Moscow secrets: the history of the Theater House


The complex was built near the Arbat. The atmosphere and historical memory of this land can inspire anyone who settles here

All theatrical performances are for some reason about people, and some are about people who imagined themselves as birds. But there could be a play in which the main role is played by … the house. Theater house. Moreover, he has something to tell …

And because it was built a five-minute walk from the Arbat. This land has absorbed so many layers of history that if I had a chance to remember all the local tales, sitting right there in the Prague restaurant, my interlocutors and I would have uncorked more than one bottle of wine. The house opposite, on Povarskaya, would look at us, mentally grinning, because, of course, he knows much more than mine: the memory of a place is the strongest thing!

This place, of course, remembers the times when Povarskaya walked all the way to the Arbat Gate, there was still no tunnel and Kalininsky Prospekt, and the restaurant “Prague” was, though exemplary, but a dining room. In the pre-revolutionary Prague, Chekhov and the Moscow Art Theater celebrated the premiere of The Seagull, and Leo Tolstoy arranged readings of the Resurrection novel.

And even earlier, numerous merchant estates captured in their history those who later, much later, would also become classics: Lermontov, for example. Over time, the local mansions were bought by wealthy businessmen of the modern era, but they also had a passion for art: they received numerous writers (Tsvetaeva, Voloshin, Mayakovsky, Mandelstam). Remembers Povarskaya and actress Vera Komissarzhevskaya. On Povarskaya, Meyerhold and Stanislavsky founded an experimental studio theater. And with the onset of 1909, a cultural event of world importance thundered: in the neighborhood, on Arbat Square, the Khudozhestvenny cinema, originally called an electrotheatre or cinematograph, was opened. They say that Lev Tolstoy even managed to attend one of the sessions.

Just imagine what someone who was a living witness of all these historical milestones could tell us? And if we really believe in the “genius of the place”, then the very atmosphere and historical memory of these streets can still inspire anyone who settles here.

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But excuse me, you say, where do you live here? All mansions are transferred to institutions and museums. Old housing stock with windows overlooking the Arbat (either New with motorcade, or “old” with crowds of tourists) is an average pleasure. Decent apartments in Arbat lanes and near Patriarch's are an excellent choice, but they require a budget of under 200 million rubles, or even more. What to choose?

The Theater House on Povarskaya is a club project that will not force you to compromise. Just imagine: the same Povarskaya, and almost all famous Moscow theaters with a worldwide reputation are located within a 5-minute drive. Actors, directors, playwrights and artists will become your neighbors, as many of them live near the theater.

At the same time, the house stands slightly away from the noisy Novy Arbat, it has its own cozy quiet courtyard, but the territory is not cramped (more than 2 hectares) and is decorated with exquisite landscape design. In such a courtyard, it's nice to walk, think over a plot for your new book, or just collect your thoughts. Outsiders will not bother: all the nuances have been thought out here to preserve your privacy.

The architecture of the complex combines features of neoclassicism and Russian modern style. Its elements – openwork, floral, light ornaments, artistic forging – will take you to the era of the beginning of the 20th century, will create a romantic and creative mood.

here by architects Nikolai Strukov and Victor Hartman in 1893. This quarter was closely associated with the names of the greatest theatrical reformers: Konstantin Stanislavsky, Vsevolod Meyerhold, as well as composer Alexander Scriabin.

You can hold a business meeting or just dine in one of the many restaurants in the area. Have a coffee with a croissant? Also not a problem: you can go down to the coffee shop in slippers, because it is located on the first floor.

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But the most important thing, of course, is inside the Theater House: your personal apartments, the space that you furnish in accordance with your tastes and interests. Now, out of 129 lots, 24 are still in the market, including two luxurious penthouses (but we will tell you about them separately). Despite the small number of apartments for sale, the choice is quite good: from 102 to 402 sq. meters, with the number of bedrooms two, three or six. The cost depends both on the area and on the species characteristics: the most expensive lots are offered on the 8th floor. On the 3rd floor, you can buy a 2-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​101.7 sq. meters at a price of 83.9 million rubles. It is easy to plan everything you need here: a kitchen-living room (27 square meters), an office, a bedroom (22 square meters), two spacious dressing rooms and two bathrooms.

But the real “stars” of the “Theater House” are penthouses. There are only two of them, while it is possible to combine them horizontally into a single living space, which will occupy an area of ​​401.6 sq. meters. Then you will become the owner of four luxurious terraces with the best views in Moscow at once: here is the prospect of Novy Arbat and Kutuzovsky Prospekt, and a view of the Kremlin, Moscow City, the hotel “Ukraine” or the “Moorish castle” of Savva Morozov, the boulevards and lively Arbat Square. The terrace is suitable both for those who like parties with friends and for those who prefer philosophical solitude with a cigar and a glass of whiskey at sunset.

The Theater House will be appreciated by those who love the capital, its streets, its history, its secrets. Here you will discover the real Moscow, and it will make you feel special, and the whole city will be at your feet.


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