Vintage house with gorgeous decor in England


    God save the Queen! These words first come to mind at the sight of this English residence worthy of the attention of Elizabeth. Everything in the interior is reminiscent of that here lives the blue blood. Look at the gilded frames and busts in the style of Old England. Exceptionally fine ceiling spotlights brought, it seems, right from the title of the evenings of the Queen. Expensive wood and fabric allow you to feel their uniqueness and exclusivity, status and quality of life. The design is not serious. The picture with the bird in the form of official outright kitsch — there are people who appreciate art and play with it to treat everything naturally. Hats everywhere and even a cactus — it is impossible not to be touched, looking at all this

    . Several bedrooms and bathrooms, each executed in his style — cool, high quality, stylish, playful, adorable! Home for people with as and high intelligence!

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