LCD Freedom in Moscow-the first fashion house in business class – a review of the portal


    Choose young, bright and free spirit? “The” to find out what should be a residential complex to be fashionable among this audience

    Fashion house: from “elitki” in the “business”

    Traditionally, the buyers of new buildings mass segments choose a residential complex on the basis of prices and locations. The definition of “fashionable” in this category of housing does not exist. This term is rather typical for luxury homes. “Suddenly, regardless of advertising or discount, the project has become fashionable, and there rushed affluent audience,” said private real estate agent Larisa Bogorodskoye. As examples, she cited the residential complex “Camelot” and “New Ostozhenka”, each of which in his time fell into this category.

    By the way, experts say that after the end of sales of apartments in such projects continued to rise in price more than the market in General, and the complex has smoothly passed in a number of iconic. Kristina Tomilina, head of sales Department of urban real estate Intermark Savills, says the residential “House on the Maiden field”, where 13 years ago the sale started from 5,5 thousand dollars for “square”, but after a few years the price has exceeded 20 thousand dollars for sq. m.

    To guess at the design stage what the community will fall into the category of “trendy”, it is difficult. Then take into account the location, architecture, infrastructure, and quality of construction, and the combination of all these parameters must be attractive for a specific target audience. Experts say that until recently the segment of “business” this concept in principle did not exist, but now the situation is beginning to change. “The first building that my clients began to call “fashionable” in “the business”, has an LCD FREEDOM (pictured above) from the company “don-Stroy”, – said Larisa Bogorodskoye.

    FREEDOM as competitors, is on the river, from its Windows also offer views of skyscrapers, the Silver forest and the Moscow river, but he was more private and quiet

    This is confirmed by the sale. According to experts of the Department of project consulting Est-a-Tet, this year the complex has been most demanded among buyers of the segment of “business”, leading the top 10 most popular buildings. For the first six months it has registered 296 POS and sold 15.6 thousand sq. m. Based on the analysis of the parameters of the top-end residential complexes, according to Mary Litinetskaya, managing partner of “Metrium”, to compare the conventional “portrait” of a successful new buildings in business class. “Most of these projects are near the center. Also the secrets of success can be attributed to the complex nature of the buildings and the architectural design complemented by landscaped benefits of the promenades or parks,” says the expert. However, this is not all that is required of a residential complex, which will first call “fashionable,” and then sign.

    How to lead the “top ten”

    It should be noted that in the area of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki is now erecting a lot of interesting objects, and competitors of the LCD FREEDOM enough, for example, a project of the same developer LCD “Heart of Capital”. However, statistics show high sales, and buyers believe the project “fashionable”. The company believe that they just managed to “allocate” a new project from the General mass, and not so much due to the affordable cost – the price of the lots now starts at 6.2 million rubles – how much is due to the successful and original concept.

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    “FREEDOM as competitors, is on the river, from its Windows also offer views of skyscrapers, the Silver forest and the Moscow river, but he was more private and quiet. Perfect home for those who want to live downtown, close to “Moscow-city” with its dynamics and activity, but away from the noise. It turns out that even its name is fully justified, is the real freedom of the city”, – explained the “” in the company “donstroy”. Thus, the first paragraph, which provided FREEDOM success – good location, and in a series of “close, but not together.”

    The quality of construction and architecture – traditional motivators for buyers of a business class, but in order to become “fashionable”, the house really needs to stand out from the crowd. Here, the developer made another “knight’s move” by inviting the project of Pavel Andreev, who previously created for “Donstroy” concept of residential complexes class de Luxe: “Olive house” and “House on Tishinka”. Obviously, it is to his credit that the architecture of the building business-class appeared in details, more typical luxury features in the facades exposed brick blends perfectly with brick and metal panels, the innovative tempered glass with a striking stained glass Windows, etc. (see photo above). Well, high ceilings (is 3.08 m) Windows, starting at 60 cm from the floor have become the “hallmark” of the developer.

