Color: Design model bathroom — choose shade


A typical bathroom usually means “small.” Often decorated within a small budget. In practice, this means tiny size and plus-minus white plumbing: you can experiment, except that with the tile and decor of the furniture. But ways to do this — weight. Choose the desired color and I will explain how to work with him.

House of Sylphina

White bathroom
The most common color facing Russian toilets — white: associated with purity, combined with white sanitary ware. Strategy design of white bathroom can be different.

  • Creative lay tile

Turn it to an unexpected side: the squares can be turned into diamonds, rectangles — put the Christmas tree. In the project in the photo to the white background tiles added detail with a contrasting black pattern is another way to vary the design of standard toilet, without sacrificing visual clarity.

Malcolm Duffin Design

  • To focus on the ceiling

One of the main problems of plan type of bathroom feeling “well”. If the room height of 2.7 meters organic, tiny bathroom seems to be extended upwards. To combat this feeling helps the color space under the ceiling. This could be done with paint in a dark wash or even use the Wallpaper (in the project photo the height is calculated so that the Wallpaper did not reach the water spray).

“Point of design”

  • To decorate accent wall

Over the bath, or one of the walls adjacent to the shower. Material in the photo resembles very fashionable this year terrazzo, so it is suitable not only for children’s bathrooms.


Beige bathroom
Shades of beige and brown color — a classic not only for washroom but also for the interior as a whole. Want a relaxing mood without the kitsch — looking solutions for bathrooms in these colors. But there are nuances.

  • If you combine the bathroom

Surfaces for finishing it becomes more and monochrome beige you want to dilute. In addition to the standard rectangular tiles, on the market now a lot of options — will not be bored. In the trend of asymmetrical three-dimensional composition, as in the photo.

Zaretskikh Olga

  • If the bathroom closely

The traditional problem of typical bathroom dimensions. No reception does not solve it better mirrors. Pay attention to the facades: the mirror above the sink starts near the ceiling and as it continues in these inserts.

  • If you have to lift the ceiling

In the course of going old technique — vertical lines. This does not mean that the tiles will have to lay out nautical stripes is enough to set one contrast vertical. In the project the photo was used for this wide geometric Kant, who identified the basin.

Studio NW-Interior

  • If you want blackout shades

Recipe of the implemented project on the photo: take a beige background tile, brown “hog” for contrast, add doors and screen panels crosswise. The ceiling, if it seems low, it is possible to give a light gloss.

MO interior design

Grey bathroom
And again a traditional Russian interior color: calm grey and beige, looks noble and rhymes with anything.

  • If you want a warmer

Tender grey bathroom furniture of natural wood. In the project the photo of the picture tiles there is a small insert brown, so the veneer organically rhymes with table and mirror.

Irina Vinogradova

  • If the budget is small, and a lot of ambition

To enter the gold or brass — the easiest way to visually expensive interior. In the project photos metal inserts supports Golden ceiling: warm color metal works great on the contrast with the gray background tile.

Frunze Elena

  • If in grey bathroom lacks “life”

Flowers in pots in standard bathrooms do not get along — not enough light, and space. But a stable moss will feel great. This interior is a clear contrast: the tile under the concrete and edging of dark metal are responsible for urban motifs, and the frame for a mirror brings an element of nature.

Natalia Shirokorad

  • If you want to close the auditing hatch
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To cut the tiles to the size of the flap — it requires skills, besides not any tile can be cut into arbitrary pieces. You can leave the hatch under the paint, and top cover with a picture at the same time impose unusual accent.

Tatyana Ivanova I Interior Designer & Decorator

  • If you need ornaments

Change the shower curtain. Design can be anything: a neutral grey background will look great and large flowers, and complex geometry. I advise you to look for double-layer curtain, which is water repellent inside and outside of usual fabric — you will get the effect of a secluded boudoir bath instead of a typical bathroom.

From what, from what has been done… blinds for bathroom

“Point of design”

Dark tile — suitable for typical bathroom?
Of course. And to oblitsevat and entirely, and to do contrast on a light background. I would advise dark tile for such situations.

  • If you don’t have anything to visually expand

The main claim to a dark finish with customers — it makes the space visually smaller. But as to whether you want to expand the bathroom? In many cases it is logical, on the contrary, to strive for intimacy — a three-meter bathroom, no matter how beysya, not to make visually huge.

Daria Melnikova

Black-and-white graphics are always a great solution, especially in a small space. Vertically oriented tiles pull the room up and the geometric laying on the floor does not look bored, and on a horizontal plane.

Irina Halezova | iDworkshop

  • If you want to divide the space into zones

In a compact area of a bathroom, there is a clear zoning. The bath gives off a very dark tile — this area seems to be visually deeper.

Anna Markova | Lierne Design

  • If you want to soften the palette

Take close the black shades — for example, the dense gray or gray-beige. They will help to soften the transition from black tiles to white plumbing.

