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As American technology allow customers of the Moscow real estate Agency to get up to 20% per annum in foreign currency

The capital’s property market, especially its luxury segment, has long been divided between real-estate companies, and to succeed it is not easy. Regularly here trying to settle down young and ambitious newcomers here want to become “their” and experienced businessmen who made a fortune in other areas, but few of them manage not just to survive but to stay afloat. The majority has to accept the loss and close the office. However, there are no rules without exceptions…

A good naming

The best marketing move in the life of the owner of real estate Skolkovo Realty did his dad, a simple country driver, naming a son Boris. Given names Boriskin name has become a brand literally from the birth of Boris. “The people we have met at least once, I remember me and find out how many years have passed,” laughs Boris Boriskin (photo below). It was the first, but not the only marketing course in the biography of Boris, and in the development of Skolkovo Realty bet on marketing in the real estate business. However, the real success of the Agency has brought even the introduction of the capital market of real estate of American technology, and the desire to provide every customer exactly what he needs. And even a little more. However, everything in order.

Early in his career in real estate after graduating from the Moscow banking Institute and received a second degree at the law faculty of Moscow state University, Boris Boriskin worked in the “Sberbank”. In 2004, Boris was engaged in project financing by providing loans to the construction sector. Clients Mr. Boriskina was serious, monsters development of those years: “donstroy”, “Barclay”, “Mirax” and others. And all, in theory, liked Boris in his work, except for one thing: every day, at exactly 13.00, the Department in charge of a lot of money and financial services is not the last in the capital, people closed … for lunch. One who did not finish their business, – late. “Come later,” – said managers, customers and escorted them from the office. And businessmen, owners of large fortunes, were forced to comply to this rule. However, there were exceptions. “Sometimes we have lunch, opened the entire branch under one customer who came in the Mercedes, all narodniki. I was quite surprised, asked: “who is this?” “And this, they say, some kind of a top realtor.” I’m so sunk into the soul of the painting that I still remember. When I said I wanted to be a realtor,” recalls Boris Boriskin.

Under the wing of “big brother”

The next major milestone in the biography of the future of the realtor was the opening of the company, engaged in credit brokerage, “the Credit Moscow”. The topic at that time was new, exciting and turned out to be even more closely tied to the real estate market. “Having your mortgage broker, we have begun, therefore, to accompany real estate transactions, and I saw that in this niche you can earn a lot more,” says Mr. Boriskin. Having built a startup to a state standing firmly on his feet business, Boris decided to sell it and come to grips with a more attractive market, but before to work in other real estate companies to gain experience. By the way, most of real estate agencies, where he worked as team members, no longer someone “merged” due to cash shortages, someone killed the inability to plan and to dispose of the funds of shareholders or dizziness from easy money, someone finished off the 2008 crisis.

From the start of the project, was implemented not only adapted to the Russian mentality in American technology, but the approach to the client

A private Agency was still for Mr. Boriskina worthy challenge, and in 2009 was created in Skolkovo Realty. The business developed rapidly, but a bit of luck the new company would not be prevented, especially given the market realities of the time, and then stepped in … “a higher power”. “Agency name, by the way, not taken “from the ceiling.” I have lived in SKOLKOVO, and the first all our customers were from there. Well, in 2009, adopted a law on the establishment of similar innovation center, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the corresponding decree. Honestly, I didn’t ask for this! – Boris says Boriskin. – But that all really actively began to turn, went to the information, began to attract new customers.”

The new Agency began to come people: “Here are the documents for the apartment, here are the keys and we went abroad.” Only interested in: “Vekselberg something you often calls in to check?”. “Yes, once a quarter,” I say. “Well, that’s enough, we know all about you, sell!”. So after the unexpected appearance of “big brother” Skolkovo Realty brokers has become easier to work with clients, the brand awareness it really helped.

