The most affordable new buildings in the center of Moscow


The cost of apartments in CAO projects starts from 11.4 million rubles

In the last year, prices for flats and apartments in new buildings in the center of Moscow have grown especially rapidly. Including because of investors who, during a period of economic instability, sought to invest in the most liquid housing, which is easy to rent out or can be quickly resold. In April-June 2022, about a thousand apartments were sold in the CAO projects. Average price per sq. meters reached 1.3 million rubles, an increase of 52% over the year. The average cost of an apartment has risen from 104 to 164 million rubles. However, there are still complexes where you can buy housing at a relatively affordable price. Portal “” based on the data of “Metrium” has compiled a rating of projects in the Central Administrative District with a minimum cost of apartments. In the first of them, housing costs from 11.4 million rubles. The next two complexes lag behind in terms of affordability, but even in them the minimum purchase budget does not exceed 20 million rubles.

Mypriority Basmanny – from 11.4 million rubles

The most affordable residential complex in the center of the capital is the Mypriority Basmanny business class project. Now 123 apartments are for sale here. Their cost starts from 11.4 million rubles. For this price you can buy a studio with a total area of ​​29 sq. meters. It is located on the seventh floor of the eighth section. The window overlooks the courtyard. Also, in some sections, the developer offers housing with a pre-finishing finish. Such options cost from 20.1 million rubles. This is also a studio, but with a larger area – 35.4 sq. meters. It is located on the fourth floor of the third section. There are two windows, they go to Hospital lane.


The project is being implemented by the Granel group of companies. She specializes in the construction of housing for the mass segment, and in 2021 she made her debut in the “business”. Mypriority Basmanny became its first business class property and at the same time the first project under the umbrella brand of Mypriority business class projects.

The residential complex is located, as the name implies, in the Basmanny district, next to the Rubtsovskaya Yauza embankment. The project with a total area of ​​102.2 thousand square meters. meters includes a multi-section house of variable number of storeys 9-19 floors. There are 1,227 apartments ranging from 28.9 to 112.2 sq. meters. According to the Nash.dom.rf website, 17% of them have been sold. A supermarket, a fitness center with SPA and a children's leisure center will open in the house. Sections form a yard, half of which was taken for landscaping. The space will be divided into four thematic zones: My Lounge, My Sport, My Play and My Community. In the underground part (one and two levels) there will be parking for 434 cars with a car wash. Construction will be completed in July-September 2024.

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Republic – from 19.8 million rubles

Then comes Republic, which is a higher class – premium, but the prices in it are starting. Sales of the first stage began in July this year. There are 94 apartments to choose from. The minimum cost is much higher and starts from 19.8 million rubles. This amount was estimated at the studio with a total area of ​​30.2 square meters. meters. It is located on the third floor of one of the twin towers (section number 1). In the second of them (section No. 2), all housing is sold with a pre-finishing finish. The minimum cost of apartments is comparable – 20.1 million rubles. But this studio has a smaller area: 26.9 sq. meters. It's on sale on the fourth floor.

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If Mypriority Basmanny became the debut project of Granella in business, then Republic was the second object of the Forma company and the first in the “premium”. This is the structure of the PIK group of companies, the largest developer in Russia, building mainly housing for the mass segment. Forma was created to implement business and premium class projects. The company entered the market in 2021 with the Forst business-class complex, and a year later launched Republic. This residential complex is being built in the Presnesky district on the site of the former car repair workshops of the Moscow-Alexandrovskaya railway.

Republic is a larger project than the previous one – 390 thousand square meters. meters. It includes ten residential buildings with a height of 24-45 floors, an office building and four renovated workshop buildings. The first phase includes 26-storey Reds twin houses with 389 apartments ranging from 27 to 141 sq. meters and 353 parking spaces. Already sold 21% of housing. The project took sixth place in the ranking of the most popular premium new buildings in the capital in July-September, compiled by Metrium experts. Here they bought 3.2 thousand square meters. meters of housing, which accounted for 6.3% of all sales in the segment. Two cinema halls, 35 shops, about 30 retail outlets and services, and 25 gastronomic outlets will open on the territory. The workshop buildings will house a cinema, the Moscow gastronomic center, a shopping alley, thermal baths and a kindergarten. 60 thousand square meters were allocated for landscaping. meters. There will be a Collective Square, a boulevard, a park and a square. The first phase will be handed over a year later than Mypriority Basmanny, in July-September 2025.

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Headliner – from 19.9 million rubles

The headliner business class project closes the top 3, where the cost and area of ​​the most affordable apartment are almost the same as in the Republic. For 19.9 million you can buy a studio of 30 sq. meters. Only housing is located much higher: on the 47th floor of the fourth building, which will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2024.

Headliner is a project of Kortros group of companies. This residential complex is adjacent to the previous one in the area. But Republic is being built closer to the Belorussky railway station, and Headliner is being built near the Moscow City business center, near Shelepikhinskaya embankment.

And this is an even bigger project. Its total area is 468 thousand square meters. meters. Ten skyscrapers will be built as part of the residential complex, the highest of which reaches 53 floors, and underground parking for 1.7 thousand places. Planned 3736 apartments with an area of ​​29-118 square meters. meters. Some of the houses have been completed, while 45-57% of the apartments have been sold in the rest. Two kindergartens will open. On the first floors of the houses there will be a fitness center, beauty salons, shops, cafes and pharmacies. Playgrounds will be installed in the courtyard and recreation areas will be allocated. The adjacent area of ​​the embankment is also equipped for walking. Three houses and a kindergarten were completed in 2019. Three more houses and a kindergarten will be handed over at the end of this year, and the remaining four – in April-June 2024.



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