Instruction: Check the documents and footage before buying a home


Looking for a private home with land? Do not hurry up and go for a check-up on any ads. Before the trip, you need to find out more. In this article I will explain what to look for when purchasing a country house for permanent residence prior TO his inspection.

Tutorial: How to inspect a private home before buying
Buy the cottage: How to understand, what documents are in order

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Look at the photo above — it’s a great frame made by a professional photographer. In real estate you will find these only in the premium segment. More often we will be dealing with curved-oblique frames “smartphone”. Them quite difficult to assess the condition, the actual size and environment of the house. Therefore, to begin to examine the object open source — maybe to go not worth watching. If the address of the object you are aware, find it on googlecart. Explore the area, make the optimal tour route.

What you can see on the maps

  • The environment (forest and field — well construction and residential high-rises — so-so, industrial or swamp — bad).
  • The orientation of the object by parts of the world (forest at the Northern boundary — good objects, shading the area from the South, less so).
  • The settlement plan: the availability of alternative routes and entrances (they should be, dead ends are always bad, corner lot, plus more than a minus).
  • On a hill station or in the valley (the higher above the neighbouring buildings — the better; the plot of the lowland is less than 8 m above sea level, bad if it’s not the shore of the lake). The height of any point above sea level can be estimated, if we use the Google Earth service.

Photo from

The Council: decided to go? Download the smartphone app with geolocation and public cadastral map of Rosreestr. It is useful to us when we clarify boundaries.

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Anyone to take with you
Spouse? Friend the Builder? Maybe to go with a designer or a lawyer? Each solution have their merits. Each Builder will see that the walls are skewed, but will not be able to assess whether the increase though the currant Bush on this earth. The lawyer will study the documents of title but will not tell you that the site is low.

Fact: Check the house before you buy at one time is impossible. On good objects will have to travel many times with different experts. At first exit take someone in the house will live

What to bring

  • The camera, GPS, maps, compass, a good flashlight (it’s all in your smartphone — don’t forget the charger).
  • A five-liter containers of drinking water.
  • Bubble level (spirit level) — better compact (400-600 mm), but not necessarily accurate.
  • A foldable shovel, but the best garden auger.
  • Household tester evrorozetok (preferably, but not necessarily).
  • Building roulette with a stopper and a wide steel band (3 to 5 m), which can be used without assistants.

Janet Paik

Smartphone and water containers you might have. If you plan to watch more than one house and are determined to become a landlord, building level, tape measure, garden auger and tester for outlets best buy: in the household chores.

Uniforms — marching (I have to crawl, dig, climb to the attic). Shoes — waterproof for the weather (bring a and shoes, and rubber boots).

Yastrebova Yulia

When to go
Daylight in winter is short. Therefore, the inspection of the house it is better to assign on the day. A drive up a little before the appointed hour, to re-assess our surroundings and to compare what I saw on the map. Of course, the plot can be hidden under the snow, but it’s not terrible. After all, if the first impression is positive, to come back to visit at least another three or four times: with home, friends, independent (from home) expert that you trust. And only then decide about the purchase.

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ARCADIA GARDEN landscape Studio

Look closely to what is passing on the way to the station. This will help you better understand the living conditions in the village.

To the road. If the Windows of your car is eye pleasing landscapes, and the way home will delight. This is important.

Infrastructure. Do the shops in the village or residential area and how far they are located from the plot. Depends on whether you have the ability to make everyday purchases close to home.

To vegetation. Cheerleaders in our area should first signs of waterlogged on the outskirts of the site: reeds, shrubs and trees with poorly developed crowns and crooked trunks.


The organization of access to the site and the house. The best option when there are two alternative route, and check in to the site from the North. But perfect in every way options do not exist, therefore, guided by their notions of convenience.

To the environment of the site. Orientation houses around the world and, relative to neighboring features, we evaluated when studying an object on the map. But everything in life usually looks slightly different than on maps and photos in the ad. For example, all like the house in the forest. But what is it actually a forest? If it pulls to come in and breathe is one thing. If the raw württemberg — is quite another. But if wetland windbreak comes from the South is not very good: shade, humidity and mosquitoes is assured.

