Every sixth resident of the United States enjoys virtual voice assistants, one third of which is used to control smart home systems

Six in the morning, the alarm clock rings earlier than usual. But the clock is not broke: they just scanned the schedule of the owner and corrected the ascent. Shower automatically turns on and heats to the desired temperature. Meanwhile, the electric car is ready to drive the charge from the solar panels or wind turbines on the roof. Returning home, he sees a package delivered by drone. Opening it, he finds the cure for the common cold. Health sensors embedded into the bathroom, found the signs of impending illness and ordered in a pharmacy of pills and medicine, writing off from the account in the smartphone necessary amount.

How much is a smart house

This futuristic sketch, borrowed by me (Sergey Kostevich in the photo below) from the American magazine Time, not the distant future, and one of the current trends in the development of devices for the smart home. These changes are happening before our eyes. Technology is changing the way people live. “Alice”, virtual assistant, created by Yandex, we ask you to include your favorite music or tell you the weather forecast. Such options do not surprise anyone.

Not surprised by the ability to turn on the air conditioner at home before you go inside. Today smart speakers that tell owners the latest news include coffee makers and TVs, according to estimates of analysts of NPR and Edison are 39 million Americans, that is almost every sixth resident of the United States. While 30% of owners use their speakers for smart home control.

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Soon we will begin to discuss with voice assistant recipes to cook dishes for which he alone will be ordering the set of products

In Russia, these technologies are not as active, but for a long time is not available to the richest people. So, a set of “smart house” that includes a set of sensors, a video camera and a special mobile application, can now be purchased in an average 18 thousand rubles. It all works remotely and closely integrated with voice assistants.

Gadgets in the kitchen

In the near future, think smart gadgets will begin large-scale expansion in our kitchens. Smart boards and coffee makers are already available, and combining them using the control center app on your phone, you can give them scenarios. Stores without cashiers, where other app in the smartphone reads the information from the shelves with the goods and shall debit the payment at the checkout, by the way, is also a reality.

A new study by GfK shows that consumers expect also the appearance of kitchen appliances without wires, which is charged directly on the countertop, and included with the application on the smartphone.

The next step: “Alice”, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant will manage dishwashers, steamers and kettles. Soon we will begin to discuss with voice assistant recipes of dishes to prepare which he will order the necessary set of products.

The device is simple, as a stool

First computers worked on the systems OS, Xenix and MS-DOS, and demanded from users of technical competence. Today, the use of computers can even preschoolers. Human interaction with the device will become more comfortable and natural for the user. It will take quite some time, and ease of use can be compared with a stool, a broom or a Cup. Hardly anyone has any questions on how to use these objects in everyday life?!

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Evolution of interaction will lead to the creation of a new voice and visual interfaces, improved image recognition, touch-technology. It is expected that home technology will be included in our daily life, thanks to deep integration. Soon you will be able to use a single technology for voice control, included in the car’s dashboard, home audio system, TV and phones.

Most importantly, do not spend the time freed thanks to one of the gadgets on other gadgets

New technologies can change our way of life. Because the devices are designed to decide for the man of small but necessary daily tasks. Getting rid of this routine, people will be able to focus on more important things: family, work, Hobbies. Most importantly, do not spend the time freed thanks to one of the gadgets on other gadgets.


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