The start of sales in new buildings of class “business” and later in the first half of 2020: 10 complexes in Moscow – says


    For six months the developers have brought to market seven business class, one premium and two luxury project

    In the first half of 2020, the primary market of new buildings of the “old” Moscow has added ten complexes expensive segment (the data of the company “Metrium”). Developers have launched sales in the seven projects of business class in one reward and two elite. Half of them with flats and half – apartments. Most buildings appeared in the centre and South of the capital: three. The other is located in the North-Western, Western and South-Eastern districts. The format varies from club houses to large neighbourhoods with an area of over 0.5 million square meters. As for prices, the projects of the business class is the minimum cost of housing is 6.3-9.4 million rubles. In the premium and elite systems, the entry threshold starts from a 13.4, and 44.8 million rubles. Some buildings will pass this year, and in others the surrender is only the first phase is scheduled for 2023.

    Bay City – a large-scale renovation project of the industrial zones near the Moscow river

    LCD Bay City – a residential complex of business class, the largest ever launched and, in fact, the largest in the portfolio of the developer MR Group. This is a renovation project of the industrial zone at the Volokolamsk highway, 11 acres of grounds on the banks of Spassky backwater of the Moscow river in the North-West of the city. The total area is 573 thousand square meters. The architectural project was developed by the Bureau Kamen. Bay City consists of four quarters, named in honor of world oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and North. Here are the houses variable height from 11 to 54 floors. Infrastructure includes three kindergartens and a school with 1,000 seats, a fitness centre, supermarket, shops, restaurants and cafes, pharmacies, Bank branches, a beauty salon and service. 40% of the area crafted under the green zone, including mixed and coniferous forests.

    As the project is large, then implementing it in several phases. The first accounts for 157,6 thousand “squares”. It includes 1597 apartments ranging from 27 to 117 square meters, including penthouses and homes with terraces ranging from 3.6 to 8.3 square meters. All apartments are sold in White box format. The price of housing – from 6.3 million rubles for the Studio of 27 sq meters. According to the sales Department MR Group, the share of investment purchases at the start of sales reached 30%. The most popular are the studios and “odnushki” that was 80% of transactions. In addition to the apartments in the first phase of the complex will be a 2-level underground Parking for 320 710 Parking spaces and a store room. The term of commissioning of this phase is the third quarter of 2023.

    “Truth” – the two towers on the site of the largest publishing houses of the USSR

    This is another complex of business class in the West, but located closer to the center. However, if Bay City is located near the Moscow ring road, the “Truth” from the TTC. Besides, it’s not such a large project – by 65.7 thousand square meters, and are located in this holiday apartment. The building complex, PSN Group on the part of the printing plant of the newspaper “Pravda”, which was the largest publishing house of the USSR. The author of the architectural concept was the Dutch Bureau de Architekten Cie. On a plot size of 2.6 hectares will be two 21-storey towers, United by a 6-storey stylobate.

    In houses planned 439 apartments ranging from 31 to 130 square meters. Over 60% of the lots – species, with a view of the center of Moscow and its surroundings, part of the estate with terraces. Apartments sell without repair or decoration of two types: Base and Plus. Budget shopping starts from 8 million rubles. How much is a Studio apartment without finishing area of 33 square meters. In the podium will open a kindergarten, restaurants and cafes, bakeries, banks and other infrastructure. For vehicles make 2-level underground Parking for 500 cars, which also are 437 storage. Landscaping will occupy 1.6 hectares of land. The delivery of the “Truth” is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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    “Present” – a complex of two blocks in the Ramenki

    “Present” – a residential complex of business class in the West of Moscow, near the Ramenki. The Builder supports “Niimosstroy”, financial partner, the “Centre-invest”. The total area of the property is 214 thousand sq. meters of the plot is 6,1 hectares. The architectural project was executed by Bureau Speech. “Present” includes four houses, ranging in height from 8 to 28 storeys. The building consists of two blocks.

    The complex is located 1806 apartments. Their areas range from 35 to 135 square meters. There are options with fireplaces and terraces. Prices – from 9.4 million rubles for a Studio of 35 square meters. On the first floors of the houses are restaurants, cafes, shops and domestic services, children’s center. The underground part is reserved for Parking for 1047 seats. Here we will place the storerooms. Park the complex is 3 hectares. “Real” as the previous project completed at the end of 2022-th.

    Monodom Family – two houses in Lefortovo

    Monodom Family building in the Southeast, in the district of Lefortovo. This is also the apartment complex, but much smaller in size. In the framework of the project of 16.9 thousand square meters to build two 16-storey buildings located on a common stylobate. The developer is the company Sun Development.

    In the structure of the complex of 160 apartments ranging from 27 to 115 sqm. Budget shopping starts from 6.3 million rubles for a Studio minimum space. The podium is reserved for the infrastructure, including shops and a pharmacy. Underground Parking lot for 61 plus storerooms. Will carry out accomplishment of adjoining territory. Monodom Family will complete at the end of this year.

