The main trends in the creation of children's playgrounds in new buildings in Moscow


How gaming spaces are moving away from standard plastic structures and evolving into playhubs

The presence of a children's playground in the courtyard of the house will not surprise anyone. However, many developers are creating very special play spaces, thereby attracting the main potential audience of new housing – families. Additional infrastructure for children is becoming more interactive, more interesting and safer. And it is divided by age. Experts from the portal, using data from the Metrium company, identified the main trends in the development of children's playgrounds in new buildings in Moscow.

Environmental friendliness

One of the trends has been the use of “green” technologies. “Children’s playgrounds in eco-style create an environment that is as close to natural as possible,” explains Irina Dzyuba, Deputy General Director of MR Group. Bright plastic locks are beginning to become a thing of the past. Increasingly, the material for children's playgrounds is durable wood – usually larch – which is painted in calm tones. This creates a favorable psychological background. The paving slab coating is replaced by pebbles, gravel, sand, pine chips, and rubberized flooring. Natural textures, adds Irina Dzyuba, provide a variety of tactile sensations and promote the development of motor skills. The sites are also landscaped, for example, in the MR Group complexes (pictured below) non-allergenic plants are used.

Variety of scenarios

Today, multifunctional complexes are being installed on playgrounds, which provide a variety of game scenarios, taking into account the needs and capabilities of children. “On such playgrounds, children not only relax, but also learn to overcome various barriers, which develops their sense of purpose,” says Lilya Artsibasheva, commercial director of Regions Development. In the courtyard of the Dream Towers complex there are the Hummingbird and Mekong complexes. They include wooden slides, obstacle courses, climbing elements, swings.

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Attractions and exercise equipment also allow you to develop physical qualities, communication skills and creativity. Thus, the MR Group company uses busy boards in its projects. These are stands with fixed elements aimed at the sensory development of children. In Metropolia, the site (pictured above) was made according to the sketches of the artist Maria Somik. The terrain of the site is unusual: you can run on surfaces of different heights, jump on bumpy surfaces, or hide behind hills. Also in this space there is an opportunity to interact with art objects that help develop imagination.

All ages have their own areas

Separate play spaces are also created for children of different ages. For example, the Osnova Group of Companies zones courtyards in its projects using two-level landscaping and geoplastic elements. In the Nametkin Tower complex, the company placed playgrounds for children and space for quiet games and entertainment in the courtyard, and a sports area and ramp on the outside of the houses. The Very complex on Miklouho-Maklaya has a climbing wall.

In the courtyard-park (pictured above) of the “Very on Botanicheskaya” project there will be five children’s playgrounds and two sports grounds, some of them covered, for activities in any weather. According to the commercial director of the Osnova Group of Companies, Igor Sibrenkov, it is important that there are comfortable places in the courtyards from where adults can look after the children without interfering with them having fun. Pergolas are often installed near children's playgrounds, including for parents. The creation of areas for joint activities of different generations of residents is also gaining popularity.

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We need more spaces for games

Another trend is the allocation of more space for children's playgrounds. Larisa Shvetsova, general director of the River Park company, is replacing outdated mini-towns with large play spaces integrated into the surrounding urban environment. The Regions Development company will create multifunctional meadows in a 1.5-hectare courtyard in the Preobrazhenskaya Square complex. Areas with ornamental grasses are connected by paths to a high hill. The slopes are equipped with slides and climbing elements.

In “Very on Botanicheskaya” there is a courtyard park with two-level landscaping, a “floating bridge”, a fountain and playgrounds for 2.5 thousand square meters. meters allocated over 2 hectares or 77% of the entire site. In the River Park Kolomenskoye quarter from the companies Aeon Development and Ferro-Stroy, play spaces (pictured above) are located in the courtyards, on the embankment, in close proximity to the kindergarten and school. The sites are divided into three age groups. There are amusement rides and carousels for kids and elementary school students, and parkour, exercise equipment and a mini-football field for teenagers.

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