Mortgages of 6.5% or below in 2020: the best mortgage program with state support for housing purchase in the Bank of Russia says


A month ago, started lending with government support under 6.5%. But the banks, competing for customers willing to offer a smaller percentage

The program of preferential mortgage at 6.5% on the purchase of new housing, the government launched almost a month ago. She was supposed to support the construction industry, faced with falling demand amid worsening economic situation and restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus. In the framework of the “Mortgage with state support 2020” maximum loan amount is 8 million rubles for Moscow and Leningrad regions and 3 million rubles for the other. The initial payment starts from 20%, the mortgage term up to 20 years.

Banks began to accept applications before the approval of the program, which took place on April 23. On the 20th of April, VTB issued the first loan under gesubsidieerde. To 10 may in Russia, according to acting Minister of construction, housing and utilities Nikita Staresina, Russia has issued approximately 6.8 thousand loans for the sum more than 17 billion rubles. The banks, competing for customers willing to offer a smaller percentage. In addition, developers have started to further subsidize the rate. The material is based on data Agency “Bon Ton”.

The program of preferential mortgage at a 5.9 to 6.25%

Great program with government support in the mortgage market noted in the “Metallinvestbank” and the Moscow credit Bank. Rate is 5.9%. For example, if the loan in the amount of 3.5 million rubles for a period of 15 years the payments will amount to 29.4 thousand rubles a month. The total overpayment will be only 1.8 million rubles.

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“PSB”, “Zenith” and “Renaissance” offers buyers of new housing, the rate of 6%. An increase of 0.1% slightly changes the situation: each month the borrower will make 29,5 thousand roubles, and an overpayment will total 1.82 million. For customers that actively use a special card, “Revival” further lowers the rate by 0.5%.

In the largest Russian Bank – Sberbank – rate starts from 6.1%. These conditions apply when you use electronic registration. And the “Discount for SIR” to reduce rate from 6.4 to 6.1%. Under the same percentage you can get a mortgage in the Bank “House.of the Russian Federation”. To get the discount of 0.4% (to 6.1%), you need to have a salary project or provide a statement from FIU. When making a loan at 6.1 percent, given the same parameters, the monthly payment will remain up to 30 thousand rubles. The amount of overpayment is 1.85 million. Also interesting conditions from “Raiffeisenbank”, JSC “BARS” and “Open” – under of 6.19-6.25% per annum.

Developers subsidized rate of 0.01%

Some developers decided to go further, further cubsidirovat rate under the program with state support. The group of companies of FGC in collaboration with “Alfa-Bank” has launched an offer by which the mortgage rate is only 0.01% to the end of 2020, and then to 6.5%. So, when you purchase two-bedroom apartments cost of the 5.49 million rubles in the residential complex “Danish quarter” the initial payment of 20% will amount to 1.1 million rubles. Until 31 December this year, the monthly payment will be only 32 rubles a month.

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The same conditions in the programs of group of companies “Ingrad” with partner banks and groups “Airplane” with the “alpha-Bank” mortgage at 0.01% to the end of 2020 and 6.5% in the future. UK “Development”, developer of “the World Mitino”, further subsidizes the rate to 0.5% to the end of the year. Another two companies “don-Stroy” AFI Development – in partnership with VTB Bank more favorable conditions. Rate is also 0.5%, but it works for much longer – the entire first year after home purchase.


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