St. Petersburg Design Week 2017


At the beginning of June saw the leading design event in St. Petersburg – Week of Architecture and Design SPb Design Week 2017, the main theme of which was 24/7 Smart Design(smart design). With master classes and lectures were given by a huge number of speakers, both Russian and foreign. Very glad that in the framework of the design week I was able to visit the key, in my opinion, the event – exhibition Design Week Expo in the center ARTPLAY. I visited for the first time at this event(it was held for the seventh year in a row) and honestly, was expecting something more ambitious. In fact, the exhibition was quite compact but despite this, it was much more interesting. Let’s tell and show you how it was:)

Let’s start with installations that impressed me most were pleased. First, this is an unusual art objects from designers Russian workshop Paraneba (“Deep design”). I fell in love with flying whales out of wood!! They have something magic and fascinating! Would gladly have found a place of such beauty in one of his future projects, anyone?:)))

Here’s another wonderful installation in the form of a nest from wizards of landscape design Derevo Park. I’m sure with such a gazebo, even the most inconspicuous area, will turn into a very cosy and unusual space, where you will spend all your free time.

Moving on. Before, I always thought that tube – to put it mildly, a bad option for a stylish interior. Somehow she steadfastly I have associated attribute some unfortunate budget of the renovation quickly. But I looked at her with different eyes and slightly changed his opinion, although, I must admit, it is still 100 times think before to offer the customer a similar material.

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At the stand of the Portuguese group Corkart I learned that the tube can be produced not only floor and wall covering, but also furniture and even fabric! Noticed there are some pretty attractive options for the floor look like wooden boards and tiles(and, it is possible to come up with a unique design).

Next we have the stand with the bubble panels from the St. Petersburg company Aquastyle. Transparent acrylic tube filled with water and bubble air, whose color is constantly changing due to the built-in backlight. I really liked this solution as walls for zoning the space and the role of the wall of the shower. Pros: no need to refill and clean(according to the manufacturer, the panel material will remain clear for 30 years!), quiet operation, adjust color and brightness with the remote control for any interior, the thickness is 3cm to work need only outlet(energy consumption only 40 Watts), the possibility of installation in any niche. In addition to the panels there are still columns and colonnade. If you are interested in the cost of panels go from 28 000 RUB per sq. m.

Here are examples of how these panels look in the interior:

Visualization Zavaruhindesign

Visualization Zavaruhindesign

Visualization Zavaruhindesign

I would like to underline the Russian furniture factory “8th of March”, their chair-the recliner in country style, I spent a lot of time))) And spinning, and throwing back, and lifted a footrest, in General, exploited it to the full.

My verdict: incredibly comfortable chair!

I would also like to provide a very comfortable and stylish furnishings factory Albert&Shtein. In the photo below – their hanging chair in a pleasant velvet upholstery luxurious blue color. And the photo above shows the piece gray sofa on which I fell with my butt 3 times or 4. And all because this model comes with memory foam (memory foam) and fully adapts to your body. Divine:)

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By the way, Memory Foam — the invention of the space program NASA, this material proved to be excellent in space flight, reducing the load of the astronauts.

Loved the cover of the famous American brand Baker on the stand “Living environment”. Look how cool she looks! And, most importantly, due to the presence of these Windows are not visually overload the space.

The bright summer stand at the exhibition Design Week Expo owned Interior+. Stylish. In Swedish, whose product range includes stylish Swedish Wallpaper, fabrics and lamps. Who wants a taste of the tropics into your home?))

Some more photos from the exhibition:


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