Opinion: How the modern architecture supports a connection with nature


The longer the history of quarantine, the more we spend time at home. And more often wondering how residential architecture may change in the future. Held in June 2020 design week in San Francisco (San Francisco Design Week) architect Leo Marmol, managing partner at Marmol Radzine, pdnyali the strategy for in/ex (interior and exterior, inner and outer). In his opinion the ideas of early modernism timely and appropriate today for the health and well-being at home.

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Stephen Moser Architect

“Modernism is the concept of communication. In my opinion, too superficial to think of modernism as style, and overly simplifying it, reducing to duty items like flat roofs and the sterility of the interiors. That’s not it. It’s in a relationship. The matter of when. Communication with us and our families in the way the space inside the house flows and flows outward in correlation with the rhythms of the environment outside our rooms,” said Leo Marmol.

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Marmol Radziner

Large Windows and doors for natural light and ventilation

Elements such as large glass sliding or swinging doors and Windows open the house to nature and in a natural way connect it with the environment. “In many ways, just to open doors and Windows to create a more healthy internal environment,” says the architect.

For example, with photo — house in Los Angeles designed and built by architects Marmol Radzine, full use of the advantages of the location between hillside and canyon road in the mountains of Santa Monica. The house is designed in support of the strong relationship of internal and external space — large Windows and sliding doors.


Another example is from Australia where you can live in the open air almost all year round. Dining room and living room of the house was completely open to the landscape, and sliding walls to create a connection between spaces. Also, the wooden floors inside the house and exterior decks boards help to connect these two spaces.

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Walker Workshop

In this house in Los Angeles designed by architects Walker Workshop, the corridor leading to the bedrooms of the house, one side glazed, and from there views of the courtyard. Glass wall works as a sliding partition, so that the corridor and the courtyard become a single space.

place architecture:design

Life in the open air, it seems natural in places with mild climate, such as California and the Mediterranean. But what about the regions with more extreme weather conditions? In the vicinity of Baltimore (pictured) panoramic Windows all year round allows you to monitor the change of the seasons.

Dovetail General Contractors

Natural materials: direct connection with nature

Although the lines and details of modern houses can be concise and geometric, this does not mean that they are cold and sterile. For Leo Marmol perfect modern interior — visually warm and comfortable: “these are natural materials, their texture. We often use materials that add an element of relationship with the land and nature as a whole.”
Photo — house on Whidbey island, North of Seattle, with natural materials. Even for tracks here, prefer a flooring of pine boards.

Dovetail General Contractors

The same flooring flows from the street into the house, creating a seamless transition between internal and external space.
The walls are lined with alder, and the ceiling is sheathed with cedar boards under a transparent oil. It is a combination of different types of wood adds warmth to the interior, without overloading and without cluttering the space.

RMLA – Rob Maday Landscape Architecture, Inc.

In Santa Barbara, CA, plot designed by the Bureau RMLA — Rob Maday Landscape Architecture. The warm tone of the stone tiles that make up track and trim pad, light stone garden-pool house —all this creates a sense of privacy in natural surroundings.

Bates Masi Architects LLC

This house is in the Hamptons, new York, built by Bates Masi + Architects associated with the landscape and pays tribute to the old building in the style of mid-century modernism, which was destroyed by hurricane sandy. One of the ways in which architects have achieved a connection with the landscape and the history of the house is the materials. They chose simple, natural options for interior and exterior spaces. For example, large-format stone flooring, rolling out of the interiors of the house to the street.

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Acorn Deck House Company

Smaller scale for greater comfort

Modernism inefficient when building large homes. On of service is spent a lot of resources. ACCORDING to Leo Marmol, “we always strive to build a smaller house that is eco-efficient and allows more space to leave for the garden and nature.”
Home in Massachusetts (pictured) from Acorn Deck House small in size and delivered from the edge of the area, leaving more room for life in the open air.

Acorn Deck House Company

Inside the house two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage and large living room. The space is open and airy with glass walls from floor to ceiling and panoramic Windows with views of nature. More intimate, human scale of the interiors and proportions of the home living there is helping people better connect with each other and with the surrounding worlds ( as opposed to houses with a giant scale).

Stephen Moser Architect

Windows, terraces and balconies — view of the nature of a condominium.

For those who live in apartments in multi-storey homes, also have the opportunity to get closer to nature: “the Sense of perception becomes quite different if we could open the window and see the city, can feel part of it. Life in the open air in urban environments is possible with balconies and terraces,” notes Leo Marmol.
Bedroom in new York (pictured), designed by Stephen Moser Architect, flooded with light from floor to ceiling panoramic glazing. Opening the door, you can get on a balcony with a small garden.


Frameless glazing of balconies, a mirror, which multiplies the amount of greenery are all steps towards nature.

ae design

Mini garden filled with plants, brings a bit of nature in the urban environment.


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