    TopHILLS – six houses on the stylobate in South

    LCD TopHILLS class “business” will build near the metro station “Nagornaya” in the southern district. The project, designed by UNK Project, implementing the group of companies “Ingrad”. This quarter a total area of 118.2 thousand square meters of the six houses connected by a stylobate, and fitness center. The complex is made in the tradition of modern European architecture.

    In TopHILLS presented 1208 apartments ranging from 27 to 146 square meters. Layout – classic and evroformat. In a housing provided for walk-in closets, master bedrooms, large bathrooms, some of which with window, corner Windows. There are options at the sports complex “KANT” and Korobkovsky garden. Apartments for rent without finishing or finishing repairs in styles Classic and Modern. The minimum price is 7.5 million rubles for a Studio of 28 square meters. The stylobate will work shopping complex, fitness center, bakery, cafes, restaurants and so on. The underground part will be a 2-level Parking for 684 Parking spaces, which will also be freaking Keller boys. Break the square and make a pedestrian Boulevard. The complex is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

    “Novodanilovskaya, 8” – quarter Danilovskaya manufactory

    About 3 km from TopHILLS is following a new project – “Novodanilovskaya, 8”. But it does not realize the depth of the area, and right on the waterfront – in the framework of the cluster in the place of Danilovskaya manufactory. Therefore, the complex differs from the previous one and format of property: apartments offered here. The developer is a group of “Aircraft” for which Novodanilovskaya, 8″ became the first object segment of “business” in Moscow. Project by 66.5 thousand square meters includes three 24-story buildings, the architecture developed by the office of the ADM.

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    In buildings planned apartment 661 the footage from 24 to 108 “squares”. The majority of lots – European style kitchens-living rooms. From the Windows of the premises located on the 8th floor and above, views of the Moscow river. All apartments are transferred to the customers with a fine finish. Starting price of 7.7 billion rubles. This Studio is 25 square meters. Two underground levels of the project are reserved for Parking for 498 cars. Provides a landscaped courtyard, alleys and pedestrian Boulevard. Rent an apartment in the third quarter of 2022.

    “Residence Hall Shabolovsky” – the house near the Garden ring

    “Residence Hall Shabolovsky” – another “southern” project-class business and also apartment. From “Novodanilovskaya, 8” is a few kilometers, as, indeed, from the Garden ring. This 8-storey building with a total area of 9.5 thousand square meters. The developer is LLC “Shabolovsky” created by Damir Abdrakhmanov, the owner of the largest developer in the city of Ulyanovsk “New life estate”.

    The house is home to 90 apartments sizes from 39 to 109 square meters. In five sites, which are located on the upper floors have terraces. Lots to rent with a trim White box. Apartments cost from 14.6 million rubles for “odnushku” on 41 sq. meter. The first floor is designated for retail gallery, an underground level for Parking for 66 cars. On-site break Japanese garden. “Residence Hall Shabolovsky” will pass in the beginning of 2020.

    Dialog – the two towers about three stations

    The remaining three projects – a premium and elite, and they are all in the centre of the capital. Premium residential complex Dialog is located near three railway stations and the metro station “Komsomolskaya”. It is another object, with the participation of the company “the Center-invest” – in this case it stands for developer. The project includes two 22-storey building.

    The complex has 210 apartments with area from 31 to 121 square meters. This housing europeanurology, including lots with a master bedroom, a closet, a Cabinet or a window in the bathroom. Price starts from 13.4 million rubles (Studio 31 square meters). In the underground Parking is planned for 119 seats. In the yard will break the square, will make children’s playgrounds. Dialog will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021 th

    “Apricots” – mansion on Clean ponds

    Elite project “Apricots” as City Bay, implements the MR Group. But this object made in another format, included in a new business direction of the company for the construction of club houses – MR Private. This project is the restoration of the monument of architecture – the main house city mansion, the most famous owners of which were merchants and manufacturers Abrikosovy. 5-storey building has an area of 7.8 thousand square meters. The project is designed Bureau “Meganom”.

    In the house there are 27 apartments, including one in which the merchants lived Apricot. There are options with terraces and penthouses. Housing area range from 65 to 350 square meters. Lots to rent with a finish or without repair. Apartments cost from 44.8 million rubles. Provided lounge area and a fitness Studio, and a landscaped courtyard. Underneath equipped with Parking for 57 cars. The willingness of the project is 2022.

    “House Newspaper” – club project near the Kremlin

    “House Newspaper” also the club house of the elite class, it is located approximately 600 meters from the Kremlin. This is a 5-storey building. The developer is OOO “active Center”.

    The building consists of 21 apartments, two penthouses with terraces and multi-level townhouse. Area range from 59 to 620 square meters. Provides underground Parking for 25 places and guest Parking. Commissioning scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.


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