. The flexibility of the material allows to cover the design of different forms, not just the classical one and the gable. And reed is moisture and creates a tight insulating layers and regulates the microclimate of the house. But in arid climates for roof better look for another material — reeds to burn at intense heat and sparks around.

    Houzz Germany: Three houses with reed roof


    2. Masonry
    The boundaries of the land around the house are denoted by fence with stone walls. As a rule, lying on each other stones with no worn seams, and the lower layer of masonry is laid directly on the ground. Such structures are often found in Northern Frisia, where there is always not enough trees for fences.

    Borgmann Gärtner von Eden

    3. Hydrangeas and roses in gardens and lawns
    Lush romantic garden — another feature of the North Frisian style. Between the large stones of the fence, planted roses or hydrangeas with white or pink flowers. A living wall of these flowers are often used as fenced.

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    GARTENIO Garten-Perlen

    4. Beach chair in the garden
    When it comes to the North-Frisian style, don’t forget about the wicker beach chair. Classic upholstery colors — white-blue or white-red wide stripes. This chair is good to drink coffee in the morning or to relax in the evening.

    Home Staging Sylt

    5. Deep sofa in bright colors
    Large sofa bed with many cushions like urges to stay and to relax. Light linen or cotton in natural shades — traditional elements of the North Frisian style. Another option is plaid, striped or soft floral pattern.

    Home Staging Sylt

    grotheer architektur

    6. Swedish oven
    The heat source for chilly evenings. Big fireplace creates a comfortable atmosphere and stands in the living room. Square or round, white or bright patterns — this pizza oven is one of the main elements of the Frisian house.

    Houzz Germany: a Summer house on the German island of föhr in the North sea

    Home Staging Sylt

    7. Spacious dining room
    Another important element of the Frisian house is a spacious kitchen-dining room with a corner sofa. Solid wood furniture, painted in light color; natural tints and dried flowers in big vases complement the image of the house on the shore of the North sea.

    Home Staging Sylt

    8. Windows rasstanovka
    Wooden window casements opening to a terrace or garden. Windows and doors with rasstanovka usually painted in white (sometimes other colors), getting the perfect combination with a thatched roof.

    Nina Struve Photography

    9. Terracotta tiles on the floor and walls
    Terracotta from beige to reddish tones in the Frisian house spread the floor, the apron in the kitchen or bathroom.

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    grotheer architektur

    10. Exposed beams
    The rustic wooden beams of raw wood material, covered with bright paint, or painted in dark color is reminiscent of traditional crafts and the spirit of the North Frisian places.


    11. White ladder
    With ladders, painted white gloss paint in the corridors becomes lighter. On the stairs put strange finds from the beach (such as branches and stones), lanterns with large candles, hang the garland for the holidays.

    Green Living

    grotheer architektur

    12. Seating area under the roof
    On the top level under the roof or near the window hearing often make the niche sleeper or large pillows.

    Predella House

    Do you know the North Frisian style? Would you like to use its elements in home decor? Share your opinion in the comments section.


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