    Another important point, which experts said, is infrastructure. In this case it is important that residents of the new complex can use not only those services, which will be opened on the first floors of buildings (pictured above), but to all already constructed objects have a “neighbor” LCD “Heart of the Capital”. School, fitness centre with swimming pool, supermarket and shopping centre are all benefits of civilization, only a few minutes walk quiet step, and a beautiful and well-maintained waterfront. It is this FREEDOM provides a certain intimacy despite its size. However, the developer took care of the extra half hour of sleep for parents of young children: kindergarten (pictured below) is located on the territory of the complex.

    We believe that FREEDOM brings people together, based on their views of life, and not marital status.

    “Filling”, i.e., additional options, I found that buyers are no less important than location and infrastructure. For example, your gym, which can come at any time without purchasing a subscription – lifehack, which offered customers “donstroy”. Special rooms for art, planned for the first floor, cause no less interest of the buyers. Very handy when your favorite hobby you can do in the Studio in his own house, but not in the apartment.

    Another interesting service that makes life easier and allows not to clutter the living space, – storage. Here you can take such large items as a Bicycle, a sledge or car tires, and forget about them until next season. This option is particularly relevant for owners of small studios, in which the size of FREEDOM starts from 24 “squares”, however, according to the representative of the developer, the service is of interest and lots of buyers of large areas.

    Now a lot of controversy is the fact of the presence in new studios, but while the experts are battles on the subject, what should be the minimum area, buyers continue to “vote ruble” to snap up these lots at the start of sales. Objects of small sizes in quality complex many see as a starter home or a “flat coat” and the experience of FREEDOM, this trend only confirms it. However, the project is quite and more spacious apartments, from “odnushek” and four rooms. Traditionally, the developer offers lots with spacious halls, dressing rooms, guest bathrooms (the second bathroom is available in all apartments, ranging from one-bedroom, is another sign of a quality business class). This diversity of planning decisions and expanding the audience of the project, so the new building is a success as singles and young couples and family buyers.

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    A little bit about the target audience

    It can be stated that the combination of all these parameters and options provided by the apartment complex quite a wide audience. “We believe that FREEDOM brings people together, based on their views of life, and not family status,” – said representatives of “Donstroy”. It is the people for whom it is important, on the one hand, to be in the thick of things, using all the advantages of living in the city, and provides intimacy to the FREEDOM center, “Moscow-city” and to all important transport arteries of the capital. On the other hand, they are not less important to be able to retire, to distance themselves from the noise and the crazy rhythm of the city and rejuvenate, so they are attracted by the beautiful views, the cozy promenade, isolation and a kind of intimacy of the project.

    In recent years the market for housing came the so-called “creative class”, which used to mostly prefer the rent

    Freedom and creativity are also important needs for those who decided to settle in the residential FREEDOM. Why waste your time in life, when you can invest in yourself and your loved ones to spend on training, work, sport and interesting hobby? Well, dealing with everyday problems, let him are engaged specially trained people, especially the complex infrastructure to this features. Time is the only thing that takes forever, and everything that helps him to save, it is considered that audience advantage. The shorter way to the office, the closer kindergarten, sports club, beauty salon, shop, the better.

    In addition, today more and more Millennials acquire the apartment, and for this age group freedom implies the opportunity at any time to change jobs, to live in another country or to arrange a long sabbatical. They are very mobile and real estate from the very beginning are treated as an asset, so the apartment must be liquid and in demand in the rental market. Hence love for this category of customers, a functional but small in size layout, simple and stylish design with a minimal set of furniture.

    Maria Litinetskaya notes that in recent years the market for housing came the so-called “creative class”, which used to mostly prefer rent. “Careerists, young people, Bohemians, highly paid technicians today, they can find a suitable object on budget, format and location, whereas 5-10 years ago, developers thought about such an untapped consumer audience” – explains Maria Litinetskaya. And if the developers will seriously consider the needs of this target audience, in the near future, perhaps a list of “fashionable” residential complexes in business class will expand.


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