The top 10 most affordable luxury apartments buildings in the centre of Moscow – the overview of the portal


    The cost of housing the premium starts from 242 thousand rubles per square meter. This compares to the average price of a square meter in business class

    The Portal “” according to the company “Metrium” has made a rating of the ten most affordable premium buildings, located within the Third transport ring of Moscow. The minimum price of a square meter in some of them comparable to the average cost of a square meter in business class (258 thousand). Buying an apartment will cost at least 10.7 million rubles, and the apartment can be purchase for 24 million rubles. Most of the projects relate to high-rise construction, but there are even low-rise residential buildings. Four of the top 10 ready, the rest will complete in this or next year.

    “Residence Zamoskvorechye” – from 242 thousand rubles

    The rating was headed by a “Residence Zamoskvorechye”. This 14-storey building company “Trastkom development” builds on the territory of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov. There are a total of 206 apartments. The price per square meter starts from 242 thousand rubles, and the cost of apartments – from 10.7 million rubles for a Studio with an area of 32.5 square meters. The project also will be a sports complex, SPA-complex, a beauty salon and a restaurant. An additional advantage is the roof garden accessible to all tenants. Residencies completed in July-September this year.

    Art Residence – from 270 thousand rubles

    The second line is Art Residence. The complex is located near the metro station “Belorusskaya”. The project includes nine low-rise buildings, which are 250 apartments and seven penthouses. The minimum cost of square meter makes 270 thousand rubles. Price of apartments – from 28 million rubles for 59,8 sq. meter area. Infrastructure consists of coffee shops, oyster bars, galleries Jart and dentistry. Art Residence rented by the company Stone Hedge in 2016, much of it is already inhabited.

    “Daniel house” – from 290 thousand rubles

    Closes the three available complexes of premium class in TTK “Daniel house” near the metro station “Tula”. Chamber project consists of a 12-storey building with 36 apartments, including five penthouses with fireplaces, balconies and terraces. All lots sold in the White box format. KV. meter costs from 290 thousand roubles and the budget of the purchase starts to 16.5 million rubles. The same amount estimated apartments 51.6 sq. meters. The ground floor provides a lounge area and a meeting room. “Daniel house” and “Residence Zamoskvorechye” will pass in the second half of 2020.

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    “Bolshevik” – from 311 thousand rubles

    In fourth position comes the “Bolshevik” on the territory of the cultural-business center is a redevelopment project of confectionery factory of the 19th century. The complex consists of three low-rise houses 170 loft apartments are handed over with the finish. The cost of a square meter starts from 311 thousand rubles, and the cheapest loft will cost 24 million rubles (58 square meters). The center also has a business centre, the Museum of Russian impressionism, fitness center, cosmetology center, cafes, pastry shops and a recreation area. Initially, project implementation has been the company O1 Properties, then the fee-developer is the company RWB development and asset management. “Bolshevik” was put into operation last year.

    “Dialogue” – from 341 thousand rubles

    Fifth place was for “Dialogue” at Bolshaya Spasskaya. He became the only new project in the premium segment, which appeared on the Moscow market in January-March 2020. The same apartment complex as the previous, and residential. “Dialogue” consists of two 22-storey buildings, which are designed 210 apartments. The minimum cost of housing is 341 thousand rubles per square meter, and 13.4 million rubles for the lot (31,5 sq. meter). The “Center-invest” will finish the project at the end of 2021.

    Sinatra – from 341 thousand rubles

    Sixth line – the Sinatra project in the Big Tishinsky lane. This 7-storey building is a redevelopment of the building “Rospechat” the first half of the 20th century. The complex is designed for 85 apartments and twelve penthouses with mezzanine levels, balconies and Dormer Windows, as well as the possibility to install a fireplace. Rooms for rent in the White Box format. Prices in this project are almost the same as in the “Dialogue.” Apartments cost from 341 thousand rubles for “square” and from 13.6 million rubles for the object (36,2 sq. meter). On the first floor of Sinatra will open the fitness area, medical center, beauty salon, pharmacy, supermarket, flower shop and children’s club. The project developer is the company Glincom. Work will complete in the third quarter of this year.

    City Park – from 350 thousand roubles

    The next place is the City Park near the business center “Moscow-city” the most ambitious complex of included in the rating. Quarter of the company “Monarch” implemented in the framework of the renovation of the Krasnopresnensky sugar refinery. The project will build six buildings at 1213 apartments. KV. the meter is a minimum of 350 thousand rubles, and the most affordable housing – 29.1 million rubles (81,9 sq. meter). Infrastructure: a fitness center and a kindergarten. The construction is carried out in three stages: first introduced in the summer of 2019, and the second and third will pass this summer.

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    “Residence of Tver” – from 350 thousand roubles

    Eighth place for “the Residence of Tver” near the metro station “Mayakovskaya”. This 12-storey building, the upper six levels are provided for 166 service apartments and penthouses. All lots finished and furnished. Of three styles: modern, art Deco and Neoclassicism. Apartments there are 350 thousand rubles per square meter, and 16.6 million roubles the lot (the area of 34.4 square meters). The lower floors are occupied by public and commercial premises. In the atrium lobby bar, a SPA with massage treatments, Hammam and Russian bath, gym, cigar room, meeting room, home cinema, playroom for children, as well as beauty. The house is completed in 2018. The project developer is Corporation Kovacs.

    “Gardens of Beijing” – from 357 thousand rubles

    “Gardens of Beijing”, located on the ninth place, also built at Mayakovskaya for the building of the hotel “Beijing”. It’s quarter to two 13-storey building, which is designed 330 apartments and 30 penthouses. KV. meter costs from 357 thousand rubles. Apartments can be bought at least 27.4 million rubles (59,5 square meters). Also, the project constructed 6-storey office building. Restaurants, shopping, clinical cosmetology and beauty Studio. Roof-top landscaped gardens and equipped lounge area. The complex was put into operation in 2016. The developer is the company “gals-development”.

    “Chkalov” – from 362 thousand rubles

    Closes the top ten “Chkalov”, implemented by the Vesper companies and Ikon-Development in the area of the Kursk station. The complex consists of two 21-storey towers with 396 apartments. They are sold with finishing, kitchens with integrated appliances, and finished bathrooms. Prices start from 362 thousand rubles for “square” and 14.4 million rubles per apartment 32.1 square meters. The lower four floors of the building is a shopping center with restaurants and food courts. On the roof of the shopping center make a terrace for the residents. To open the yoga and Pilates Studio, fitness club, cinema-room and a coworking space, round the clock service and service. The construction of the “Chkalov” planned to finish by the end of next year.


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