Not a single brand

However, if the brokers Skolkovo Realty relied only on “big brother”, it is unlikely the company would be able to make serious progress on a thorny real estate path. Now, when the only space in the Capital projects Group sold a billion dollars, the average bill – about $ 1 million, and each of the 80 brokers sells at two lots per month (the average ratio is 1.7), we can talk about those know-how that led the Agency to such a worthy performance. According to Mr. Boriskina, from the start of the project, was implemented not only adapted to the Russian mentality in American technology, but the approach to the client. “First and foremost we follow the needs of our clients, all coming from this. We do not close for lunch, our team works seven days a week (24/7), if the situation demands it. If on Friday evening we showed the object, and the client said “Yes”, then at 9 a.m. Saturday in the office for the transaction will be everybody out there needs to be Protocol, and the sale will take place,” explains Boris Boriskin.

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The apartment needed … under the closet. Yes! Under closet! The client later explained that she works as a model, and a huge amount of props simply do not fit in its own place

In addition to its direct real estate responsibilities for the selection of the desired object and the conclusion of transactions, brokers began to take on many other functions greatly facilitate the life of buyers. For example, in Skolkovo Realty has a special service “transaction over the weekend”, designed for the target audience of the regions. Each potential buyer from another city in the airport or at the railway station are met by a special bus, bring it to the office, where he first looks up sentence, and then he conducted a tour of the facilities. And if the client says “Yes, that’s what I need”, then the transaction is made immediately.

Client history

The hunt for a dressing room. About a year ago, the Agency asked the girl with a very specific request. She wanted to rent an apartment in a building of residential complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” (pictured below), and has allocated a budget of 150 thousand rubles. Task was set clear, and the broker began to search, but at the moment, unfortunately, of the object with appropriate parameters in this residential complex was not. It was later revealed that the girl was looking for a flat not for themselves or even for someone close. The apartment needed … under the closet. Yes! UNDER CLOSET! The client later explained that she works as a model, and a huge amount of props simply do not fit in its own place. Broker continued to “hunt” for a dressing room, and a month later his Herculean efforts bore fruit, and the model was desired. Girl was satisfied, and the company gained another loyal customer.

Rent for a million. With this difficult case faced the rental Department Skolkovo Realty. The clients wanted to rent an apartment for a while, until their old homes are sold, and the new is being renovated. The request was clear: location – the district of Pushkin’s or Patriarch’s ponds; residential property does not lower premium, fenced area, four bedrooms, budget up to 500 thousand rubles. Broker have long sought suitable alternatives, but all that suggested was rejected: was not satisfied with either the house or the apartment itself. Then the broker decided to take a chance and sent a proposal with a budget of exactly two times more – 1 million rubles per month. And… of customers all satisfied, they looked at the object and said, take.

But at the stage of discussing price and date of transaction the owner went back on their word. He decided that if his property so quickly found tenants, it would not be difficult and quick to sell. Customers, of course, this situation is not much, and the situation began to deteriorate. In order for the deal was made, the rental Department had to show all the skills of the negotiators, leading the conversation with a terrorist who took the hostages. But the fact remains – two days the owner of the apartment for a million realized that the exposure time such housing can be very lengthy, and agreed to lease it to the Agency’s clients. Well, after the tenants have moved into refurbished housing, the Skolkovo Realty come to grips with the apartment for the owner. By the way, to find a buyer for it managed to record for the elite segment three months.

Cashback and investment management

Buyers of “secondary”, which became a Skolkovo Realty clients do not pay Commission. Moreover, even the sellers who paid the Agency for its services, it is possible to return back my money. “For this, every customer who bought their property through Skolkovo Realty, one gets a black card for yourself and five gold that he can pass on to their partners and friends. In the future every transaction new customers of the company, he gets a card cashback, gradually returning we paid an Agency Commission”, – explains Boris Boriskin, who came up with this scheme myself, after reading a couple of years ago the book “Marketing without a degree”. Such independent brokers in the Agency comes very loyal customers.