Design Bureau Oxana Mokrienko

Tiles under the tree — what to combine?
Thanks to the natural pattern of wood fibers the tiles fit completely different companions, from bright accents to other “natural” textures.

  • To the bathroom turned into a steam bath

Add the texture of stone, Sandstone or marble — so you can select, for example, the zone of washing. If you want something more brutal, take the porcelain tiles under the concrete.

Eneia White Interiors

  • If I want a warm minimalism

Take the tile with a pronounced wood pattern, added white background — perhaps with pronounced relief, such as the project pictured. The facades are successfully combined with the tile — seems like they are made of the same material. The black parts set contrasts. This technique is generally very suitable for bright bathrooms.

Anna Hakobyan

Red tiles — Yes or no?
Yes, if you love the interiors of the character. The only thing I would not advise to roll the bathroom in the red tile from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. In my opinion, such decisions seem challenging.

  • If you want to highlight the shower area

In the project photo the main color of the bathroom — beige. Red tile accents the shower and rhymes with ornament outdoor decoration.

Roman Spiridonov

  • Not to “roll” the bathroom tile

Even in a small model toilet the water gets far not on all surfaces. In the project photo on wall, maximally remote from the bath, painted in a beautiful shade of red, and the top mounted white heated towel rail to “make friends” this surface with the interior.


Blue bathroom
For typical bathroom use any shades of blue — from light blue to a dense, saturated colors.

  • If you want to increase bathroom

Start the tile from the floor to the bath screen. This technique creates the effect of a continuous surface, although the cutting and requires tilers high level of skill. In the project photo the illusion of volume is repeated, and at the junction of the walls.

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Julia Veselova

  • If you want depth

Blue wall in this project if pushing the boundaries of the room. This effect have all the dark shades, if you select just one large surface. The pipe under the sink is also covered in blue cloth, the color looked light in the bathroom as a random guest.

Sergey Krasyuk

  • If you live in the old Fund

If the bathroom has a wall made of bricks, the color, you can enter through this surface — get a little boldly, but sparingly.

Olga Shangina | Photography

  • If you want to make the bathroom a full bathroom

Blue — very interior color, not surprisingly, this is the bathroom I want to make it very similar to the living room. Help beautiful chandelier, decorative plates and furniture “is not for the bathroom.” In the project pictured in podstole transformed a vintage Cabinet.

Daria Of Ranina

Yellow bathroom
Among the bright accents, along with blue and red, confident, and yellow. No wonder the sun the Russians for the most part lacking.

  • If you want to combine the two materials

Make it through the side of a colored tile. In a small project in the photo this technique knocks the pathos of “serious” materials — tiles, slate and marble.

Urazmetova Rustem

  • If you need emphasis

Lay out tiles on the wall from the countertops up to the mirror. Looks great, a mix of yellow and black-and-white. At the expense of black fixtures bathroom becomes even graficzne, but the solo here, without a doubt, the yellow facing of the apron over the sink.

Quatrobase Studio

  • If the bathroom has a niche

Interesting technique: the sink drowned in a constructive educated niche, and even highlighted in bright yellow paint. This gave the space depth.

FLIK Design and Repair

Green bathroom
This can be a green tile or paint. Green, like blue, blends well with different textures from concrete to wood.

  • If you want trendy

Place the tiles in an unusual way. A rectangular “horn” is usually placed horizontally. But it is possible and vertically, as in the project photo. The color is also unusual, as green fodder, such complex nuances is very relevant.

Designer Alina Hamm

  • If you want to align the proportions

The bathroom in this project was very “natural”: there are dark floor tiles like the cracked ground, and rich greens of the walls, and even live plants. Selection of color for walls is not accidental: the bath area trimmed with white tiles, this zoning is suitable for the facilities extended.

Maria Cheremukhin

  • If you want “of Provence

In a typical bathroom you can use wall panels. Of course, not hardwood, and tile imitation. As companions to pick up the tiles with the pastoral plot, and if the budget allows, buy English Wallpaper and take them under glass.

Turchenko Natalia

Pink shades — how to beat them in a typical bathroom?
Go to the not so usual shades. Pink, contrary to stereotypes, not so girly — you can create completely different images.

  • If you want to add drama

Combine pink with black, but better with dark graphite hues. In the project in the photo, even the dark grout — not to mention the doors, painted the color of the walls. Looks a little extreme, but is remembered for a long time.

Alla Senicheva

  • If you need the lyrics

The mood of this interior illustrates perfectly black-and-white poster on the wall. Delicate powdery shade of paint, horizontal dark edges, the curved mirror and typical bathroom is transformed into an elegant bathroom.

Bureau interiors Method

  • If you want a bit of irony

An interesting example of color: pink introduced not only under the ceiling, so as not to cut the tile, but chose a colored grout. Custom layout of rectangular elements is also noteworthy, especially because this technique is quite inexpensive to implement.

And what is the color chosen for the bathroom are you?


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