Triangular house in New Zealand by Chris Tate


Triangular house in New Zealand by Chris Tate.
Image: Chris Tate.

Located in New Zealand on Waiheke island triangular building was designed by architect Chris Tate. This is a truly unique living space — a great opportunity to relax from the urban bustle and chaos. Conducting some kind of connection with camping, the architect decided to create something similar, that is why the house has got a triangular shape and quite small size.

Large panoramic Windows on the facade of the building, as well as a little on the sides of the room provide lots of natural light. Due to light reflection from the walls, decorated in light tones, creates a contrast with the exterior of the building. In addition, the choice of this color as the main, allows you to visually expand the space.

In the house black color is mostly used in the kitchen. Thus, a black-and-white interior, which we have a separate article with tips and inspiring examples.

Living room from the kitchen, which is located on the ground floor, separates the spiral staircase leading to the second floor in the bedroom.

The window in the small bedroom has a great view of the surrounding nature.

At night, artificial lighting in the interior makes a house into a real “torch”…

More details about the architect here.

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