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The program Skolkovo Concierge gives the buyer or seller of real estate an opportunity not only to solve the housing problem, but continue to get a lot of other services

Another interesting customer suggestion implemented in Skolkovo Realty, – the ability to instruct the broker not only to choose the property for life, but also the investment management. “This practice is also formed gradually. First, we help the client to buy or sell the first apartment, and then he begins to apply and other queries. For example, to sell the apartment, and proceeds to invest in commercial property, find tenants and manage it,” says Mr. Boriskin.

For everyone who is going to invest in real estate, brokers Skolkovo Realty, propose an individual program: someone happy with an annual return of 15% with an increase in construction readiness of the object, someone more conservative, and closer to his investments in offices or apartments in “Moscow-city”, one expects to market “Bogaevskogo” [the above photo, the project of Capital Group, which is being built on the former site of the factory Babaevskogo – “”], and anyone is interested in stable income from overseas property. “Working with us, the customer will in any case be in the black, and this is our main know-how,” – says Boris Boriskin.

Concierge services and overseas property

Following the needs of its customers, in 2017, Skolkovo Realty has seriously expanded the range of unique services, which led to a synergistic effect from this moment, the Agency has increased sharply as a client audience, and the average check transaction. For example, the program Skolkovo Concierge gives the buyer or seller of real estate an opportunity not only to solve the housing problem, but continue to get a lot of other services, that is, to completely cover all the needs in Lifestyle. To order tickets and hotels a week before departure to find the desired class cabin on an ocean liner (this is a very common issue, as most cruises sell out fast), to find a reliable babysitter for a child or a person who can walk the dog, call a taxi and much more – all managers staff Skolkovo Concierge.

The Agency provides customers with facilities in the USA stable income, even the “secondary housing” can bring 12% per annum, and in the primary market investment you can get 20% per annum,

“The service was useful to everyone: customers who solve their problems with one call, and the company, which is not forget what led to the growth of repeat calls on the main profile – real estate. Moreover, the options of tickets, hotels, and other selected our managers, usually cheaper than the market in General”, – said Boris Boriskin.

The second direction – selling foreign real estate – also allowed the company to reach a new level. Following the demands of its customers, Skolkovo Realty began to offer them properties in USA, UAE and Cyprus. Each area is unique, particularly in Miami, a lively and growing city, buy a apartment for living and investment purposes. For those who an important opportunity for quality recreation, brokers property in Dubai, Arab Disneyland, someone is closer in spirit to Cyprus, and for them the Agency is also exclusive options.

According to Boris Boriskina, now in great demand from customers, the company is the real estate in Miami (pictured above), the more the Agency provides customers with facilities in the USA stable income, even the “secondary housing” can bring 12% per annum, and in the primary market investment you can get 20% per annum, while all the objects in Skolkovo Realty takes under the control. “With the lease investor on every invested half a million dollars gets an average profit of five thousand dollars,” he says. In addition, in demand and service on mortgages for foreigners, which allows you to eventually make good money. “Enough to pay 40% of the value of the object, and the rest of the amount our client will provide the Bank at 4% per annum, then we rent a lot rent that not only covers the cost of the mortgage and maintaining the property but also brings profit. For example, if the value of the apartments in 0,5-1 million dollars expenditure will be about $ 1,500 per month, and the lease the customer can obtain a profit of $ 4000-5000 dollars a month,” explains Boris Boriskin.

Skolkovo Realty does not rest on its laurels, the company plans a major expansion. In particular, by 2021 Boris Boriskin hopes that the team will grow to 400 employees, and buyers and sellers of real estate opportunities and programs as investment and services. Although, of course, the main fixed idea – to create in Russia the system of the real estate market perfectly tuned for the needs of the customer, companies are unlikely to implement, it depends on too many factors. However, the Skolkovo team Realty is going to do to realize your dreams everything.


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