Walk on the couch: at Home in the deep woods


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BIO architects

1. Houseboat
Where: Moskovsaya oblast, Russia
Project architects: BIO architects

Modular house, invented by Ivan Ovchinnikov, just organically looks in a forest environment. But the design allows not to be limited to stationary options, and make the house floating.

Keuka Studios, Inc

2. Being dissolved among the trees
Where: the new York state, USA
Project architects: Keuka Studios

Graphically, this house blends into the local landscape: panoramic Windows “disappear” into the walls, and racks designs themselves are reminiscent of the trunks of trees.

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

3. House on the hill
Architettori project: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

The house is on the only flat section of the hill with views of mount St. Helena.

Art design Studio Yuri Zubenko

4. Dom u ruchya
Where: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia
The designers of the project: Yuriy Zubenko and Olga Shcherbakova, an Art design Studio Yuri Zubenko

The first time he saw the site located on the banks of a mountain stream, the architect Yuri Zubenko was amazed by the beauty of local forests and landscape. He offered customers “to let” nature to the interior, turning the walls and panoramic Windows revealing views of the forest and Creek.

Architectural Bureau “NEEDLES”

5. House on the edge of the forest
Where: Leningrad region, village Roschino, Russia
The architects of the project:
Architectural Bureau “NEEDLES”

To not disturb the trees on the site and two muravinka, the architects chose an elongated shape of the house. It literally stretched between trees.

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Kotaro Ide / ARTechnic architects

6. Sink in the woods
Where: Karuizawa, Japan
Project architects: Kotaro Ide / ARTechnic arch

Home form somewhere between a spaceship and a beach shell. View, a small area in the forest “won” for landings.

ÜberRaum Architects

7. With the panorama of the black forest
Baden-Baden, Germany
Project architects: Architects ÜberRaum

The house is built on a hillside, surrounded by green lesmi of the black forest.

Andre Boettcher Photography

8. In the middle of nowhere
Lavia, Finland
Project architects: Tim Bergman and Jonas Becker, Studio Politaire

During a joint holiday in Finland, my friends, the students of the architectural Department had the idea to build a house right in the middle of the forest. They were not even embarrassed by the need to haul the building materials through the forest, a few kilometers from the road.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

9. The perfect disguise
mill valley, United States
Project architects: Feldman Architecture

This house with green roof is practically insoluble in the natural environment.

traverso has been architetti

10. Place to read… in the forest
forest near Vicenza, Italy
Architect: Giovanni Traverso, traverso has been architetti

A small pavilion, two-thirds depth into the ground created for the customer who comes here to read in silence and look at the night sky.

Jours & Nuits

11. Tree house
Bellecombe, Alps, France
Project photo: Jours & Nuits

This house enshrined winches between the pine trees, the family with 50 dogs (they are addicted to racing) was built on the site in the French Alps.

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AM Architekten

12. Career
Essen, Germany
Project architects: Architekten AM

The architects rebuilt the old house in 1855, standing near the quarry on the edge of the forest.

De Rosee Sa

13. Black hut
United Kingdom
Project architects: De Rosee Sa

This house is on the edge of the forest, built using local wood and stained in black.

Nadja Endler | Photography

14. Blueberry meadows
Architect: Sofia Kanye
Photo: Nadja Endler

Old pine trees, blueberry bushes and Heather around the house create a picturesque environment, hiding the nearby ferry Wharf.

Olga Shangina | Photography

15. House on a cliff
Moscow region, Russia
The authors of the project: Construction company “Fachwerkstra”
Photo: Olga Shangina

The house stands on a plot with a slope, and around had a view of the real Russian “jungle”. Not even a forest in the conventional sense, and wild greens, going down under the cliff.

16. The house of two sisters
Caserrole, Spain
Project architects: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes

In the low mountains near Barcelona, the two sisters built themselves a wooden house with a view of the forest and surrounding hills.

PAN the Landscape

17. Among the pines
Moscow region, Russia
Landscape designers: PAN the Landscape

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