Premium and luxury apartments with terraces in Moscow – review of proposals from real estate portal


    In premium and luxury projects in the capital to buy housing with open space area of 267 square meters

    The terrace allows you to bring in a city apartment with a rustic home. In private space under the open sky, suit year-round gardening, equipped with barbecue area picnic, create a vacation spot with a pool and sun loungers or, for example, a children’s Playground. Such housing is, of course, expensive, but at the price of themselves summer areas you can save money: usually they sell by a factor of 0.3. The square footage of the terraces may vary from a few square meters, which is closer to the open balconies or loggias, up to several hundred square meters, where you can not limit yourself in the choice and make multi-function Seating area. The Portal “” picked up market premium and elite new buildings of Moscow six projects in which you can buy an apartment with the most spacious terraces.

    The elite quarter “the Theatrical house” the terrace of 58 square meters

    In the elite quarter “Theatre house”, built by the company “gals-development” in the area of New Arbat, the large terrace – 58 sq metres – is part of apartment the area of 208 square meters. The peculiarity of the lot is a private staircase with access to the roof, which can be equipped as an extra Seating area. The apartment is on the 4th floor of the first section of the complex value of the object is 178 million.

    “Theatre house” consists of an 8-section structure with a height of 4 to 7 floors. The area includes fragments of tenement houses and urban manor built in the 19th and 20th centuries. In particular, the building facing Cook street, built in the late 19th century according to the architectural project of Nikolai Strukov. In this building the Theater was Nemchinov and experimental Studio founded a theater Director Konstantin Stanislavsky. The history of the place and formed the basis of the concept. The project was performed in workshop of “Mosproject-2 im. M. V. Posokhin”. Quarter commissioned in late 2017.

    Project elite class Cloud Nine terrace is 66.3 square meters

    In another luxury project of Cloud Nine, which implements the Vesper near the Tretyakov gallery, the area comes to 66.3 square meters. On the terrace is easy to make a relaxation area with a summer kitchen. Such a space in 3-bedroom apartments with square footage 175,8 sq. meters. This house, like all in the complex, for rent fully finished, with equipped kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Design project you can select in the style of modern classics from the archive Bureau “Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners” and the industrial eco-chic from the designer of the Ferrari brand Massimo IOSA Ghini. Lot is located on the 4th floor of the house C. Apartment sold for 188,2 million.

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    Cloud Nine – the project includes the renovation of four 4-6-storey buildings of the 19-20 centuries. For example, in one of the buildings, facing a Large Clearing, was located the printing house of brothers Manitou. Here made wrappers for candy “Partnership einem” (now “Red October”). And another building is located on the side of Staromonetny lane, was a tenement house. Project architects – Bureau “Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners”. The complex is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

    Premium quarter Hill8 – terrace of 77.5 square metres

    In the premium Hill8 complex on Prospekt Mira project developer “city-XXI century” – you can buy apartment with two terraces, total area of which – 77,5 sq. meters. The whole lot has a square footage 208,1 square meters. There is a kitchen-living room, two master bedrooms with bathrooms, Laundry room. The apartment is located on the 14th floor of the building. Hence the detached view to the Ostankino tower, the business center “Moscow-city” and the panorama of the city. To pay for the lot will have 104 million rubles.

    Hill8 includes a 15-storey building, built in the style of minimalism. The complex is positioned by the developer as “the eighth hill of Moscow. The facade developed by the archive Bureau ABD architects, and the author of the concept of lobby and public areas, eye-catching futuristic design and smooth natural shapes, was created by designer Karim Rashid. This project, like Cloud Nine, will complete next year, only later in the fourth quarter.

    Premium complex RedSide terrace 101 sq meter

    The complex premium RedSide the large terrace is arranged at the 2-level penthouse on the seventh floor of the building № 7. Space area is 101 sq. meter. On the roof already erected walls to protect from the wind and prepared the floors for the technical and finishing works. The total square footage of the lot – 350,2 square meters. The plan from developer offers 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and unit with bathroom, kitchen and lounge on the second terraced level. In the area with a second light, ceiling height is 6.1 meters. It is possible to install a wood burning fireplace. The cost of penthouses is 205 million rubles.

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    RedSide, built by Insigma Group near the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda”, includes eight houses, the height of which varies from 7 to 21 floors. The project was executed by Director of AB “ABV Group” Nikita Biryukov. The building is fully lined with Jurassic marble, imported from Bavaria. The complex was put into operation in 2017.

    The premium project Lucky – terrace of 154.5 square meters

    In the premium project Lucky you can buy an apartment with a terrace, 1.5 times more of 154.5 square meters. This 2-level accommodation with a total area of 412,1 square meters, located on floors 20-21. Is finished, including finished kitchen and bathrooms. Partner in the creation of the interiors of the apartments was the Italian Studio Molteni Group. Provides a panoramic view on four sides: you can see the Moscow river, the hotel “Ukraine” and business center “Moscow-city”. The apartment will cost 354,4 million.

    Lucky is located near the RedSide. In the former paint factory NPF “Spektr-LK” will be located eight new homes from 13 to 21 floor, and seven historic buildings with infrastructure. The concept was developed by the Bureau “Meganom”. The complex started in the beginning of this year, its going to finish in late 2021.

    Premium house River terrace 267 square meters

    In the premium building “River” company “donstroy” offers one of the most spacious terraces with an area of 267 square meters. Footage of the 5-room housing 206 is “squares”. Lot is located on the 7th floor of the first building. Apartment for sale for 142,6 million.

    The complex consists of a house with two wings up to a height of 11 floors, the joint lobby. The project began this summer, the commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. “The river,” erected within the building large area in the Ramenki district, where urban area of the format “city within a city” with the single concept of development of the entire territory and three projects in various segments. The master plan and design code was developed by the architectural firm LDA Design and UHA London.


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