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So, you met with the landlord, its agent, or realtor. Where to start? Of course, with an introduction and tour through the area and actually around the house. The sequence can be any. We will first discuss about the principles of site inspection because the house requirements a lot more. What are we watching?

1. Location and topography
As well as configuration, orientation to the cardinal, the nature of the vegetation (recall that all the options are good, except swamps). Best option: house on the hill, and the area gradually decreases to the South, but without sharp changes in elevation. The house on the slope — it’s not bad, but not for everybody. What else to look for when choosing a site, you can read the article at the link below.

Select the country: How to see the potential uncomfortable

Barbara Pintozzi

That should be alerted

  • Signs of waterlogged. High water levels in the drainage ditches, typical vegetation: thickets of cattail, reeds, trees with underdeveloped crowns, struck by lichens.
  • Traces of the recent excavation. For example, a neat lawn or a neatly aligned and covered with sand Playground on a neglected plot. It is likely that under the fresh soil hiding filled up the swamp or the pit, littered with household and construction waste.

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2. The composition and characteristics of soil
Ask the owners to allow you to make a few wells to a depth of one metre suspicious areas. Of course, a full geological survey this survey does not replace, but the chances of buying land with bad Geology will reduce. What I can reveal:

  • the thickness of the fertile layer: 20-50 cm — well, less than 20 cm — the bad: have to buy on a plot of fertile soil;
  • high level of groundwater (the well quickly filled with water);
  • the thickness of flooded or, conversely, loose, and dry peat (both bad);
  • viscous clay, quicksand (water-saturated mess of fine sand, the drill begins to “sink”) — more research is needed, but most likely also the case bad;
  • dumping of household and construction garbage (usually in the corners of the plot);
  • thickness and the presence of sand bags at the base of the building (drill near the blind area);
  • master “skeletons in the closet” (when the site is not undeveloped, and boring is not allowed).
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Architectural Bureau Designportrait

3. The actual boundaries of documentary
Open mobile app from the cadastral map (for this purpose it downloaded), include navigation, walking the site with a smartphone and look carefully for the point, showing our movement. So you can find out not “grab” any of the neighbors is part of someone else’s land.

If you find that house that is offered for sale, or the fence is climbed on the neighbor’s plot, do not rush to accuse the seller of cheating. Perhaps he is not aware of the problem or is it just a technical error (too often happens). But forewarned is forearmed: get to know the neighbours and understand the situation you have.

“GRANDSTROY” house of laminated veneer lumber

What other documents will have to check out when buying a home, we are told in the article “Buying a cottage: How to understand, what documents are in order.”

4. The compliance of the construction statement of the egrn
The very statement you make later if you decide to buy a house. Do ask the seller if the construction official. The discrepancy of the construction of the extract from the egrn is one of the main reasons to abandon the purchase of the house. For example, you offer to buy a new home in the gardening and on the plan in the statement of the egrn bare land or an old demolished house. Would be a shame to pay for the construction, and then to demolish it — this is an option, if the house fail to make.

Le jardinet

Yes, the “dacha Amnesty” is valid until the spring of 2021, and to put the building on registration while it is easy: you need to call the cadastral engineer and enjoy the technical plan. And then, through the portal of public Services, or IFC, to apply for registration in Rosreestra.

But why the seller did not do himself? Says he doesn’t want to pay for the work of the cadastral engineer (10-20 thousand rubles) and then the sale to pay personal income tax (after the appearance of a new property, you need to wait three years and then 13% tax it is possible not to pay)? At first glance, reasonable. But agreeing with this option, you run the risk.

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Problem 1: maybe the object is constructed with violations (e.g., not met the required margins from the homes of neighbors). So check-in is impossible and the owner knows about it.

Problem 2: specified in the contract of purchase and sale, reduced prices (because of the fact that the house is not registered) — a time bomb. In the event of bankruptcy of the seller (for example, taken out a loan or got into business but went bankrupt), you risk to remain with nothing.

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Tutorial: How to inspect a private home before buying

Tell me, did you have cases when the purchased land was very disappointed? What was the reason?


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