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    In the eve of new year holidays many people dream about miracles and magic. If these miracles were gifts from Santa Claus, growing up, people try to surprise yourself and loved ones on their own. The purchase of real estate can safely be called one of the most important moments in the lives of many Russians, so that is not a good discount at the cottage from the Builder can make Christmas celebration memorable and unique?

    In the snowy days of December, many suburban developers are trying to please buyers by offering them to purchase a dream house on various stocks, often at a substantial discount. And there are a few important reasons. In the pre-holiday worries among buyers, there is very little time for finding and buying a country house, resulting in modest demand is reduced even more. In such a situation, only the active marketing steps developers can keep him at least at any acceptable level. In this action on the eve of New year allow the company to increase customer loyalty even after the holidays, demonstrating a clear target audience with the help of Christmas concessions on its interest in customers. Even if the buyer saw the offer about the discount, and not buy a cottage or townhouse now, he could remember about the village later in the spring, when demand for the country market a few revives.

    In the magical pre-holiday portal traditionally, presents to readers a little review of cottage settlements, which are the most advantageous discounts and promotions.

    In the village of “Cambridge” from the developer Optiland in the New Riga you can buy two types of townhouses with a special Christmas discount of 11%. The first of them has total area of 110 square meters, including the attic floor of 30 sq m, two Parking spaces and a small plot of land. It is sold just 5.9 million RUB. the Second option is an end townhouse with area of 150 sq. m. including the attic that allows you to organize in the house at least 4 bedrooms and a spacious living room. Townhouse available for 7.9 million rubles. The price also includes a Parking space and a plot of land near the house.

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    In the village of “Marcel” which is located on the territory of New Moscow, in the new year the campaign involved the total area is 78 sq. m for 4.5 million rubles, which will comfortably accommodate 2-3 bedrooms, end townhouse, with total area of 130 sq m for 7.3 million rubles, where will fit 4 full bedrooms. Each object is connected to the necessary for a comfortable life Central communications, has a plot of land 2 to 5 acres and two Parking spaces. By the end of year it sells duplex 135 sq m at the special price of 8.1 million rubles and duplexes with an area of 155 sq m over 9.1 million RUB, in which you can organize a full 5 rooms not counting the living room. All duplexes in the area is also connected to the Central communications, have a land area of 4-5 acres and have Parking spaces.

    In the village of “Golden pine” at the moment there are 12 proposals for ready and under construction homes with special conditions. The developer offers a discount of 8 to 14%, which in monetary terms is from 800 thousand rubles to 1.5 million rubles. the Slogan of the current campaign sounds like “Giving discounts and gifts and benefits.” So, all guests of the village-inclusive household holidays, in addition to discounts and special offers for installments up to 9 months, get a gift certificates for chores in the amount of 250 thousand rubles. and a certificate for “an unforgettable weekend in the village”, which includes accommodation in the guest house, dinner in the restaurant and other entertainment available in the manual “Golden Pine”.

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    In the village “Ivan Kupala” with the purchase of land at 4th and 5th streets third phase until January 15, 2019, the client receives acres of land as a gift. In addition, with the purchase of nearby parcels until 15 January, the pipes in the house are free of charge. Plots No. 96,97,119,121 in the third phase of the village can be bought at a discount of 15%.

    In the village “New Veshki” acts Christmas campaign “Room as a gift.” Until the end of December buyers have the opportunity to include in any home project additional room 40 sq. m. Planning decisions are coordinated with the architects of the settlement in accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

    In the elite cottage village “Petrovo-Dalnee” until 31 December discount on ready 4 the house, amount to 7.9 million RUB Cottage-plan “Antibes” can be purchased at a price of RUB 45 million instead of 52.9 mln, two cottage-plan “Rouen” over 26 million rubles, instead of the 31.6 million RUB, house-plan “Dijon” for RUB 29 million instead of 36 million rubles.

    In another elite settlement “Renaissance Park” until December 30, the discount is up to 20%.

    Thus, the purchase of a cottage before the New year can be a very profitable venture that will make the occasion truly memorable.

    And yet, every man ought to proceed from the totality of the individual circumstances and requests. Even in these special days of the acquisition of real estate does not tolerate heat. Its high cost, even though the subject shares from the developers, requires a balanced and pragmatic approach.


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